Monday, November 18, 2013


Elinore is now into books.  She loves them!  She'll say "Boo" when pointing at them.  She carries them to you to read to her, and she's actually listening to them now!  She's been really interested in books the last few weeks, but just in the last week she's started to actually listen to them when you read them.  Yesterday she came over and sat in my lap or next to me many times to listen to books.  However, by books, I really only mean a handful of them because we're reading the same book(s) over and over and over.  Some of her favorites are a hide and see farm animal book, Brown Brown Brown Bear What Do You See and a Sesame Street numbers book. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Piano Player

The other night I was in the kitchen doing something in the evening after the kids had gone to bed and Keith was away for something when I heard a few keys on the piano played.  When you're the only one home and awake, it's quite frightening.  At first I though, did one of the kids sneak out and do that to scare me?  But I didn't really think they did that, so I was kind of afraid to go around the corner and see what was going on.  I had to though, because I had to know what was going on in side my house with my family inside.  This is what I found...

That silly kitten of ours scared the crap out of me.  Maybe I should go back to keeping the lid closed on those keys!

Monday, November 04, 2013

8 Teeth

Sunday Elinore and I were feeling under the weather, so we stayed home all day in our pajamas and relaxed. That afternoon I noticed two new teeth of Elinore's! She now has 4 teeth on the bottom!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Whole Milk

Just in the last week or so, Elinore finished our freezer supply of breastmilk.  I had stored a lot while I was pumping and it was fantastic to have.  We used fresh pumped milk most of the time at the sitters, until near the end of her first year when we started supplementing with the freezer supply.  After she turned a year old she went to freezer supply at the sitters exclusively because I was done pumping!  At about 14 months I stopped breastfeeding at home and she continued on freezer milk only until she was 15.5 months old!  I'm so glad we made it so far. 

The transition to whole milk, not going too smoothly so far.  More on that later hopefully.