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1 Kings

This may be a record that I finished a whole book of the Bible in just over a month.  I did really enjoy this book, and I've been really trying to be in it more often.  Daily is the goal!

King David is old and they find a young woman to come care for him; Abishag (he doesn't not have sexual relations with her)David's some Adonijah tries to become King instead of Solomon without David knowingBathsheba, David's wife/Solomon's mom, goes to David tot ell him what is going on at the prophet Nathan's directionDavid makes Solomon king; the celebration interrupts Adonijah's party and they are afraid and scatterAdonijah goes to the alter and pleads his life to Solomon, who agress as long as he is a man of honorDavid near death gave Solomon guidance to follow as king - reminded him of those who had done wrong and those that were kindSolomon takes control after David diesMany are killed for their wrongs as Solomon takes controlSolomon is building a palace and temple, c…