Friday, March 30, 2012


Caden was looking out into our front yard this afternoon, when he decided he needed to notify me that we have "lots of dandy-flowers."

Someday I'll tell him they are weeds.

Week 26 Day 3

Weight: 151.5

My total weight gain is still at 11.5 pounds. 

Things have been going smoothly.

We've gotten the nursery painted a second time; we're really happy with this color and glad we did it!  It's an excellent color of gray now.  You can see it in the background of the photo this week. 

I've been feeling lots of movement from baby.  It seems the last week or so that it is much more pronounced than before. 

Weekend before last I spend time cleaning out the garage and picking up outside for spring.  Now that we've done that, the next step is the basement!  Most of our summer things come to the basement for the winter so we can park two cars in the garage.  Now that all that is back in the garage, I can find all the boys baby things and organize the basement to keep us moving along on our before baby to do list!

We're hoping to complete our baby registry this weekend.  I'll be relieved once that is done!  It feels great to check things off the list, even if it is going slower than I'd like to see it. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Step Into Adulthood

As I mentioned before, my father-in-law passed away last week.  The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of family, grieving and exhaustion. 

I've been at a loss for words.  And more than words, I've been at a loss for knowing what to do. 

I feel as though this process, this event is somehow a milestone in my journey through adulthood and aging. 

I don't feel old enough to be doing this, but is anyone? Ever?  People much younger than me have dealt with worse. 

I've done what I know how to do.  I've stood by my husband, followed his lead, and been a quiet, yet supportive wife.  I may now know what to say, but I do now how to sit there and just be there for him.  That I can do.  I've taken care of the kids, our pets and our house, to allow him the time and freedom to spend with his mom and siblings who live 90 minutes way.  I've cooked and baked to provide hot meals for them, because that I can do.  And now, I continue to be there, and I continue to take care of the things at the house the best I can. 

I'm trying not to ask too much, and taking care of as much on my own as I can, which can be difficult since both of our cars have broken down in the last week, and I cannot fix those.  I'm doing more than I'm used to, while trying to prepare for baby and keep up with schoolwork.  

I'm certainly busy, and yet it doesn't feel like enough.

He reassures me it is, but would he dare demand more of his expectant wife?  I'm not sure he'd say if it wasn't. 

A Dreaded Question

There is one question I get frequently, and it always bothers me.  I usually hesitate when I answer.

When people learn I'm expecting, mainly those that don't know me or don't know me well, they ask:

"Is this your first?"

And I immediately cringe, every time.  

While yes, this will be my first baby; it is not my first child. 

When I say yes, which is an honest answer, I feel like I'm not giving fair attention to my boys.  I may not have carried them, but they are still my boys; I am their mother too. 

I always feel the need to explain myself.  That generally leads to confusion and/or awkwardness. 

Perhaps I shouldn't let it bother me so; I'm sure it is one of many things that will arise over the years of our blended family that will bother me. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Where is week 25?

I don't expect there will be much of a post for week 25 seeing as we're most of the way through it already. 

My father-in-law passed away this week and we've been with family. 

We are grateful for the kind words and offers to assistance we've been offered.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Honey Recipe

On the way home from school tonight, the boys were admiring the many daffodils that are blooming. 

Caden informed us all that the daffodils are part of the recipe the bees use for making honey.

Such a smarty that boy of ours is.  :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Why does it smell like dog food?

Sunday morning, the kids and I were driving home from church when one of the boys asked me why it smelled like dog food.  I had smelled it just then too and had no idea why it smelled like dog food in our mini-van.  We hadn't bought dog food recently, there was no reason for it.

We went home and on about our business not giving it another thought.

That is until a few hours later when we all got in the car to run several errands and get groceries.

We're not too far down the road, when the kids and I notice it's smelling like dog food again.

I look down at my feet in the passenger seat, and they're surrounded by dog food.

Keith immediate scolds the kids for putting dog food in the car.  Despite the both denying it.

Another mile or so down the road and my feet start getting hit with falling dog food.  It's clear more dog food has accumulated on the floorboards.

Keith immediately apologizes to the kids, and we start to pull over at a local golf course to asses the assumed rodent damage.  

We not have mouse traps set in our garage and the dog food has moved to the basement for storage.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unpause Please

While I finish making delicious chocolate dutch babies for breakfast this morning, Keith is reading a story to the boys. 

I made the mistake of interrupting to ask a question. 

As soon as I was done, Caden was taping the book saying, "Daddy, can you unpause the book please?"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 24 Day 2

Weight: 151.5

Weight Gain: 11.5 pounds

When I first found out I was pregnant I measured my belly too at my belly button.  I'm thinking it might be time to do that again.  I had started doing it weekly, but it was consistent for so long, I quit.

People this week have been noticing my bump and commenting.  By commenting I really mean people have been asking me if I'm pregnant in hushed whispers.  You can tell they're nervous about asking, but some are stepping out there and doing it.  I think I can see the relief in their face when I say yes!

Getting dressed is becoming increasingly a challenge.  I've got a better grasp on some clothing that fits now; my struggle is mostly with finding shoes to go with it to pull it together.  I think that means shoe shopping!  My spring and summer shoes from last year are not so comfortable anymore.  I have a blister on my foot to prove it from the flats I pulled out this weekend to enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having!  (The high today is 70!)

My to do list is starting to bother me as we're not making enough progress for my liking.  I'm working on it, but it's not shortening fast enough, especially when I keep adding to it.  My evenings are filled with working away at things.  At least the nice weather makes it more enjoyable!  I think I'm more motivated when the weather is just sunny and nice. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 24 Day 1

Keith felt the baby move last night for the first time!

He's terribly excited about it, and I couldn't be happier about it too.  

We were laying in bed last night, and there baby was, active as could be!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 24

I'm exhausted.

It's a combination of traveling three days in Minnesota last week for work, school work, housework, and a busy work schedule that has left me worn down.  The last week or so Keith's been fighting a yucky cold, and everyone around me at work has been sick in the last two weeks.  I fear it is nearly my turn with the cold.  I've been sneezing and blowing my nose all morning.  I hope it is not a sign of things to come.

I had an accounting project that was due yesterday that consumed most of my Saturday, which had my grumpy to start with since it was Keith's 30th Birthday!

I picked up some more maternity clothes this weekend.  I always leave the store feeling pretty down anymore.  Shopping is not so fun anymore.  Combined with an impatient hubby it made for a rough Sunday evening after I burst into seemingly endless tears.  I can say that is the first time that has happened so far this pregnancy and I'm not sure Keith or the boys knew what to do, which only made me feel worse.  

We've decided for certain we'll be repainting the nursery.  I saw a few gray walls in offices last week while I was traveling that I really liked, which had me leaning toward repainting.  When I got back and my mom was over and asked if it was green or blue, I knew we were repainting since it was supposed to be gray!  We picked up new paint chips yesterday to start picking again.  We also received a 30% off coupon on paint in the mail, so next weekend we'll be attempting again for a final time.  Let's hope this time around is much more successful.

I'm kind of unhappy with myself for only getting in one workout last week of yoga.  I didn't hit the treadmill once.  I know it's reasonable with the travel; I'll use it for motivation for working out this week.

It's been two weeks since I've stepped on a scale.  I think that has relieved some of the pressure I was imposing on my self to gain the right amount of weight.  Although, I'm fairly certain my backside has expanded now too. 

Keith is getting excited to feel baby move even though it hasn't happened for him yet.  

I can't believe there's only 16 weeks to go.  

I can't believe how much stuff we still need to do.  No wonder I'm tired!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Pie Baking Contest

I placed first in a pie baking contest this weekend at our church!

Our church youth group holds and annual pie baking contest as a fundraiser.  Members of the church donate their pies, they judge them and then they are sold after church services to raise money, this year for a mission trip they are planning. 

I baked a Toll House Pie for the contest, and placed first! 

There was a Grand Champion Strawberry Pie that beat me, but I'm quite please with first place!

This year they also had a Chili Cook-off.  The members of the youth group each made their version of chili that was served after services.  The congregation voted by placing money in the basket designated to their favorite chili.  The winner was determined by who had the most donations in the basket. 

We had a great time, and something we hope to participate in next year too!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Week 22 Day 6

I haven't weighed myself since last Monday, but I'll try to remember in the morning.  

I'm a day early for my week 23 post since I'll be doing some traveling for work this week, i wasn't going to be home to have Keith take a photo.

I've felt baby more and more moving around in there this last week.  Especially when I'm sitting on my desk at work.  

Keith painted the nursery this weekend.  Generally I would be excited about this, but we're not happy with the way it turned out.  We're going for a gray color and our gray, specifically called "silverpoint" turned out fairly blue.  (It's in the background of the photo above.)  Which I am so not happy about.  But at the same time, do we spend another $50 for another gallon of paint to try again or do we just go with it?  Keith says we go with it, mainly because he doesn't want to paint again, but he's going to have to do a lot of touching up if we leave it this way because he didn't get an even coat on the walls.  

In more exciting news, we bought a crib!  It's still in the box in the garage.  It'll stay there until we decide what to do with the paint, but this is officially our first purchase for baby now!

I bought some new clothes this weekend too.  It's slowly getting harder to dress in the mornings before work.  So I decided it was close enough to spring to gear my shopping toward spring clothing.  Plus I'm still wearing a lot of my regular clothes, mostly dresses though.  My pant options are quickly limiting themselves!

Friday, March 02, 2012

My Grandma's Prediction

This past Saturday afternoon we loaded up the kids and headed to the nursing home to visit my Grandma for her 88th birthday.  We picked up some cupcakes on the way for her to enjoy on her birthday.  We met my mom there and visited for awhile. 

While we were there, my mom or Keith asked grandma if she thought the baby was a boy or a girl.  Before answering she made me walk over to her to touch and poke my belly first.  (Normally, I wouldn't be game for this, but how do you say no to your 88 year old Grandma?  You don't.)

She confidently said, it's a boy.

I think there might have been a sour look on my mom's face after that because she wants it to be a girl.  She really wants it to be a girl.

Our due date is 4 months from today!