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I think for as long as I've known Keith he's walked around our house singing songs.  Sometimes they're songs from the radio, sometimes they're kids songs, and sometimes they are made up songs.  He has a couple songs he repeatedly sings to Elinore, and she just loves being sang to!  Caleb and Caden have started singing a long now too. 

The most common is this song, however, Keith's lyrics don't quite match the song lyrics.  He tends to take bits and pieces and mash them together.

 Bom ba bom, bom ba dip, da dip,dip da
da, da, da, dun, dun, da dingity ding, da ding.
Bom ba bom, bom ba dip, da dip,dip da
da, da, da, dun, dun, da dingity dong, da dong.

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you,
Heart and soul, the way a fool would do,
Because you held me tight,
And stole a kiss in the ni-ight...

Heart and soul, I begged to be adored(ooooh ooh),
Lost control, and tumbled overboard(ooooh oooh ooh),
That magic night we kissed,
There in the moon mist.


First Thanksgiving

Hair Pulling

About a month ago, your Daddy was holding you one evening and caught you pulling your own hair.  

Elinore - 5 Months Old

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This past Thursday evening, Keith and I dressed the kids and sat them down for a good photo for this years Cristmas card.  While a good photo didn't come out, we have enough that I can crop a good picture of each one of them for a decent card! 

Keith and I took turns with the camera and trying to get them all to smile at the same time and not be doing anything weird.  Caden is notorious for ruining photos by being a ham.  I think he's camera shy and overcompensates with silliness. 

On one of our last attempts, Keith was manning the camera and I was behind him trying to get smiles when I reached down and tickled his sides. 

The next day at the sitter, Caden tells one of our sitters "Mommy tickeld Daddy's butt!"

And then I was embarassed. 

I felt I owed some kind of explination, but I just stood there speechless.  Our sitters are quite conservative.

Our sitter replied with a "Mommy's do that sometimes."

And I could finally say "That's isn…

Boys and Girls

Today, while changing Elinore's diapers, the boys asked me: "how does she pee because she doesn't have a weiner?"And the difference between boys and girls has now been explained.


This morning before we left for the sitters, Caden was playing with a livestock hauling semi in his room.  As I noticed he was playing again instead of getting dressed, Caden told me he was going to have one of those trucks for real when he grew up. 

He is going to make it into a house and build stairs where the humps (wheel wells) are. 

I love his imagination.  I love him.


Elinore - 20 Weeks

Dear Elinore,

You are learning, growing and developing daily, and I'm so happy I get to watch you advance.

Since I last wrote at 16 weeks, you have learned some fun new things. 

You fuss every so often because you're laying down and can't see enough of what's going on. 

You were getting frustrated you couldn't reach the mobile hanging on your bouncy chair, so I sat you bouncy seat up a bit higher.  You were so happy to be able to reach them and you can pull the one that makes music now too.  You get excited when we put you in your bouncy chair, but sometimes you get very wiggly in there quickly and want our to roll around!

You are rolling more and more.  You lay on the floor a lot to play with mommy and daddy and your brothers and often times we'll look back after turning way for a moment and see you have rolled onto your tummy and are looking up and all around. 

You're starting to really enjoy time in your tummy and it usually generates big smiles! 



The boys, while they are learning a lot and I can see them developing there are still a handful or words they just can't get right.  I know they will in time, but I"m in no hurry because they're so darn cute.

In our house marshmallows are smarshmellows.

While Caden was in preschool, his teacher was Ms. BJ; however, he refused to call her BJ and regularly called her PJ.  He could say BJ, he just refused.

Willy Wonka is better know as Winkie Wonka in our house.


Caden is fascinated with experiments.   Today he described one to me he wants to try.

These are Caden's experiment directions:

Put hot water in first.

Microwave it for awhile in a bowl.

Put some hot milk in from the microwave and put some melted butter in it and some food coloring and a little soap in it.  Put the soap on toothpicks. 

Microwave it a little and stir it with a spoon.

And then put some flour in it and stir it again. 

Then you have to stir it again, one more time.

Put some more hot milk in; then you're done.

Elinore's Four Month Check-up

Caleb and I took Elinore in for her check-up yesterday. 

She's doing well and moving right along.  She's 24 inches long and 11 pounds 8 ounces. 

She's moved up a bit on the percentile charts for height and is now closer to the 30th percentile than the 15th where she was before.  Her weight has dropped down below the 15th percentile.  Her doctor said at this point it was nothing he was concerned about; it was just something he would watch with her next appointment or two. 

She received another round of vaccinations and things went a bit more smoothly this time.  I think I was more prepared for what to expect this time which helped.  She was hungry before nurse gave them to her, so as soon as she was done, I nursed her and she calmed right down. 

She seemed to do better at home in the evening after the shots this time around too.  She was much less fussy and uncomfortable than the last time.  At two months we ended up calling the nurse on call that evening and giving her so…

Baby Smiles

Almost every day during my lunch hour, I go to the sitters and nurse Elinore.  I love that the timing and location work for us to be able to have that time together.  
Most of the time I'm waking Ellie when I get to the sitters, and I feel so bad for waking the baby, but it's certainly worth it!
One day last week, she was awake, and she was so happy to see me I had to capture it. 

That is a great mid-day pick-me-up!

The Pumpkin Patch - 2012

We went to the pumpkin patch this year and had a lot of fun!  We played int he corn, walked the corn maze, took a hayride, played on the playground, rode pedal bikes, saw the goats, drank cider, and of course picked our pumpkins.

2012 Pumpkins

2012 County Farm Tour

Elinore - 4 Months Old

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Protection Zone

This is the 'Elinore Protection Zone' as created by Caden & Caleb.

Elinore in Pictures

A quick look back at some of my favorite Instagram photos from the month of October.

What Caden's Wearing

One of the many advantages of going to nurse Elinore at lunch time is getting to see and interact with Caden and Caleb on the days they are there at lunch too.  They aren't there everyday since they are in kindergarten now!  One day last week, Caden walked over to where Ellie and I were and said he was wearing a necklace and a hooker.
My eyes suddenly perked up and he had my full attention.
"You're wearing what?" I asked.
"A necklace and a hooker.  See, to hold this together."

That white thing; that's his hooker.

Working Mom Guilt on Mondays

Since I returned to work 4.5 weeks ago, I've quickly learned something about Mondays. They are hard.

I know very few, if any, people who say they love Mondays, but I've always been of the thought that I don't dislike another day of lie when there are so many thing to be thankful for.  But fairly consistently since I've been back I've struggled through my Monday at work. After two glorious days with my family it is hard to leave them.  I spend my Mondays battling the mom guilt. 

I've been a working mom for years, and I've always had an itch to stay home with the kids.  Yet, before Elinore, I hadn't had the experience of staying home with the boys. I didn't know how awesome it could be to stay home with them more.  Maternity leave showed me that. 

I think part of it stems from the fact that my mom was home with my brother and I when we were growing up.  Granted, it was a very non-traditional situation where she worked at home since my parents owned …

Elinore - 16 Weeks

Dear Elinore,

I know you'll be 4 months only in just under two weeks now, but I just couldn't wait to write some things down about what you've been doing.

You're sixteen weeks old this week.   I've been noticing a lot of changes as you continue to learn and grow. 

You hold onto things, but I often thing it's more of a coincidence you got it into your hand that by reaching and grabbing for it.  I'm sure you'll soon master the skill!

You are really focusing on things and learning how your hands work.  I sit and watch you just look at your hands and move them around.  You're slowly starting to reach for things, but you haven't quite mastered it.  You do hold onto things but you often require some assistance to get it to you hand. 

You've gotten to a point where your curious and learning and one way you're doing that is by getting things to your mouth.  If you've got something in your hand you try to get it to your mouth, and you freq…

I wrecked our cars.

Elinore was in her first car accident at 14 weeks of age, and it was my fault.

Thankfully, it was minor no one was injured aside from the cars and my mental state.

I was having a rough morning.  I was tired, frustrated and had very little patience. As I was backing out the driveway to take the kids to the sitters, when we suddenly hit something hard.  At first I didn't even know what happened.  What was in the driveway?

I looked and suddenly remembered Keith, who usually leaves for work 90 minutes before me was working from home that day and our car was still in the driveway. 

Then I slumped over the steering wheel and cried, while the boys kind of sat in the back silently not knowing what to say or do.  After making sure all the kids were okay of course. 

Then I made my walk of shame, back to the front door.  Keith opened the door to me standing there crying.  Somehow he knew I hit something.  Although at first he thought I hit someone else.  As I shook my head he figured out I&…

Working Mom

In the mornings, I take the kids to the sitters before I head into work. 
Before Elinore was born Keith was always the morning drop-off and I picked them up.  After Elinore was born, Keith started working earlier hours than before so they can all spend less time at the sitters.  He is in the office by 6:30, so I take the kids to the sitters every morning before I get to the office at 8.  
The sitters is only a mile from our house, so it's a short drive, usually with the boys and I talking about something.  I drop them off with their things and give them well wishes for the day and hug and kiss them all goodbye.
Then I get in the car for the drive to work.  It's about 8 miles to the office, from the sitters, which is a great.  I'm so glad I don't have a long commute to work. 
Before we moved, we had about an hour long commute to and from work.  
It's nice time to center myself for the day and whatever it brings. 
The part I don't like about my drive to work, E…

Being Calm

In the course of the last week, I've had two people make nearly the same comment to be about parenting and babies. 

In the first conversation, I was stopped outside the restroom by a co-worker in another department who noticed I was back to work after having Elinore.  She asked a few questions, and it came up that so far, Ellie has been a very good baby for us.  She continued to comment that she thought that meant I was a very calm parent because she thinks babies can tell when parents are flustered and react accordingly. 

Monday evening we had a team building social hour event at an are Buffalo Wild Wings.  I hadn't planned on coming, but was feeling too guilty about not attending with everyone being there, including the team members from our of state, so Elinore and I went together.  Keith had the boys at swim lessons, so it was baby goes or no one goes.  We went.  She was excellently behaved.  She was content the entire time, she let anyone hold her, and she offered up som…

I really like...

Caleb has decided that he doesn't like to ask for things for some unknown reason.  So if I'm eating, doing or talking about something he wants to eat, say, do too, he hints around about it.

For example:

I'm eating a cookie.

Caleb walks into the room and says "I really like cookies!"

I respond with an "oh, you do?'

"Yes, mom, I really do like those cookies!"

Other examples:
Oh daddy, you have gum, it smells good!I like that tv show.Are you chewing gum?Papa and I like hohos!


The boys have talked occasionally about wanting another baby already.  Often times is becuase they want a boy AND a girl. 

The other night at dinner though, Caden changed his tune. 

Out of no where at the supper table he said, "mommy, I don't want you to have another baby."

I kind of worried at first, why would he say that, I hope we're not having some delayed jealous of baby Ellie. 

But no, it had nothing to do with his sister.  He went on to explain that he didn't like when mommy had a baby because she had to go away to the hospital for too long and he missed me. 

And that makes for one big, full happy mommy heart.

Spirit Day 5K

This morning I ran a 5K. 

I had a baby 14 weeks and 1 day ago, and I did it.  I didn't stop once.

It is my worst 5K time to date, but I did it without walking!

This is the second annual 5K my employer has hosted as a part of Spirit Day activities.  Last year, I set my 5K PR at the race.  This year I had my worst time, but hey, a lot has changed in a year!

I also met my goal of running a 5K in 2012 after the birth of our baby. 

The downside, it's a pretty competitive race.

I timed myself at 38:51, and I was the last finisher. 

And I do mean the very last of the entire crowd of probably about 40 people.  Shortly into my second mile, I was followed by the security guard in his car as an escort most of the way to the finish.  After following me for awhile, he did drive off and circle back around for the last 1/2 mile or so.  He stopped traffic for me at an intersection or two.  Nothing to make you feel like you're running slow like the security guard escorting you to the finis…

That Right?

Caden has a very curious mind and is always asking questions about things, how they're made, how they work, etc.  He retains a lot of what he learns and brings it back up later.  He'll make a statement about something he learned, but it is nearly always followed with a "that right Daddy?" or "that right Mommy?"

Three Month Review - Elinore

You've grown so much this month dear Ellie.

You can be very active.  You love to lay on the floor looking at someone while kicking those little legs and throwing those little arms all around! 

You've started to take an interest in watching and listening to your toys.  You'll hold them if we give them to you, but haven't reached for them on your own yet. 

You just discovered you can move some of the toys on your car seat attachment with toys on it.  You love watching them move with color. 

You're continued to be a great sleep for us.  Your longest stretch of sleep in your three months has been ten and a half hours.  We've been blessed with a good sleeper!

You're slowly started taking a pacifier.  We decided to give them to you since you were really starting to like your thumb. 

Mommy went back to work this past month, just last week for a partial week.  Mommy cried the whole way to work to leave you.  You've handled the transition well though.  You ref…

Elinore - 3 Months Old

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Wedded Bliss Wednesdays

Introduce us to your husband! (What's his name? How old? What does he look like?) 
Keith is my husband; he's 30, and he looks like this:
What is your husband's favorite thing to do?
Well, aside from spending time with his family, his hobbies include playing his play station and taking care of his fish tank.
What does your husband do Monday-Friday? 
He works in information technology at an insurance company.  I can't explain the weird computer nerd things he does, mainly because I don't really understand them. 
What was the FIRST thing you noticed about your husband when you met?
I was very intrigued by him.  I tried to be sly in watching him from the next cubicle isle over.  I wanted to know more; I needed to more about him!

What is your husband's BEST quality?
He loves God, his family and works hard.  So I couldn't keep it to just one. 
What is your husband's biggest pet peeve?
He can't stand it when he can hear someone chewing.  He sends me out of the room…


With this week marking my return to work, my husband offered some perspective that made it easier; don't get me wrong, it was still hard. 

As we were talking about my return to work the day before, he provided some things to think about I hadn't really considered. 

I was sharing how sometimes I thought I was selfish for wanting more money for our family and things when I could be cutting way back and spending my days with my kids.  While I would love to, Keith made the point that the money I bring in helps us to have opportunities not only now, but for the future.

My additional income allows for us to plan to help our children pay for college, which is something important to me.  It helps us save for retirement.  It provides us additional security and savings we wouldn't be able to afford without me working.  

Seeing how having too little money later in life can impact families I'm more confident in my choice to go back to work. 

And helping our kids through college i…

Returning to Work

As I return to work today, I want to reflect more on some things about myself. 

I've grown in my faith during my maternity leave, but it's something I hope to continue to grow once I return to work, but it will be harder.

I've realized I don't always like who I am when I'm working.  I've not always carried the best attitude with me about work.  It's easy to get frustrated and angry with the days happenings and tasks, and I let them bring me down.  I can get caught up in the complaining and gossip.  It's time that can certainly be better focused and more positive.

As I return to work, my goal is to like who i am at work too, and that will mean making some changes, mostly to my attitude.  

The other thing about returning to work will be keeping up with my household chores and focusing on the kids before their bedtime.  It's easy to be tired and cranky when i get home from work, but I need to make my drive home about letting go of work and focusing…

3rd Anniverary

Keith and I have been together for 5 years, and today we are celebrating 3 years of marriage. 
It was supposed to be my first day back to work after maternity leave.  However, we've never worked on our anniversary.  We take a vacation day to spend it together, which I something I plan to continue every year.  Our marriage is something to be celebrated!
This year we'll be spending it with our kids and a lunch out together.  

I love you Keith.  I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries and adventures with you.