Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye Sleep Sack

Sine Ruthie was born she has been swaddled or in a sleep sack every night.  A couple months ago the sitter stopped it at nap time for her, but she continued here at home.  When she was much younger we tried to stop wearing it but it ended in tears and we didn't think it was worth the fight. 

Last night she said NO! when I went to put it on her.  She didn't want to wear it and wasn't going to.  Today has been the same, my baby is growing up all on her own!

Present over Perfect

I just finished this most excellent read. For those of us striving for achievement and success as our culture defines it, this is a reminder of where our true worth and purpose comes from and that His love is guaranteed.

Monday, November 28, 2016

My name is...

Since Elinore started preschool this past fall, she's been consisten in wanting to be called Elinore, NOT Ellie.  She says her name is Elinore and that is what she wants to be called.  I'm working on it, and am doing it more for her!

It all started when I asked how she wanted to be known in preschool.  She insisted it be Elinore and a few months later, still remind me if I screw it up.

I kind of LOVE that she wants it to be Elinore.  :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

For the Love

I just finished reading Jen Hatmaker's For the Love book.  It was a great read!  I felt like it was a pep-talk from a good friend.  There was a page in there (p.164) that I loved so much I took a photo of a text to a friend, this is me!  It was uplifting, validating and full of permission I didn't need to be who I am and be loved for it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pee Issues

Recently I had gone downstairs to scoop the litter boxes for the cats, when I found what looked to be a crazy amount of pee covering the whole top of one of the boxes.  After a phone call to Keith and the boys it was quickly confessed, Caden peed in the littler box. 

Cleaning litter boxes isn't exactly fun, let along when it is your kid's pee in there!

I was hole alone with the girls one night and Elinore asked me why she has to sit down to pee.  She said, daddy doesn't, and she can just pee like Daddy does.

WHOA!  Sit down girl! 

2 Kings

I was able to use my lunch break today to finish reading 2 Kings.  I struggled to stay focused through the book, but found my stride about half way through and enjoyed it.

  • Ahaziah fell and was injured, he sent his messengers to ask Baal if he will recover
  • Elijah intercepted the messenger and asked why he sought Ball of Ekron, was their no God of Israel?
  • Ahaziah knew it was Elijah and sent captain and men to him
  • Elijah showed he was a man of God and God burned 1 up, then the next; the 4rd captain begged for respect of his life
  • Ahaziah died, Lord said through Elijah for his disbelief and gods of Ekron
  • Joram became King
  • The time came for Elijah to be taken to heave, he and Elisha traveled place to place - Elisha was very loyal
  • Elijah parted the Jordan with his coat and asked Elisha what he needed before it was time
  • He wanted spirit - double share - he said if Elisha saw him leave Earth it would be granted to him; otherwise there would be nothing
  • Chariots of fire came and took Elijah away, Elisha tore his clothes to show his sorrow
  • Elisha now had the spirit of Elijah and parted the Jordan with the coat as Elijah did
  • Elisha, with a bowl of sale and God, purified the water of the city so it could be drank and good for crops again
  • Boys made fun of Elisha - he put a curse on them with the Lord and 2 mama bears came out and tore 42 boys to pieces
  • Joram became King of Israel, he was sinful
  • Moab was against Israel, so Joram asked Jehoshaphat of Judah to join him in war
  • They ran out of water on the way to Moab and sought Elisha, he didn't want to acknowledge Joram and was only there because of Jehoshaphat
  • Elisha asked for someone to play the harp, that brought the Lord's power and he advised them to dig holes and water would come, but no wind or rain
  • Moab came to fight and saw the water looked like blood so they thought they had victory - they were defeated then
  • A widow seeks Elisha's help in paying her husband's debt to save her sons - she sells oil in jars she collected from neighbors to pay the debt
  • An important Shunammite woman always invited Elisha into eat when he came through and she made a room for him
  • Elisha asked how he could help her, but nothing
  • His servant mentioned she had no son and her husband was old - Elisha said she'd have a son in 1 years time and she did!
  • When the boy had grown he went with his father to harvest and returned to his mother after complaints about his head
  • The boy passed and the Shunammite woman went for Elisha - the Lord kept this news from Elisha so he didn't know by they went and healed him
  • There was a food shortage in Gilgal; stew was made with poison so it wasn't edible; Elisha put some flour in and then it was fine
  • A man brought Elisha food - he gave to the people to eat and there was leftovers (there wasn't enough bread originally to feed so many!)
  • Naman led the Aram Army, but had a skin disease
  • When Aram attacked Israel they took a young servant girl - she told Naman to go see the prophet from Samaria
  • Naman sought approval from the King to do so, but the King of Israel tore his clothes
  • Then Elisha said, let Naman come to me
  • Elisha sent a messenger to tell Naman to go bathe in the Jordan 7 times - Naman went away angry, but his servants convinced him
  • Naman bathed 7x and was cured
  • Naman offered Elisha gifts that were refused, but Elisha's servant Gehazi went after Naman for the gifts
  • Elisha knew this, Gehazi lied, then the disease became him and his family's
  • Prophets and Elisha went to the Jordan to build a new place
  • A man's ax head fell in the Jordan as he was chopping a tree and he had borrowed the axe
  • Elisha threw a stick in the water and the ax head floated so the man could pick it up
  • Aramean's and Israel were fighting and Israel always knew where they were and they were angry
  • They learned Elisha always knew their plans and went after him
  • Elisha prayed they'd be blinded, they were, he led them to Samaria and the Kind of Israel had a feast for them; Arameans didn't come to Israel land again then
  • There was a food shortage in Israel
  • A woman cried in distress to the king that she'd ate her son
  • The King went after Elisha, but he was prepared
  • Men outside the city went to the Aramean camp and found they had left in fear
  • They told Israel and they were able to able to go seize items from the camp
  • The woman whose son Elisha brought back to life was sent her away for the time without food; when she returned after 7 years she asks for her land back from the king - Ghazi explains life after dealth Elisha did and her land is returned to her with profits
  • Ben-Hadad, king of Aram, is ill - Elisha says he will recover, but Hazael will be king and do terrible things - Hazael kills Ben-Hadad
  • Other king came into reign - Jehoram and he was bad
  • Elisha send a profit to pour oil on Jehu's head to make him king of Israel then the prophet runs away
  • Jehu plans and kills Joram and Ahaziah (Kings)
  • Jehu then went after and killed Jezebel, she was pushed out a window and trampled by horses
  • Jehu kills Ahab and Ahaziah's family and all who helped him
  • Jehu gathered all worshippers of Baal for a "great sacrifice" then killed them all
  • Jehu still sinned, Israel began shrinking
  • After 28 years reign, Jehu died and Jehoahaz is king
  • Jehoram's daughter took a son of Ahaziah (Joash) and hi him for years to avoid murder with his nurse
  • There were duties assigned to protect son in the alace
  • Joash becomes king at 7 years old
  • Athalah (Ahaziah's mother) was angry and guarded until she left the temple, then she was killed
  • Joash followed God but some people still worshipped other because the places weren't removed
  • The priests weren't repairing the temple so Joash required all money, taxes and gifts be given to its repair
  • Joash takes all the holy things and gold to Aram to keep them away from attacking Jerusalem
  • Joash was killed by officers and his son, Amaziah took reign
  • Jehoahaz is king of Israel - he was bad and they were taken by Aram
  • God gave them a man to rescue them - he did - they still sinned
  • Jehoash is king of Israel - he was bad
  • Jehoash went to Elisha before he did
  • Elisha said he would defeat Aram only 3x because he stopped following directions too soon
  • Elisha died
  • Men were burying someone when Moabites came to steal and they threw the body into Elisha's grave - then the body touched Elisha's bone and was alive and on his feet!
  • Jehoash took back cities from Aram
  • Amaziah, king of Judah, did was the Lord said was right
  • Amaziah killed those who killed the king and won many battles, but became arrogant and was defeated by Israel
  • Judah turned against Amaziah and he ran way, but they killed him
  • Uzziah became king of Judah and was good, but didn't remove others alters
  • Jeroboan, king of Israel, saves them
  • Uzziah had skin disease and his son Jotham led the palace
  • Zechariah, King of Israel was bad and killed by Shallum who became king
  • Shallum ruled 6 months before being killed by Menahem, who became king and was sinful
  • Menahem taxed the people to pay Assyria off
  • Pekahiah is King of Israel until killed by Pekah, who becomes king
  • Pekah ruled and was sinful and was defeated by Assyria
  • Hoshea killed Pekah and became King
  • Jotham was a good king of Judah
  • Ahaz becomes king of Judah and is bad like Israel - Sought Assyrian help from Aram
  • Uriah the priest builds and alter
  • Ahaz changed things because of Assyrian king
  • Hoshea is king of Israel and is bad but not as bad
  • Israelites are punished and removed from God's presence - Asyrian reigns
  • Judah is also punished and removed from his presence
  • Assyria's king replaced the Israelites in Samaria with others - they became Samaritans, but they didn't know the law of the land
  • A priest was sent back to teach the Samaritans to honor God
  • Hezekiah is king of Judah - he was good and removed other places of worship
  • Assyira takes Israel and Judah - Assyria turns the people's trust from Hezekiah
  • Hezekiah grieves and prays - God answers his prayers and saves them
  • Hezekiah is ill, but God sends message he will be healed
  • Message comes that things will be taken away to Babylon
  • Manasseh becomes king, he was bad
  • Manasseh rebuilt alters to other gods his father had destroyed
  • The Lord will bring MUCH trouble to Jerusalem and Judah
  • Amon is King, he was bad, his officers killed him
  • The people in the land killed those who plotted to kill Amon
  • Josiah is king of Judah at 8 years old and was good
  • He gave the money given for the work on the temple
  • The book of teaching is found in the temple and taken to the king, Josiah
  • Josiah was upset in learning of God's anger toward their disobedience
  • The prophetess came back from the Lord with the message that because Josiah humbled himself he will die in peace so that he doesn't have to see the trouble God will bring to Judah
  • The king read the agreement o the people and they all promised to obey
  • Josiah destroys all alters, items and places erected for worship of other gods - burned, beat to dust, broke and burnt with human bones on it to destroy it all
  • Josiah celebrated the Passover with renewed belief
  • Josiah was killed in battle to fight Neco, king of Egypt
  • Johoahaz, Josiah's son, is king now and he did what was wrong
  • Jehoahaz ruled 3 months before Egypt captured him and made Josiah's son Eliakim king
  • Neco, king of Egypt changed Eliakim's name to Jehoiakim
  • Jehoiakim taxed the people to pay Egypt
  • Nehbuchadnezzar of Babylon attached Judah
  • Jehoiakim was Nebuchadnezzar's servant 3 years before he broke away from his rule
  • Jehoiach, son of Jehoiakim, is king for 3 months and did wrong things
  • Babylon prevailed over Judah as the Lord had said
  • Nebuchadnezzar took prisoners and things from the temple and removed them to Babylong away from God
  • Jehoiachin's uncle, Mattaniah is made king, but name is changed to Zedekiah
  • Zedekiah did what was wrong and the Lord threw Judah from his presence
  • Nebuchadnezzer attacked Jerusalem when Zedekiah turned against Babylong and attached the city for 2 years until the hunger in Jerusalem was unbearable
  • People ran away, but Babylon prevailed and took all the things of the temple and the people as  captives, except for the poorest - they were left to tent the vineyards and fields
  • Leaders of Jerusalem were captured and killed
  • Gedaliah is appointed governor of the people left in Judah  he told the arm captains they will be well if they serve the king in Babylon
  • The army captains then came and killed Gedaliah and those with him and ran away to Egypt in fear of the Babylonians
  • Evil-Merodach becomes king of Babylon and releases Johoiachin and he eats at the kings table and gets and allowance
I noticed a trend with the good kings.  They are good, but they didn't remove the places of worship of the other gods, so other still made sacrifices there.  We need to remove distractions, false teachings and temptations.

I noticed that as king's come into power some times their other sons come into power too, and it is clarified in the Bible by referring to different mother's of those sons.  That would make that what we call half brothers, but they are not referred to that way, or even as brothers. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Drawing = Tears

One day last month, Keith text me the following picture.  He said he drew a picture of Ellie.

A few moments later, he text me this picture.
She said the drawing was horrible and didn't look like her!

Friday, October 07, 2016

Mere Christianity

I finished this C.S. Lewis classic today. It was wonderful. I think all Christians should read it. It was so identifying for me and eye opening in some cases.

I wrote, underlined and circled my way through the book.

Pick it up, enjoy it. Chapter by chapter  they are good easy reads, but them together for the big picture!

Monday, October 03, 2016


Ruth was being very quiet for some time this evening.  I went to find her, and she had gotten into my purse and emptied it out.  Then she took the checkbook and a pen and started scribbling.  Apparently she though she should pay the bills for me.
Yesterday morning we were on our way to church at my mother-in-law's church.  She'd invited us for their fall festival.  We were early in the trip and surprisingly the car was pretty quiet.  Then Elinore asked "Daddy, does Santa go poop?"  And Keith and I were silent for a minute trying not to laugh. 

A few moments later and Keith said yes, Santa poops.

And then for awhile Keith and I just laughed!

Friday, September 09, 2016

1 Kings

This may be a record that I finished a whole book of the Bible in just over a month.  I did really enjoy this book, and I've been really trying to be in it more often.  Daily is the goal!

  • King David is old and they find a young woman to come care for him; Abishag (he doesn't not have sexual relations with her)
  • David's some Adonijah tries to become King instead of Solomon without David knowing
  • Bathsheba, David's wife/Solomon's mom, goes to David tot ell him what is going on at the prophet Nathan's direction
  • David makes Solomon king; the celebration interrupts Adonijah's party and they are afraid and scatter
  • Adonijah goes to the alter and pleads his life to Solomon, who agress as long as he is a man of honor
  • David near death gave Solomon guidance to follow as king - reminded him of those who had done wrong and those that were kind
  • Solomon takes control after David dies
  • Many are killed for their wrongs as Solomon takes control
  • Solomon is building a palace and temple, currently worship and sacrifice is given in many places
  • Solomon asks God for an obedient heart and wisdom, God grants this request
  • Two prostitutes living together have babies 3 days apart; one mother rolls onto her baby and kills him during the night; she switches the babies
  • The women take the fight for the baby to the king who rules with wisdom
  • He says to cut the baby in half for them, but the real mother steps up and stops it
  • Solomon had officer in charge of things and responsible; he also had 12 governors, one for each district
  • Each district provided king and his table with food for 1 month of the year
  • There was peace in all the land, Israel & Judah
  • People came to see Solomon's great wisdom
  • Now that there was peace from David defeating all his enemies, Solomon fulfilled his wishes by preparing to build a temple for worship
  • Solomon builds the temple in 7 years with stone and cedar and pine and olive wood; the most holy place covered in gold
  • Solomon built a palace for himself in 13 years and for his wife, the daughter of an Egyptian King
  • Huram came and built things of bronze to finish the temple
  • Much of the work was done with carvings and stampings of winged creatures, lions, flowers and palm trees
  • Solomon brought everything into the temple that David had set aside for it
  • The Ark of the Agreement was brought in and God filled the place
  • Solomon shares what has been done with his people
  • Solomon prays that everyone will sin, then sorry-ness and prayer, then forgiveness
  • Sacrifices offered
  • The Lord appears to Solomon and reminds him to obey and his family will rule or destruction will come
  • Solomon built many towns and anything he wanted
  • Solomon used non-Israelites in their land as slaves
  • The Queen of Sheba came to see the wisdom of Solomon and give gifts
  • Solomon was very wealthy
  • Solomon's 700 wives were foreigners who led him away from God to worship their gods
  • Because Solomon didn't follow when his sone takes power it will be mostly taken from him
  • Solomon had enemies
  • Ahijah, a prophet, told Jeroboam, and officer of Solomon that he would rule 10 tribes of Israel
  • Solomon's son would keep a tribe
  • Solomon tried to kill Jeroboam, but he ran away
  • Rehoboam succeeded Solomon on the throne
  • The people went to Rehoboam and asked for a little easier work than under Solomon
  • Wise advisors of Solomon suggested he give a kind answer and win their favor so they serve him
  • Rehoboam rejected that advise and insisted they work much harder and he be much meaner
  • The tribes left him and selected Jeroboam as their King
  • Judah was still Rehoboam's to rule
  • Rehoboam gathered men and wanted to fight for Israel's rule, but God stopped him with Shemaiah
  • Jeroboam feared people leaving his rule since they still worshipped in Rehoboam's land, so he built two calves to worship instead and put them in 2 different cities; he made his own festival
  • Jeroboam selected priest from all tribes, not just the Levi's
  • A man of God went to Jeroboam to speak against his actions; they warned him, then those things happened because of his disbelief (alter broke, ashes fell, arm paralyzed)
  • At prayer request his arm is healed (Jeroboam's) and he invited the prophet in to eat
  • The prophet rejected at God's directions he'd received
  • An old prophet went after him and lied to get him to come eat with him, then more death occurred because he didn't follow god's order
  • On his way back a lion got him; they went after his body and he was curried there away from his family
  • Jeroboam's son was ill, so he sent his wife to a prophet in disguise
  • The prophet knew she was coming called her out of her disguise, told her that her son would die and that Israel will face great consequences for Jeroboam's evil
  • Nadab (son) took Jeroboam's throne after death
  • Rehoboam ruled and his people didn't follow God
  • Rehoboam and Jeroboam were at war all the time
  • Rehoboam's son, Abijah, took the throne after his death; he was a sinful king
  • Everything the kings did was recorded in the book of the history of the kings
  • Asa (son) followed Abijah's rule
  • Asa followed God and pushed evil out
  • War continued with Israel
  • Nadab (sinful) ruled Jeroboam's Israel, but was killed by Ahijah's son (Baasha) and Baasha (sinful) became king
  • Elah (sinful) followed Baasha's reign
  • Baasha killed all of Jeroboam's family
  • Elah was killed by one of this officers, Zimri, and he took reign as king
  • Zimri killed all of Baasha's family
  • Omri the arm captain hear Zimri conspired against and killed Elah, so he captured the city and made himself king
  • Zimri was angry and burned his palace with himself inside
  • Israel was divided, some wanted Omri, other Tibni
  • Tibni died, Omri's followers were stronger
  • Omri was very bad, his son Ahab succeeded him on the throne
  • Ahab was worse than the kings before him
  • He married Jezebel, worshipped Baal
  • He rebuilt Jericho during his reign and lost his older and youngest son to the cause
  • Elijah the prophet stops the rain in the land
  • The Lord commanded birds and a widow to care for Elijah
  • The widow was poor (no rain) and couldn't feed him; Elijah told her to use what she had for them and her flour and oil jar wouldn't empty until rain returned - isn't God amazing! :)
  • Widow's son became ill; Elijah took him and prayed over him and he was fine
  • Elijah goes to King Ahab via Obadiah (God said rain will come)
  • Obadiah was a Godly man who hid prophet in caves when Jezebel was killing them - Elijah escaped and wasn't found
  • Obadiah was afraid to go to the king but continued
  • Elijah told Ahab to gather Israel after he reminded Ahab he had caused trouble, not himself
  • Elijah in front of the Israelites challenged them to follow God
  • Elijah challenged the 400 prophets to Baal to sacrifice a bull but pray to light the fire and he alone would do the same
  • Elijah even covered his alter with 12 jars of water
  • God burnt the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and dried the water
  • Israel worshipped God
  • The worshipped Baal by cutting themselves to bleed
  • Elijah captured the prophets of Baal, led them way and killed them
  • Elijah tells Ahab to go eat and Eligah goes to Mt. Carmel - he sends his servant to go look toward the sea 7 times
  • The 7th time he returns and says a cloud has formed over the water
  • Elijah sends Ahab home, but runs ahead with God's power
  • Jezebel hears of Elijah's doing and threatens his life, so he runs away with his servant
  • Elijah leaves his servant in Judah and continues to the desert for a day before laying by a bush and asking to die; then he sleeps
  • An angel wakes Elijah to eat the bread wnas water provided and drink twice before he returns to sleep
  • Elijah walked 40 days to Mt. Sinai where he spoke with God
  • God passed by Elijah after wind and earthquake and fire
  • God told him to go anoint Hazael (Aram king), Jehu (Israel King), and Elisha (prophet)
  • The Lord knew he had 7,000 people left in Israel who hadn't worshipped Baal
  • Elijah found Elisha plowing with oxen and put his coat on Elisha; Elisha followed him but asked to say goodbye
  • Elisha killed his oxen, cooked them and gave to the people to eat; he followed Elijah and became his helper
  • Be-Hadad of Aram and Ahab of Israel go to war; God allows Israel to defeat the much larger Aram army in the mountains and they valley to prove he is Lord
  • A prophet let an enemy soldier escape, he had to give his life in his place
  • Ahab wanted Naboth's winery, but Naboth refused
  • Jezebel didn't like Ahab sadness; he wasn't eating
  • She took matters into her own hands and had Naboth accused of speaking against God and king and killed him by stoning
  • Ahab went to take the vineyard then and Elijah warned him of harm coming for his choices
  • Ahab showed remorse and delayed punishment for his family until his son became king at his death
  • There was peace between Israel and Aram
  • Jehoshaphat (Judah) and Ahab (Israel) went to war to get Ramoth in Gilead abck against the advice of prophet Micaiah
  • All other prophets were tricked and said to go to war
  • Abah died in battle
  • Jehoshaphat is king of Judah and is good
  • Ahaziah is king of Israel and is bad
As I read this book it was a challenge to keep the Kings straight, so I googled and found a neat chart I'm keeping in my Bible of the kings of Judah and Israel and their times and their prophets and if they were good and bad.  It's helpful!

Monday, August 08, 2016

2 Samuel

This morning I finished reading 2 Samuel.  These are my notes from the book.

  • An Amalekite comes to tell David of Saul & Jonathan's passing and says he killed Saul because his injuries were so great
  • David has the Amalekite killed for he confessed to killing Saul
  • David writes a song for Israel in mourning of Saul & Jonathan
  • David, his wives & men went to Hebron & Judah; there they came and appointed him King of Judah
  • Saul's son was king of Israel
  • Israel & Judah met & had a contest - field of knives
  • David & Saul's followers fought for a long time; David's strengthened, Saul's weakened
  • David had 6 sons at Hebron
  • Ish-Bsheth (Saul's son) spoke badly of Abner (Main leader of Saul supporters, against David)
  • Abner was ANGRY and decided to help David instead
  • David agreed as long as he brought Saul's daughter, David's wife
  • Abner was to reunite Israel
  • Joab & the army were unhappy
  • David left Abner go in peace
  • Joab killed ABner to repay Abner for killing his brother
  • David mourned for Abner & for his evil death by Joab
  • Abner's death frightened Saul's army
  • 2 captains in the army killed Ish-Bosheth in his sleep at home in bed
  • They brought his head to David who had the captains killed for killing an innocent man
  • David became King at 30 years old
  • David took Jerusalem as the City of David
  • His strength grew because the Lord was with him & the city built up
  • David took more wives there and had 11 more sons
  • Philistines came to see David & king & as the Lord guided, defeated them twice
  • David & his men went to bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem
  • When the oxen hauling it stumbled, Uzzah touched the Ark as though to steady it & God killed him there
  • Fear led David to put the Ark in someone else's house & they were blessed
  • After 3 months, David returned for the Ark & brought it to Jerusalem rejoicing & dancing all the way
  • Michal (Saul's daughter, wife of David) wasn't pleased with his dancing - she didn't understand it was praise to the Lord, she never had children
  • David wants to build a temple for the Ark so it is no longer in a tent
  • Nathan's vision - shoed God's promise for David's future generations; his son will build a house for the Ark & God with be with his family
  • David prays in thanksgiving of his goodness & for his blessings for his family
  • David defeated the Philistines & Moab & more - Lord gave him victory
  • David gave the Lord what he took from those lands
  • David looked for anyone left in Saul's family, Jonathan's son Mephibosheth was lame in both feet but found through a servant, Ziba, of Saul's
  • David gave the land of Saul back to his family for Ziba to tend
  • Mephibosheth ate at David's table
  • Ammonite King died & son came into power; David sent men for comfort
  • Ammonites saw it as a spy mission & shamed men before sending them away
  • Ammonites knew they'd angered David & hired Arameans to fight with them - David defeated all
In my own thoughts and thinking through this piece of the story, I thought about how fear led the Ammonites to be proactive in protection and set a bad tone for the interaction.  If they'd been open and receiving of David's act of comfort, a different relationship and result could have occurred.  As a parent and a person, I completely understand where the Ammonites were coming from and I think we have this response to things regularly.  We need to learn from this and be more open to people.  Maybe I should parent more this way?

A theme I noticed in 2 Samuel was that the Lord is good and will lead and do what is right.

  • When kings went to war, David stayed back
  • One night from his roof, he saw a woman bathing, Bathsheba, Uriah's wife
  • David sent for her; they had sex
  • Later, Bathsheba sent notice to David she was pregnant
  • David sent for her husband Uriah & sent him home to his wife
  • Uriah didn't go home as his men at war were in tents & fighting so he shouldn't be enjoying his home; he slept outside the palace with the other officers
  • David had Uriah to dinner & got him drunk, but he still didn't go home to his wife
  • David sent Uriah to the front lines to be killed
  • Bathsheba cried for her dead husband, then became David's wife
  • God didn't like what David did
  • Nathan went to David with story of a rich man with a visitor to feed; he didn't want to use his animals so he took the poor man's only lab to kill and feed the visitor
  • David was angered by the story; Nathan reminded him what he did to Uriah was wrong & punishment would follow
  • David & Bathsheba's son got very sick, David fasted & prayed, but after 7 days it died
  • David comforted Bathsehab and they had another son, Solomon
David, speaking of his dead baby boy: "Someday I will go to him, but he cannot come back to me." - 2 Samuel 12:23
  • Joab & David conquered Rabbah
  • David's som Amnon raped his half sister Tamar, Absalom was furious and 2 years later, killed Amnon over the rape, then Absalom ran away
  • Joab sends a woman to talk to King David about her 2 sons; one killed the other and she wanted to save the one that killed the other for her husband's family name; it was all to change David's perspective
  • David has Absalom brought back from away for murder, but doesn't allow him to see the King
  • After 2 years, Absalom seeks the King, but is ignored twice, so he burns Joab's field, then Absalom goes to the King
  • Absalom stole the hearts of the Israelites by waiting at the gates to greet them as they came to the King for 4 years
  • Then he asked to go to Hebron to worship, but took many men to challenge Israel
  • David led his people out of Jerusalem to save them
  • As David & his people traveled away, David was helped by some & scorned by others
  • Absalom took advice from trusted advisors (Ahithopheh & Hushai) to challenge David
  • He followed Hushai - who warned David through Jonathan & Ahimaaz that hid in a well to be safe from Absalom
  • Ahithophel killed himself when his advice wasn't accepted (but went to his hometown and left orders for his family & property)
  • David & Absalom go to war
  • Absalom's head get caught in a tree while riding his donkey; the donkey runs out & he is stuck
  • David's army finds him & a man told Joab
  • The man refused to kill the King's son so Joab & others do
  • David hears the news of Absaloma and mourns his son
  • Joab tells David that his mourning for his son is having a bad impact on his arm & people; they feel David cares more for their enemy than them
This feeling against David is still a rampant feeling in human emotions today.  Culture today sees caring for one as not caring for another, which is wrong.  An example currently seen is #blacklivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter.  I believe both have worthy campaigns and causes to change the culture of today's society.  I do NOT see it as all lives don't matter.  But that there are issues and racial norms in our society that need to be deconstructed!
  • David returns to Jerusalem
  • Judah & Israel have some tension
  • Sheba leads Israel away from David
  • David goes to Jerusalem, locks up his slave women in the house & doesn't sleep with them - they are fed, but live like widows until death
Slave women were for sex too.  This makes me heart sad.
  • David sent Amasa to gather folks, but he took too long
  • Joab leads them after Sheba & kills Amasa on the way
  • They begin to destroy the city when a wise woman stops them, reminds them of their history & importance agrees to throw Sheba's head over the wall to them - she rallies her people with wise words & does this
  • There was a food shortage & the Gibeonites were offered help from David as payment for Saul's hart against them
  • They wanted 7 sons of Saul to hang & David provided
  • Rizpah protected their hung bodies from birds & wildlife through harvest
  • Then Saul & Jonathan's bones were brought back & buried with the 7
  • War again with the Philistines; they protected David as he tired; then he stayed out of battle so they could always have their great leader
  • David's song of praise
  • Tales of men of great accomplishment in David's army
  • David sent men to count the people, it took 9 months and 20 days to count them
  • David was sinful in his request to count his army so he was give 3 choices for punishment
    • 3 years hunger
    • 3 months enemies
    • 3 days of disease
  • Disease came & an angel of God killed
  • David built and alter & make sacrifices for disease to leave

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Old Friends

Over the weekend I was able to head out to the childhood home of a dear friend of mine.  Her mom and brother still live there and we were friends growing up.  Molly lives across the country now, and has for awhile now!  But I am glad I get to see her every few years when she's back in town. 

We've grown apart and back together a few times over the years and we certainly haven't been close all those years, but we've always been friends.  Email has brought us a little closer together again than we have been in awhile, and for that I'm grateful.  I admire what she's done over the years and what she's doing with her little family now.  You're doing well my dear!

It was so sweet to see my little girls and her little girls playing together in the yard.  And I hope to see you again in time!

Elinore - School!

Elinore has grown this summer in many ways.  She's grown much taller this summer; she's lost the toddler look; she's learned and advanced in her vocabulary and we know she's a very smart cookie.  But none of that can tame her fears about preschool starting soon.

She just had the realization that in a few short weeks she's going to preschool and she is not ready.  In her words, "but mom, I can't go to school yet, I'm still small!"  As she continued down this path, she also said, "mom, I can't go to school, I don't know my letters yet!"  We've been talking a lot about what going to school will look like for her, and who she'll know in the school building. 

We're looking forward to getting her class list so maybe she'll know a classmate or two.  She does like that she knows her brothers will be in the same school with her and will ride the bus home with her.  And she knows some of their friends, so she likes that too. 

She'll attend bus safety training soon, so we'll see how that goes!  I'm anxious for her on the bus because she is small and it's a big bus!  But I'm glad she has a very short ride home and won't be on the bus for long. And Daddy or I will be there to meet her at the driveway!

I think she'll really enjoy school once she gets into it, but I remember being a preschooler attached to my mom's legs and crying in the morning, so I hope she does better than that.  I wasn't a day care kid, but she still cries a couple times a week at the sitters too.  I think one key for me will be making sure she's well rested!

We pray for peace for her through the transition.  And I think we'll start to pray for some bravery too!

Ruth Update

Ruth is seriously a funny little girl.  She's still working on talking, but she's got a few words in her vocabulary that she uses when she wants to, which isn't very often!  Or when she uses them it isn't very useful, but she's still highly effective at getting her point across when she wants or needs something!

She's been trying to wink some, which comes out as the cutest little wrinkled blink face.  It makes us smile.  :)

She is super sweet that if Elinore gets hurt of is upset and you tell Ruthie, she'll go give Elinore a hug and a pat on the back.  Those two girls are close buds, and they always hug and snuggle before bed. 

Ruth is usually very good at following directions and loves to throw things away, even things that aren't trash.  But she's also good at pulling things out of the trash too. 

She LOVES to play outside.  She's an angry little girl who will pull on your finger and point to the door time and time again until you finally take her outside; then all is well with the world.  Outside is her favorite place to be. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Well Checks

Earlier this week the girls went in for their well checks. 

At 4 years old, Elinore is 30.6 pounds and 39.25 inches tall.

At 18 months old, well really 19 months old because we went in a month late so we could go at the same time as sister, Ruth is 21 pounds and 2 ounces and 32.25 inches tall. 

They got 5 shots between the 2 of them; 3 for Ruth and 2 for Elinore.  They both cried and it wasn't so fun for mom either.

They're growing and doing well though!  We just need Ruth to start using a few more words!  She's getting closer and trying some now. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

High Orange

Caden and Caleb passed their tests on the first try last night to earn their high orange belt. They've come so far in the last 4 months or so here and I'm so proud of them! I see them learning and growing and it's awesome. Way to go boys! I love you!

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Weekend Away

I've been so proud of my girls lately. 

The girls and I took our first solo road trip this weekend to visit a friend of mind just over 5 hours from home. 

Those girls were troopers for the drive; had a great time, and loved every minute of it!

The car ride there went smoothly; and the girls did so well on it.  They fit right in with my friends little boys and played.  Their manners were great, their moods, even better, and Elinore, well she stole the show.

She picked up toys without being asked, she said her prayers, talked up the adults and tried new things.  She got to walk the pony, feed the pony and kitties, hang out at the barn to watch them and she jumped in for all of it! 

This weekend with a friend was a much needed rest for this mom.  We had no scheduled plans, and just hung out together with out kiddos and caught up and rested.  It was relaxing and just what I needed before jumping back into the chaos that is our everyday. 

Elinore being a good big sister walking Ruth from a rest area.

Feeding the pony.

Sitting on a pony! :)

Ruth loved the park. 

Elinore sat like a mermaid on a rock in the front yard.  Her mermaid rock she called it.  This is how mermaids sit she said!

Monday, June 06, 2016


Caden and Caleb turned 10 at the beginning of last month.  TEN!

I can hardly believe how grown they are.  They are tall and lean and so independent.  They have each grown into their own unique personalities and interests, yet they are still brothers and come together on things too. 

We celebrated by letting them each invite 2 friends over for a sleepover.  I was going laid back on it, but they started collaborating and wanted a camping theme, so we got a little committed to that and had some goodies for them that were camping themed, flashlights, bandanas, glow sticks, etc.  We had a bbq grill on the ice cream cake and had campfire flames aka cheese puffs, and bear poop aka chocolate covered raisins for snacks.  We had a camp fire outside with marshmallows and even though it was in the 40s outside they played outside until 10 that night playing capture the flag.  Most of the kids eventually fell asleep, all but 2 anyway.  Two of them trooped ALL NIGHT.  I couldn't hang much after midnight; Keith fell asleep sometime after 3 on the couch so he could hear them moving around.  They were crazy, and had a lot of fun.  I'd say it was a success!

Do you have allergies?

Every time someone has sneezed over the weekend, Elinore asks "do you have allergies?"

Clearly she's learned about allergy season somewhere and is concerned about others and their allergies now.

It's cute.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Elinore doesn't like it when she isn't heard.  If she's interrupted, or can't get a word in, which in a family of 6 happens a lot, she'll say loudly "hey, I'm trying to concentrate!"

I don't know if she's going for have a conversation, or just that she's trying to get someone to concentrate on her, but it usually gets a giggle from someone when she says it!

Monday, May 23, 2016

1 Samuel

Saturday I finished reading 1 Samuel.  I think I've been in this book for quite some time.  I took a break from it to finish up Bible Study for quite awhile though.  Reading a couple chapters a week there was too much to keep up with this reading too.  A lot happened in Samuel though, and I look forward to see how much more happens in 2 Samuel.  The below is the typing of my notes from my reading of 1 Samuel.  The words in Italics are thoughts and notes I made on a more personal level as I thought deeper. 

  • Hannah prays hard for a child
  • After Samuel is born and weaned he goes to the Priest Eli and Hannah gives Samuel to the Lord for his lifetime as she promised while she was praying for a child
  • Hannah gives tahnks
  • Eli's soms were evil, disrespectful
  • Evey year Hannah took Eli a coat she'd made for him
  • Eli warned his sons of their wrongful ways
  • The Lord had promised Eli's family they would always serve him, but now dishonor will received dishonor in return
  • No man will grow old in Eli's family, both sons will die on the same day, his future family generations will beg for money and food
  • All the punishment because Eli knew his sons were evil and he didn't stop them
  • God came to Samuel in the night, but Samuel thought it was Eli calling; the 3rd time Eli told Samuel to go listen to the Lord
  • "Speak, Lord. I am your servant and I am listening."
  • Lord told Samuel what was to come of Eli's family
  • Israelites fight the Philistines
  • Israelites were being defeated so they took the Ark of the Agreement into battle with them
  • 30,000 Israelites died; Eli's 2 sons died and the Ark of the Agreement was taken
  • When Eli learned of this he fell, broke his neck and died because he was old and fat
  • Eli's daughter in law was due to give birth when she heard the news, baby was born and she died
  • Before her death she named her son Ichabod because the glory of God is gone
  • The Philistines shad the Ark and every morning their god was on the ground; their people had growths
  • Philistines moved the Ark to a few other towns and every time those people got growths
  • So no one wanted the Ark and God's power that came with it as wrath on them
  • After 7 months the Philistines sought their priests and magicians on how to return it so the sickness would leave
  • The followed directions to return it on a cart with sacrifices and the cows walked it back to an Israeli field
  • Israwl sacrificed the animals and moved the Ark
  • The people began to follow the Lord again (!)
  • Israel was meeting so the Philistines came to attach but God helped Israel defeat them
  • Samuel guided them with a burnt offering
  • There was peace while Samuel was judge
  • Samuel's 2 sons he'd appointmented were dishonest so Israel asked for  King
  • Lord knew king would lead to unhappiness and following away from God and warned them through Samuel, but Israel was adamant
  • Saul of Benjamin, with his servant, went out searching for missing donkeys
  • After 3 days his servant suggested they find a seer/prophey
  • They go into the town, meet Samuel and eat with him
  • Saul is from the smallest family group of the smallest tribe of Israel
  • Samuel sent Saul on his way and tells him the signs to come that the Lord will be with him and the Spirit of God will rush upon him
  • Saul's heart was changed
  • Israel gathered and before all Samuel chose Saul as King
  • There were some agasint Saul
  • Part of Israel was threatened
  • Saul pulled them together to defend
  • Samuel gave Israel their King Saul and in that a reminder of their past - Moses and Aaron
  • Saul fought the Philistines
  • Saul disobeyed orders and Samuel scolded him
  • Saul made mistakes and God still uses him! 
  • Because of disobedience, God wouldn't allow kingdom to continue
  • Saul and the Philistines continue to fight
  • Saul's son Jonathan leads Israel to the Philistine defeat without telling other what he was doing; they joined the battle after as the Philistines were running 
  • Saul makes an oath for the army about food for the day which weakens them and causes them to sin
  • Saul didn't follow God's direction in battle and is rejected as King by God
  • The Lord was sorry he'd ever made Saul King
  • The Lord felt sorry - I think this is an interesting note and insight about who our God is <3 i="">
  • Lord sent Samuel to Bethlehem to appoint David as King
  • Samuel thought it would be David's brothers but the Lord looks at the heart, not appearance
  •  David head to be brought in from the tending the sheep when it wasn't his brothers the Lord wanted as King
  • David served Saul and played the harp to chase away evil spirits when they troubled Saul
  • Israelites were fighting Philistines and Goliath
  • Goliath challenged someone from the Israelites to fight him; the loser's people would become the winner's servants
  • David was tending sheep between his home and the army where his 3 oldest brothers were
  • David, at his father's wishes, took food to his brothers in the army and ran to the front battle lines to speak with them
  • They had been lined up for battle 40 days and no one fought Goliath
  • Saul called for David who said he would fight Goliath with the reassurance he had killed both a lion and a bear protecting his sheep
  • Saul gave David his armor, but it was too much for David who wasn't used to it, so he left, took his stick and 5 smooth stones
  • David was just a boy and came in the name of the Lord
  • The battle begins, David knocks Goliath down with a stone in his slingshot, then takes Goliath's sword, cuts off his head and takes it to Jerusalem
  • Saul saw David go to Goliath and wanted to know who his father was (Jesse)
  • Saul became jealous of David as he was praised for more killing then Saul
  • The people loved David, Saul feared him and raged with jealousy
  • Saul threw a spear at david while we was playing his harp, but David escaped twice
  • Saul offered David his oldest daughter, but David he was unworthy
  • Saul's other daughter was wanted to marry David, yet David wasn't of importance
  • Saul wasn't asking for money for his daughter but 200 Philistine foreskins
  • Saul was planning on the Philistine's killing David
  • David marries Saul's daughter Michal and she loved him
  • Saul was David's enemy
  • Saul wants David dead, Jonathan reminds him of all the good help David provided for him and Saul promised David would live
  • War breaks out again, David defeats Philistines again
  • Saul tried to kill David with a spear, David escapes home
  • Messengers come to kill David and his wife helps him escape away to Samuel
  • Messengers go to kill him there and they are overcome by the Lord so more are sent and they are overcome; more messengers are sent and they are overcome by the Lord too
  • Saul goes and he too is overcome by the Lord
  • David tells Jonathan of Saul's plans to kill him because Jonathan hadn't known
  • David prooves this to Jonathan by hiding in place of going to the New Moon Festival
  • So many festivals because we were made to commune with each other?
  • Saul's anger at this disappearance showed Jonathan
  • Jonathan warned David with arrows; they hugged and cried and David fled
  • David runs away from town to town, gathers bread and sword (Goliath's)
  • Saul goes after David, Saul orders priests killed for they helped David, Saul's officers refused
  • Doeg the Edomite killed for Saul
  • The Philistines attacked keilah, David went and fought and saved them
  • Someone told Saul David was there
  • David prayed, had the Holy Vest, the Lord said if he stayed he would be handed over to Saul so he fled again
  • Jonathan came to David again and strengthened his faith
  • Ziph people went to Saul and helped him track David
  • Saul was on 1 side of the mountain, David the other and Saul was closing the gap when he was told the Philistines were attacking his land
  • Saul fought off the Philistines then returned to hunting for David
  • Saul went into a cave to relieve himself, David was hiding there
  • David cut off a corner of Saul's robe and stopped his men from killing him
  • Then he confessed to Saul about the corner and Saul recognized his goodness and position
  • David promised Saul his descendants wouldn't be killed
  • Saul was the Lord's appointed King and despite everything, David respected and honored that. He trusted in the Lord's timing and deliverance from Saul's ways.  
  • Samuel died; Israel mourned
  • Nabal was a wealthy man in the land where David was, Maon
  • David's men went to ask for his favor and remind him of their help watching his sheep in the fields
  • Nabal refused and insulted them 
  • Nabal's servants told his wife Abigail of the event and she quickly loaded food on donkeys 
  • She took the donkeys to David without telling Nabal
  • Nabal repaid good with evil and David planned to kill him and his men
  • Abigail pleaded for their lives reminding him of his future kingdom and not wanting to taint it with killing innocent with punishment
  • Abagail told Nabal of the events the next morning when he was sober
  • He became like stone and died days later
  • Abagail became one of David's wives
  • Again people tell Saul where David is 
  • Saul and his arm go toward David
  • While they are sleeping near David, he and a man go take Saul's sword and water jug
  • David goes away and calls back to the arm that those things are gone and they didn't protect their King
  • Saul seeks David's favor and they go on their own ways
  • David went to live with the Philistines because Saul wouldn't come there for him
  • David raided people in that land while he lived there but didn't tell the Philistine King he'd made favor with
  • Philistines demanded David and his men fight against Israel with them
  • Saul was fearful of the Philistines and prayed, but no answer came so he sought a medium
  • Saul had removed all mediums and fortune tellers
  • Their medium thought Saul was trying to trick her into being killed
  • Saul asked for Samuel's spirit
  • Samuel said what was happening is all that was foretold because Saul didn't obey and the Lord left him
  • The Medium fed them because Saul was weak
  • David had the favor of 1 Philistine King, but the rest didn't trust him and his men to come into battle, so they were sent back in peace 
  • When David returned to where they'd left their families, included David's wives, they found they had been captured
  • But by the grace of God
  • At God's direction with the Holy Vest he and some men went after them
  • They battled and defeated and returned all family and possessions
  • Those men who battled with David diddn't want to share and return the goos to the men who stayed behind because they were too tired to go on, but David insisted they return for everyone
  • Teamwork - we all help each other and live in community
  • Israelies and Philistines battled and Saul's 3 sons were killed including Jonathan
  • Saul was injured, asked his armor carrier to kill him, but he refused
  • Saul threw himself on his own sword and died
  • When the Israelites heard they ran away in fear
  • Philistines moved in and lived and hung Saul and his sons on the wall
  • People heard of this and came for their bodies and burned them

Thursday, May 19, 2016

TDK & Hobbies

Caden and Caleb are about 4 months into their new Tae Kwon Do place and are doing fairly well.  We are happy with what it is doing for them.  Caleb really enjoys it.  Caden won't admit it, but we think he likes it too.  He usually responds with an "eh" and shoulder shrug when you ask him, but he doesn't put up a fight to go.  I think he just doesn't want to admit it because his brother does like it. 

Caden doesn't like things his brother likes.  They are very different and we've seen a few times where if Caleb really starts to like something Caden will pull away from it to be different.  Caleb is into typical things like super heroes, minecraft, and video games.  Caden loves to decorate.  When he has money he buys decorations for holidays and his room and loves it.  This past weekend he bought a new party light for his room. 


Ruth loves to play outside; since the weather turned, she's always wanting to go outside.  She'll walk one of us to the door pulling on our fingers and try to open the door herself so she can go outside.  We try to get outside in the evenings, but when the weather isn't our friend, she doesn't seem to understand!  It may be raining like crazy, and she still want to go out; she doesn't care if it's cold, she still wants to go out.  So on those nights we stay in she'll walk us to the door a few times a piece that evening trying to get us to go outside.  She screams and cries when the answers no!  She's a persistent gal!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Big Baby

Elinore has a sassy mouth sometimes, especially at bed time.  As she was refusing to listen there were consequences, so she started throwing insults about not playing with us anymore.  So Keith, as joke said, your mean comments will make me cry too.  She was crying about her consequences too. 

So she shouts by at him for his crying comment: "what are you going to be a big baby?"

Clearly only babies cry, and Daddy couldn't be a baby. 

Keith and I both managed to contain our laughter until she wasn't in the room anymore, but days later we're still laughing that Elinore called Daddy a big baby!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


A couple months ago I applied for Elinore to go to preschool in the fall.  She'll turn 4 this summer, and it's time!  I think we're both a little nervous about it, but I'm looking forward to seeing her grow and develop more.  I think Ruth will miss her some while she's off at school too. 

The application for preschool when I printed it, was THIRTY pages!  (I'm only applying for preschool not college here!)  I was also surprised to find I have to have dental paperwork turned in for her too!  I expected the pediatrician work, but the dentist was a surprise!  Now we wait to hear where she's placed and what her schedule will look like this fall!

Uh oh!

Ruth has started saying Uh Oh now!  She started it at the sitter's yesterday and continued through the evening!  I'm hoping it's the gateway to more words for her!  Currently her vocabulary is lots of sounds, mom and uh oh. 

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


I was emailing with a friend earlier this week, and talking about how big our kids are getting and that it means we're getting older.

I turned 30 earlier this year; and as I told my friend earlier this week, I have to say 30 feels pretty good.  I realize 30 really isn't all that old, but I'd have to say it's some of the best yet!  I'm more comfortable in my own skin and confident than I've ever been.  I love my family and how we've grown over the years and look forward to the future we have.  I have a faith, a community and a feeling or purpose and belonging; some I longer for behind the scenes for years. 

30 is good. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Broken Tooth

Yesterday just before lunch Keith called me at my desk, which isn't normal.  The school had just called him because Caleb fell at recess and broke a tooth and the piece was lost.  The school wanted one of us to come check it out and see what we wanted to do.

So I gathered all my stuff and headed to the school.  My mind was praying and spinning in what ifs the whole way to the school.  There was so little detail in the phone call from Keith.  I'm thinking baby tooth, adult tooth?  With the braces on top or below without the braces?  Will it be bloody?  Please don't let it be bloody!  Will he be crying?  Lord, please let him be okay! 

I walked into the school and of course it was busy during preschool pick up time, but I walked into the office and he was sitting there with his backpack and coat on just waiting, no big deal.  I sat down by him and he showed me.  We talked.  His dentist was closed for the day; so I tried mine, they were closed for the week.  He didn't say it hurt much.  It was a chip off the corner of one of his adult teeth on the bottom.  It wasn't too big.  I thought well, I could take him home, but there's no real reason to.  So we talked and he went back to class.

I called the dentist first thing this morning, and he goes in this afternoon.  We'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ladies First

Tonight at bedtime, Caden asked me:

How come girls always get to go first? God made boys before girls.

I asked what he was talking about a dozen immediately was thinking about women's rights and how behind we've been from men for, well, forever.

He said well every one says ladies first and let them go first.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Open Discussion

I want to live in a world where the hard discussions that are taboo to talk about (politics and religion to begin) are accepted and encouraged. 

The way people are offended at everything in society today, I feel like we could easily spend out time tip toeing around others, afraid saying something will be offensive or upsetting to others.  While I will never argue that we should speak without thought and consideration for others, I do think we need to move back toward a more free speech pattern of conversation. 

We expect everyone to be like us, agree with us, share our beliefs, etc.  Pause for a moment and imagine what the world would be like if that were actually true.  I think it might be a little dull a boring!  We can't change the world, if we don't accept others. 

I don't want to avoid talking about the hard stuff.  When we have those conversations with others, especially those with views different than ours, I think we have a great opportunity to learn.  We as people should be able to have civil conversations to share our thoughts, opinions and beliefs in healthy discussion.  Yes, sometimes they can be heated, and sometimes it's not appropriate, but we need to be talking about it, learning more and opening our minds to difference changes and views.  We don't have to agree; it's okay to agree to disagree, but please let's talk about the hard stuff, let's spread the real world news; the hard stuff that needs awareness brought to it.

And as Christians, let's spread the GOOD NEWS.  It isn't our responsibility to change people's minds, but to share Jesus' message.  God will handle the rest.

Most importantly, let's do this all with LOVE in our hearts for our Lord, our neighbors and ourselves.

Monday, March 07, 2016


Ruth likes to get in the drawer for the dish rags and dish towels.  And she empties them out of the drawer.  She likes to grab one for each hand and crawl around cleaning the floor and other things. 

Tonight while I was folding laundry she got a wash rag and wiped down the entertainment center with it. 

Friday, March 04, 2016


I spent part of last Saturday at a women's retreat at my church.  The focus and theme of the day was on missions.  We had a handful of speakers talk about their non-profits and the missions they focus on.  Then we did a couple small mission projects. 

My biggest take away from the day that has stuck with me nearly a week later is that the need in our world is so stinking big I can't even begin to understand it.  My heart hurts for it. 

It is easy to start down the path of thinking, the need is so big I can do so little to meet that need.  But the Holy Spirit has a way of changing your perspective and your thinking at just the right time doesn't he?  I may not be able to solve any major world problems, but I can love.  I can pray, and I can give.  I can give enough to significantly change the life of one and one matters.  We are each wonderfully made by HIM, in HIS image and HE loves us. 

Matthew 25:40 - New International Version (NIV)
40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Keith went in to check on Elinore after bed time last night.  Make sure she's still in bed, not waking her sister or anything.  He came out and told me that she said "my babies don't go to sleep Daddy, because they aren't real." 

Of course Elinore has many babies in her bed, but she's dwindled the collection down a bit lately. 

Tuesday, March 01, 2016


One morning on the way to the sitter last week, Elinore had a 30ish minute meltdown of tears and screaming because I dared to sing along to the radio and her music in the car! 

She informed me I was allowed to whistle, so I did for a song, but man, that's hard to keep up with for long!

Then I switched to humming.  She told me that was the most annoying sound and she didn't want to hear that ever again!

I didn't stop singing; I enjoyed it!  I told it was a way to praise God as we listened to Christian radio and her Bible Songs CD. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Best Valentine Ever

Thanks Caden.

You are welcome from breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Vow Renewal

Yesterday, on Valentine's Day, in front of our church on Sunday morning, Keith and I, and a handful of other couples in our church renewed our marriage vows. 

Our kiddos were there, well Ruth ended up in the nursery, but even Camerin was able to join us and our mom's with there too.  And our church family was there.  It meant a lot to me to have our community in the church there for it for all they've meant to me over the last several years since we've joined our church. 

I was closer to crying yesterday at this than I was at our wedding.  Our love has grown and is so much deeper and we have a greater understanding of what it takes, what it means for us, our family, and we've grown in our faith too in the almost 6.5 years we've been married. 

Dear Keith,
I love you more now than the day we wed; and I expect to love you more in another 6.5 years.  Thank you for all that you are to me, our family, and our community.  You are awesome. 
With love,

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I finished reading the book of Ruth this morning.

  • There was a shortage of food in Israel, so Elimelech left with his wife Naomi and 2 sons
  • Then Elimelech died in the foreign land
  • Naomi's 2 sons married in that land, then after they'd lived there 10 years, the sons died
  • Naomi heard of food blessed in Israel again and decided to return there, but told her daughter-in-laws to go back to their parents
  • Ruth refused and stayed with Naomi and went to Israel
  • Naomi returned sad and told people to call her Mara because of her sadness
  • Ruth goes out one day to gather grain behind harvesters and meets Boaz
  • Boaz had women workers in his fields and Ruth followed them
  • Boaz allowed her to gather grain behind his workers and share water and meal until harvest ends
  • Naomi told Ruth to wash and perfume and to go the threshing floor where Boaz was working one evening; Ruth was to lay at his feet
  • Boaz awoke and found her, she requested he care for her (as kinship redeemer)
  • BOaz said there was a closer relative to her he must check with first for him to care for her and he sent Ruth home with barley in the wee dark morning
  • Boaz gathered the close relative and town older leaders to witness property transfer
  • The closer relative refused the land while it came with Ruth so Boaz bought it and took Ruth as his wife
  • Ruth bore Boaz a son, Obed, who is in the line of David, who leads to Jesus

Shoe Rack

We currently have a shoe rack inside our front door to keep the shoes on.  It's cheap and not well made.  It commonly falls apart and sits in shambles because I get frustrated putting it back together all the time.  I'd held off on buying one hinting heaving that I'd like a new one for Christmas last December.  Christmas came, and Keith had one under the tree for me!  However, it broke during assembly.  Apparently a well made shoe rack is hard to find.

So Keith decided he was going to build me a shoe rack out of pallets. 

He got a couple pallets from my parents and a week or so ago spent some time cutting it apart into boards. Yesterday, with the help of Caden and Caleb, they built me a shoe rack!  Caden and Caleb did a lot of the sanding on it.

Last night it was all assembled and ready to be seen in the basement.  He wants to stain it yet before use, so it isn't 100% done, but it looks like a shoe rack!  He took the girls and I down to see it, and Elinore was SO EXCITED.  She spent a little big of time down there with Keith during construction and while Keith and I were down there talking and cleaning up a bit, she ran up and down the stairs bringing all her and her sisters shoes downstairs and putting them on the shoe rack.  She told us all about it too and how the shoes would fill the shelf and where she could put her book on it and everything.  I did make her bring her and Ruth's shoes for Monday upstairs with us and she wasn't so happy about that.  Who wants to run downstairs to find shoes on a Monday morning though? 

When we got up stairs and were talking about it still we found out she thought it was going to be her rack in her bedroom.  She wasn't so happy when she found out it was going in the living room! 


Last week I finished reading Judges.  Judges was a tough book to tackle for me.  I think to start with it was the book I've read so far that I knew the least about going into.  I wasn't as familiar with its stories and specifics.  I only knew the big picture of what Judges told.  As I've been reading through the Bible book by book, this is the first I've though, I should re-read or do a devotional on to really grasp it well.  But, on to my notes!

  • Judah fights Canaanites
  • Caleb gave his daughter as wife to a man who captured the city for them
  • Canaanites were pushed out or became slaves and some continued to live with them
  • An angel of the Lord told them the others in their land would be enemies because they made an agreement with them and didn't destroy their alters
  • Joshua dies
  • The next generation didn't know God and what was right and wrong so they worshipped other idols; their enemies became robbers and defeated them because the Lord wasn't with them
  • God sent Judges to save them from their enemies - They still didn't obey and were stubborn
  • Lord was angry over broken agreement and disobedience
  • Left others in their land to teach them lessons
  • Israelites began to intermarry with them and worship their gods
  • Moab conquered Jericho and ruled them
  • Judge Ehud came to lead them over Moab and he stuck his sword all the way into their fat king killing him so they could again rule over Moab
  • Shamgar was their next judge; he killed Philistines
  • Ehud died, they did wrong, Canaan defeated Israel
  • They were ruled for 20 years, then they cried for help
  • Deborah was the judge of Israel; she sat under a palm tree and people came to her to settle arguments
  • Deborah had Barak gather 10,000 men to defeat Sisera
  • Barak agreed only if Deborah went
  • She got credit for leading them to victory; the Lord confused Sisera
  • Sisera ran on foot and hid in Jael's tent
  • Jael (a woman!) put a tent peg through his head while he was sleeping
  • Kings fought too
  • Then there was 40 years of peace
  • Israelites did what was wrong again and Midianites took over for 7 years; they took all their livestock and grain and left them nothing to eat; the Israelites were poor
  • In poverty they cried out to God so he sent a prophet
  • Prophet reminded them of the good help God provided and his request to obey, but the Israelites didn't
  • An angel of the Lord appears to Gideon while he is separating some wheat and directs him to lead the conquer of the Midianites
  • Gideon took down Baal's alter at night and built an alter for God
  • Men complained, but they were going to "let Baal fight against him"
  • Gideon asked God to show him with dew that he was the lead Israel, God did
  • Gideon had too many men; God didn't want them to take credit themselves for their victory but for God to have the credit
  • God had Gideon send home all who were afraid and then separated by how they drank water and sent more home
  • Gideon kept 300 men of thousands!
  • Gideon heard a dream of a Midianite that foretold the Lord's victory over them
  • Gideon and 300 men blew their trumpets and the Midianites turned on each other
  • Gideon and his men chase after 2 kings and captured them
  • Succoth refused bread when Gideon was chasing kings so he came back and punished their leaders and killed the kings and tore down the tower in Peniel as they too refused aid
  • With gold taken from their victories, Gideon built a vest, but the Israelites turned on God and worshipped it
  • Gideon and sons refused to be their leader claiming God is leader
  • Peace was there as long as Gideon was alive
  • Gideon died and they became unfaithful
  • Abimelech becomes king and murders his 70 brothers
  • One brother hid and escaped (Jotham)
  • Jotham cried in justice at the people who let Abimelech become king
  • Abimelech ruled 3 years, then an evil spirit came (punishment from God) turned Shechem against Abimelech
  • Shechem and Abimelech fight
  • Abimelech won and destroyed the place
  • Abimelech tried to take another town but a woman dropped a stone on his head as he tried to he told a man to kill him by sword
  • Israelites went home
  • Tola was the next judge for 23 years
  • Jair was the next judge for 22 years
  • Israelites worshipped others, were taken over, then cried out to God
  • God said he wouldn't save them again, but they pleaded and threw out their idols, so God stepped in
  • Jephtham is their next leader; they came for him to lead after they'd sent him away because his mother was a prostitute
  • Jephtham speaks with Ammonite king; arguing over the land
  • Jephtham lead them to victory
  • According to Jephtham's promise to God, if victorious he had to offer a burnt offering, his daughter
  • Jeptham takes on Ephraim
  • Jeptham was judge for 6 years
  • Ibzan next judge for 7 years
  • Elon next judge for 10 years
  • Abdon next judge for 8 years
  • Israelites turned away again and were ruled by the Philistines for 40 years
  • Manoah's wife couldn't have children, but the angel of the Lord appeared and told her not to drink wine/beer or eat anything unclean for she will have a child - the child was Samson
  • Samson asked his parents for a Philistine bride
  • On journey to seek wife, he tore apart a lion with is bare hands with the holy spirit's guidance
  • On his trip to marry her he found honey in the dead lion
  • Samson gives a riddle during the 7 day wedding feats; they can't get it and his bride cries until he tells her
  • Samson leaves angry, wife is given away to the best man
  • Samson destroyed Philistine crops and killed their people; he ruled for 20 years
  • Samson goes to Gaza and visits a prostitute
  • Samson fell in love with Delilah
  • Delilah tried to get the secret to Samson's strength; he lied 3 times before the truth came out and she betrayed him and cut his hair
  • Samson was captured, his eyes tore out and he ground grain in prison
  • Samson sought God's strength one more time to kill the Philistines during the celebration he had to perform for
  • He pushed the pillars killing more Philistines with his death than when he was alive
  • Micah returns the silver he took from his mother; some is made into an idol for Micah's house
  • A Levite is looking for a place to live when he comes to Micah's
  • Michal asks him to be his priest
  • The people of Dan were looking for a land and found one near Micah; they took his idols and priest, conquered the peaceful people and rebuilt their land
  • A Levite living in the mountians journeyed back to Bethlehem to find his slave woman who had left him and returned there
  • He stayed in her father's house there several days
  • On their return journey a man in Gibean (an Israelite town) invited them in for the night
  • Wicked men came for sexual relations with him; the homeowner gave them his slave girl instead
  • Israel gathered and selected men to go to Gibean
  • Benjaminites in Gibeah came to fight
  • Benjaminites & Israelites fight; for 2 days the Benjaminites kill many Israelites and the Israelites cry to the Lord if they should continue; day 3 the Israelites plan an attack to lure them away and conquer
  • Killed those from a town where no one came to the meeting of the Israelites, but they kept the young unmarried women as wives for the men of Benjamin since that tribe had no women left
  • They didn't want a tribe of Israel to die out
  • Needed more wives to the men stole a wife from a dance so each man had a wife
There is a theme or cycle that repeats itself throughout Judges.  A judge leads, they obey, the Judge dies, they do wrong, then they cry for help and God sends a new judge. 

As I read through judges, I also thought the marriage of Samson was odd.  I somewhat understand that the culture was different and marriage wasn't necessarily for love, but for other things.  Yet the Bible still instructs on trust and that one leaves his father and mother and becomes family with his wife.  But Samson doesn't approach his marriage that way, but to lead her people into poverty.  And she also doesn't approach it that was fighting for her people before her marriage.  Yet she was a non-believer most likely as a Philistine.  There didn't seem to be any mutual trust or respect in the arrangement.  Yet Samson ultimately conquered the Philistines; everything works out in God's plan.

I also though it unusual that the Bible called the Benjaminites brave, but they killed not only those fighting, but those running away too. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Keith and I caught Ruth in the kitchen the other night picking up her shoes and her sister's shoes that they wear everyday and throwing them in the trash can.  I had to reach in the kitchen trash and pull them back out!  I was fortunate in that I'd recently taken out the trash and it was nearly empty.  We could have had a yucky encounter to get those out!

Monday, February 01, 2016


Last fall Caleb was heavily interested in taking some karate lessons.  We agreed that after Caden's soccer season ended, we could look into that as an activity for the boys.  It's been a journey finding the right place and program for us.  We're on our third one now, but it's finally one we seem to be comfortable with and enjoy, the kids and us as parents.  They are now enrolled for 6 months in a Tae Kwon Do program. 

The school now has been great for all of us!  The locations is alright, the price is reasonable and the kids are enjoying and doing well in it.  I think the structure, curriculum and practice of this is good for them.  On their second night they broke their first boards!  They have them displayed in their bedrooms now. 

I'm looking forward to watching them grow and develop in the program and it's great seeing them find something they enjoy!

A New Year

I haven't written anything here in awhile, but there have been some things in my head I have wanted to write about, so this morning I told myself I'd put some words on the screen and document some of the happenings of our family. 

I seem to be going to stretches of time not thinking about writing here and not missing it, but today, the urge struck and I have many ideas! 

I want to remember things about the kids, and there's so much, I can't remember it all.  I hope to have some of my words here jog my memory for future reminiscing and sharing with the kids when they're older. 

At the end of every year for the last several years I've printed this blog into a book of the year of my posts and I keep them as journals in my room to look back on some day.  I hope that they make us laugh some day and bring back memories for us.  I hope that some day my kids learn more about us as people and a family from my writings. 

Whether I write a little or a lot, I know I have this outlet and this memory to look back on.