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The Fish Tank

This fish tank has become enough of a big deal to me that yes, I'm titling the post after THE Fish Tank, and we don't even HAVE the fish tank yet.  My husband has always been fascinated with large salt water aquariums.  He's mentioned in passing a few times that he'd some day like one.  I had NO IDEA that some day would be 6 months into our marriage!

Hubby's brother currently has a 125 sal water fish tank full of live rock and soft coral stuff.  (You'll pick up that I'm not overly excited about this whole fist tank business!)  He's purchasing an even BIGGER fish tank, which we assisted move this past weekend.  500 lbs. of glass...nervous much!?  Anyway, he's getting rid of the smaller tank, and selling it to us for what I'm told is mere pennies on the dollar.  Of course hubby asked me, but not in such a way I really had a choice of saying no!  He thinks it's going to be good brotherly bonding.  (I give MUCHO credit to his wifey for putting u…

2010 Ohio Spring Dairy Expo

Wednesday I spent my day at work preparing for the expo with excitement.  I love cow shows!  Thursday morning I headed to Columbus in decent weather with a forecast of rain!  I spent the day with a producer from one of our independent agency partners.  With some difficulties get our table set up, we had extra time to browse through the barn to view the show animals, the sale barn for the sale animals, and even some time to watch the Holstein Dairy Judging contest! 

Amongst our walks through the aisle, I stopped to visit some VERY good friends of mine (and the source of all my cow showing fun!).  I took a look at the cows for the show this year, and it turns out Krystal was 7 days overdue to calve!  At one point during the afternoon we thought she was going to begin labor, and our agency partner and I were excited!  We hoped we were going to be there for the the birth!  Even after things hung wound down on the commercial show front, I hung around to visit with my friends and hope for a…

"The Police Man told Daddy to Slow Down"

I'm driving my boys to school this morning through my small village and admiring what's hopefully the last snow of the season, when Tater Tot starts talking from the back seat.  The coversation went something like this:

TaterTot: "The police man talked to Daddy."
Mommy: "Oh reaaaaly!?"
TaterTot:  "The policy man told Daddy not to drive fast in our van anymore."
Mommy:  (Knowing nothing of police man interactions.)  "Reaally!?"  Of course as I grab my phone to call my Daddy.
TaterTot:  "But the police man when bye bye then."
Next thing you know I'm calling my husband.  Um, your son told me this on the way to school this morning...  Hubby says "What?  No!  I wasn't pulled over." 
Mommy: "Well I don't think a three year old just makes these things up!"
Daddy:  "Ohhh!"

As it turns out, on their way to day care yesterday there was a water main break in town.  Hubby stopped where the road wa…

Thankful for Spring After a Rough Winter

I don't think there has been a year in my life that I have appreciated and been as thankful for Spring as I am this year.  After a rough second half of winter for my family, and a busy holiday season.  (We had 10 Christmas celebrations in 3 days!)  I was exhausted physically and emotionally.  Loosing our pregnancy gave me a LOT of down time.  It was healing emotionally from a loss and healing physically from TWO D&Cs.  I relied very heavily on my awesome hubby to do the brunt of the housework and kid watching while I slept a LOT. 

After what seemed like forever, I finally started feeling better physically and as the weather got warmer and the rain started coming my mood improved drastically!  I feel like a completely different person than how I felt a few months ago.  I still feel sadness over our loss, but moving on couldn't have come at a better time of the year!

Spring is all about new beginnings, happiness, and in the agriculture world planting season!  I noticed this …

What I've Accomplished Since College

I graduated from college in May of 2008.  It's nearly two years since that day that propelled me into adulthood.  In that time, I've had MANY life changing events that have made me who I am today.  And I can say with confidence that I am proud to be who I am today, but that I am still and always will be a work in progress.  Perhaps I have accomplished a lot in the last two years, but there are so many more accomplishments yet to come!

Things I've Accomplished Since College:
A "well-budgeted" vacation with a great friend.Started my job as an insurance trainee & feel in love with insurance.  (I know NERD!)Received the worst phone call of my life to date.Became an instant mommy to twin two year old boys over night & 5 year old boy.Moved in with my boyfriend to be a better Mommy Beth.Got engaged.Went through months of anxiousness and waiting for court hearings and the legal system process.Bought a mini-van!  Lame, but I love it and wouldn't go back!Bought …

Bust a Move

Bust a Move: "
My mother wasn't a touchy-feely kinda mom -- at all. I mean, she gave a kiss or two here and there if you were saying goodnight or heading off to a sleepover or something, but all that hugging and smooching and laying in the lap and stuff? Yeah, not so much. She loved me, no doubt. But she wasn't loving.

read more"

I think this is a great blog post! I was never a touchy-feely kind of person. I've always liked my space, or bubble if you choose! But being a mom has changed that, and I hope I can be this kind of fun and loving mom for my kiddos!

The First Trip to the Dentist!

This morning I took the boys to their first real dentist appointment for cleaning!  They were quite excited to go, although that started to wear off, after I took a wrong turn and the 25 minute drive took nearly an hour!  (Opps!) 

Tater Tot was such a big boy!  He did a great job, and his teeth are fine for now!  In the future we may have to have some orthodontist work done from him becuase of a cross bite. 

Muffin did an excellent job too!  Although, I do have to say he was not a fan of the big bright light overhead.  He tried to use his hands a few times to shield his face and coincidentally cover his mouth!  He got to wear fancy striped sunglasses, but apparently that wasn't enough for him!  He's got lovely teeth!

The best news for BOTH of them: NO CAVITIES!  :) 

Next step:  We need to start flossing their teeth too!