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Best Valentine Ever

Thanks Caden.You are welcome from breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Vow Renewal

Yesterday, on Valentine's Day, in front of our church on Sunday morning, Keith and I, and a handful of other couples in our church renewed our marriage vows. 

Our kiddos were there, well Ruth ended up in the nursery, but even Camerin was able to join us and our mom's with there too.  And our church family was there.  It meant a lot to me to have our community in the church there for it for all they've meant to me over the last several years since we've joined our church. 

I was closer to crying yesterday at this than I was at our wedding.  Our love has grown and is so much deeper and we have a greater understanding of what it takes, what it means for us, our family, and we've grown in our faith too in the almost 6.5 years we've been married. 

Dear Keith,
I love you more now than the day we wed; and I expect to love you more in another 6.5 years.  Thank you for all that you are to me, our family, and our community.  You are awesome. 
With love,


I finished reading the book of Ruth this morning.

There was a shortage of food in Israel, so Elimelech left with his wife Naomi and 2 sonsThen Elimelech died in the foreign landNaomi's 2 sons married in that land, then after they'd lived there 10 years, the sons diedNaomi heard of food blessed in Israel again and decided to return there, but told her daughter-in-laws to go back to their parentsRuth refused and stayed with Naomi and went to IsraelNaomi returned sad and told people to call her Mara because of her sadnessRuth goes out one day to gather grain behind harvesters and meets BoazBoaz had women workers in his fields and Ruth followed themBoaz allowed her to gather grain behind his workers and share water and meal until harvest endsNaomi told Ruth to wash and perfume and to go the threshing floor where Boaz was working one evening; Ruth was to lay at his feetBoaz awoke and found her, she requested he care for her (as kinship redeemer)BOaz said there was a closer relative …

Shoe Rack

We currently have a shoe rack inside our front door to keep the shoes on.  It's cheap and not well made.  It commonly falls apart and sits in shambles because I get frustrated putting it back together all the time.  I'd held off on buying one hinting heaving that I'd like a new one for Christmas last December.  Christmas came, and Keith had one under the tree for me!  However, it broke during assembly.  Apparently a well made shoe rack is hard to find.

So Keith decided he was going to build me a shoe rack out of pallets. 

He got a couple pallets from my parents and a week or so ago spent some time cutting it apart into boards. Yesterday, with the help of Caden and Caleb, they built me a shoe rack!  Caden and Caleb did a lot of the sanding on it.

Last night it was all assembled and ready to be seen in the basement.  He wants to stain it yet before use, so it isn't 100% done, but it looks like a shoe rack!  He took the girls and I down to see it, and Elinore was SO EXC…


Last week I finished reading Judges.  Judges was a tough book to tackle for me.  I think to start with it was the book I've read so far that I knew the least about going into.  I wasn't as familiar with its stories and specifics.  I only knew the big picture of what Judges told.  As I've been reading through the Bible book by book, this is the first I've though, I should re-read or do a devotional on to really grasp it well.  But, on to my notes!

Judah fights CanaanitesCaleb gave his daughter as wife to a man who captured the city for themCanaanites were pushed out or became slaves and some continued to live with themAn angel of the Lord told them the others in their land would be enemies because they made an agreement with them and didn't destroy their altersJoshua diesThe next generation didn't know God and what was right and wrong so they worshipped other idols; their enemies became robbers and defeated them because the Lord wasn't with themGod sent Judge…


Keith and I caught Ruth in the kitchen the other night picking up her shoes and her sister's shoes that they wear everyday and throwing them in the trash can.  I had to reach in the kitchen trash and pull them back out!  I was fortunate in that I'd recently taken out the trash and it was nearly empty.  We could have had a yucky encounter to get those out!


Last fall Caleb was heavily interested in taking some karate lessons.  We agreed that after Caden's soccer season ended, we could look into that as an activity for the boys.  It's been a journey finding the right place and program for us.  We're on our third one now, but it's finally one we seem to be comfortable with and enjoy, the kids and us as parents.  They are now enrolled for 6 months in a Tae Kwon Do program. 

The school now has been great for all of us!  The locations is alright, the price is reasonable and the kids are enjoying and doing well in it.  I think the structure, curriculum and practice of this is good for them.  On their second night they broke their first boards!  They have them displayed in their bedrooms now. 

I'm looking forward to watching them grow and develop in the program and it's great seeing them find something they enjoy!

A New Year

I haven't written anything here in awhile, but there have been some things in my head I have wanted to write about, so this morning I told myself I'd put some words on the screen and document some of the happenings of our family. 

I seem to be going to stretches of time not thinking about writing here and not missing it, but today, the urge struck and I have many ideas! 

I want to remember things about the kids, and there's so much, I can't remember it all.  I hope to have some of my words here jog my memory for future reminiscing and sharing with the kids when they're older. 

At the end of every year for the last several years I've printed this blog into a book of the year of my posts and I keep them as journals in my room to look back on some day.  I hope that they make us laugh some day and bring back memories for us.  I hope that some day my kids learn more about us as people and a family from my writings. 

Whether I write a little or a lot, I know I ha…