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Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church

I read this book in about 3 weeks.  It was the first booked I checked out electronically from our local library and I'm so glad I did.  It's been in my Amazon wish list for sometime now, and when I finally decided to learn how to use my iPad and the library, it was the first one I went for.  I was hesitant; I'm not nearly as progressive as this author is and wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but ultimately, reading this book, has made me love my church more. 

I've struggled with our church over the years, but I've always stayed.  I've wanted to be a part of the community and solution to issues, not the problem.  And this changed my view of the church.  I know the church is a broken system, but it broadened my definition of the church and reminded me to focus on Jesus, not the church. 

I am thankful for my community, which is mostly centered in my church.  I'm thankful for it's openness and acceptance and love as well.  And I now want to b e m…

1 Chronicles

This was a very hard book from the beginning for me to get into.  The last half the book or more went much better and was easier to follow.  The beginning is much about the lineage of the families and difficult to read and follow.  I did start out trying to write out who came from who, from who, from who and on down, but it was too hard and confusing.  So I stopped and started taking summarizing notes.  That is what follows.

From Adam to AbrahamAbraham's familyEdomites from SeirKings of Edom (before kings of Israel)Israel's familyJudah's familyCaleb's familyJerahmeel's familyCaleb's familyDavid's familyKings of JudahDavid's descendants after Babylonian captivityOther family groupsSimeon's children; they attacked people and took landReuben = Israel's first son, but it was taken from him for his sinsGad's childrenReuben, Gad & Manasseh attacked Itagrites and God helped them because of their trust and prayerAssyrian king took East Manasseh; …

Forward Facing

Last night, as I reinstalled Ruth's car seat in our van, I decided to turn it forward facing.  She's heavy and old enough.  I had just been waiting for safety.  Keith had thought she was ready because her legr room was low, but she didn't mind.

This morning, she got into her car seat with a very hesitant look on her face.  I buckled her in and the "help me! help me!  help me" started.  That lasted nearly the whole way to the sitters.  Once she even said "pull over!" as she reached for me to pick her up.  She apparently isn't a fan.  She did okay while Caleb sat next to her to play, but when he got our for school it started all over again!

Be Nice

Elinore had a rough night. She continued to refuse to get into bed at bedtime and had a few time outs.  She was teary when I finally got her into bed.  We started to talk about what happened and what we could do different along with I'm sorry and I forgive yous. That's when she told me she just wishes she could be me sometimes.  "Why?" I asked.  Because I want people to know I'm nice too.And my mama heart melted in love for this child and hear heart.  We talked about she is kind often, and we are all mean sometimes, myself included.  (Her brothers give me constant reminders of how mean I am there!  Us mean moms!  ;) )I told her if she wants people to thinks she's nice to make choices that are nice and things will take care of themselves. <3
This morning Elinore wanted to play witch.  She wasn't being very kind and she was furious she couldn't hold her broom and her stuff.  She is a witch and needed a broom to fly of course.

Then, she needed a pot to stir her potions and such.  We didn't have a big enough one so she told Grandma she needed to help make one.  Grandma wasn't so sure about that creation, but Elinore reassured her we had lots of wood in the basement to build it with.

No pot was built.

You Are More Than You Know

I just finished this book. It was a good read, and I think for the right person incredibly helpful and insightful.I personally don't feel like I live my life in fear or controlled by fear too often, occasionally yes, but not regularly.  (Maybe I'm in denial?!)  This books focused on overcoming fear with faith, which is an excellent message."At this juncture of my life I'm not convinced normal is an obtainable or even desirable goal, but embracing our God-given uniqueness is. In fact, it's an adventure that leads us to embracing that we are more than we know because the Lord is greater - far greater - than we can ever imagine." -Patsy Clairmont