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Elinore Sings

Caden has been fascinated with the soundtrack to Frozen and often requests it on car rides.  Elinore has now also started to request it.  Caden loves music and has been singing along to it from the backseat for awhile.  For the first time in the last two weeks though, Elinore has started to sing along too!  Usually just some of the words at the ends of phrases that are loud and long, but she lets you know she's singing along!
At 22 weeks and 5 days, I had another pre-natal appointment this morning.  Everything is going well!  The baby's heart rate was 148 bpm, which is the same as last time I think.  I've gained 8 lbs so far.  I'm still wearing my regular skirts and dresses or some of them.  I'm over pants though!  I did go to Target over the weekend a pick up a couple new plain shirts in a bigger size to go with my skirts though!

Baby Moves

Over the past few weeks I've wondered a few times if I was feeling the baby move or if it was just gas.  I always deicded it was just gas.  But around 21 weeks I was starting to wonder when it was going to happen.  I've been asked a few times, which doesn't bother me, but when they're asking at my doctor's appointments I start to wonder.  I Googled it the other night and can happen anytime up to 25 weeks, but is more commonly earlier in second and higher pregnancy.  That part wasn't so comforting, but the 25 weeks thing was.  Then late in week 21, I was confident that's I was feeling baby move!  I was confident for the first time while I was at a dinner for work one evening during invitational events.  Dear baby, I'm glad to feel you, can can't wait for the update at our next appointment very soon!


The boys wrapped up Vacation Bible School at our church this year on Sunday.  All last week they spent their evenings at the church participating in VBS.  Every day Caleb would come home and complain, I like VBS, but I don't like singing! 

Caleb's never been one to really like music, and he doesn't like things too loud.

Caden on the other hand, loves music and sings often!  He'll sing along to his favorite songs in the car and in the house.  He'll sometimes since in the shower, but most often I hear him singing when it's bed time.  I usually have them get ready for bed and get in bed and they're in there for a little bit before I go tell them goodnight.  Some nights it's just because I want to listen to them, and often Caden is in bed singing away! 

Mid-way through the VBS week the Pastor gave Caleb a twizzler because he was singing and doing the motions to the songs, which is uncommon for him.  She rewarded him for it, and we know he's not a fan …


One of Elinore's favorite new words in heavy!  Many things are too heavy to carry.  When she first learned it she did it correctly and only said it when she was carry something that would be heavy for her, but now we're starting to exaggerate a little!  The other night she told me the piece of paper she had was heavy and wanted me to hold it. 

Heavy, heavy!

Move it!

Elinore has grown a bit more cuddly lately.  She's never been a big cuddler; she's active and on the go.  She'll take a quick hug every now and again, but wants to keep moving.  More recently though at night time and when she's tired she'll snuggle into my shoulder or chest with her blankie for a little bit, or course it's rarely for very long.  Her only requirement to snuggle?  I move my hair.  She doesn't like to rest her head on my hair that's long and laying on my shoulders or chest usually.  I have to put it all down my back so she can be comfortable!


Elinore has learned to call farts toots.  So if anyone toots, she calls you out on it or asks if you toots!

Took It!

As Elinore's verbal skills continue to advance as she learns and grows, it's always interesting to see what she'll come up with next.  Now, between day care and her brothers, she's learned who to tattle with more verbal skills.  Awesome, right? 

She used to come and yell and point if her brothers were doing something she thought was bad, and she still will, but now her complain is always they "took it!"  She'll come to find you and tell you until she gets it back!  The boys current response: laughter as they give it back.  Wonder how long that will last?

Church Camp

Last week Caden and Caleb spent the week at church camp for the first time.  They were certainly a little nervous when we dropped them off Sunday afternoon.  Mom and Dad wondered how they were doing all week!  We thought they were fine, but it's hard when you have no contact from them for 5 days! 

Friday evening Keith and I went to pick them up.  Elinore was sick, so she stayed behind with Grandma and boy were those boys disspaointed she wasn't there for the family picnic and closing ceremonies!

We arrived and walked to find them, and were welcomed with BIG hugs after they ran to meet us!  Keith and I were both excited to go see them and hear all about their week.  Their counselors had great things to say about them!  They weren't homesick; they were funny and had a good time!  They said a few times how silly they were. 

We ate supper with them at the lake and heard more about their week.  They loved everything about it.  They both wanted to come back next year, but Cade…

Um, um, um...

Last week we noticed Elinore has started saying um.  If you ask a question and she doesn't have an answer right away, it's um, um.  And then she doesn't answer usually.


Frozen is all the rage still since Disney released the movie.  With Elinore sick over the weekend, she Caden and I watched it again.  This time I noticed some things I want to ask about.

How do Anna and Elsa stay warm when they're playing in the ballroom with all that snow?When all that snow melts in the ballroom, how does the palace not flood?

20 Weeks

About a week ago I hit the 20 week mark.  Half way already doesn't seem possible, and yet in those early weeks or morning sickeness I thought this day would never come!

Anyway, 20 weeks brought an unexpected trip into the doctor from some spotting I was experiencing.  Not to worry, all is okay!  I have some fancy medical term that means it'll probably happen again due to activity and more you really don't want to read about.  But as long as I pay attention for other signs of issues, we're all good.

And as an added bonus, I did get to hear baby's heartbeat again.  148bpm this time around.


In the last week or so Elinore has transitioned from using only words to use more and more sentences.  She's using more and more words, and for the first time I'm not understanding all the words she's using.  I love hearing her learn and develop though and she's moving along so well in talking!

Love You

Last week I heard Elinore say love you for the first time!  She was repeating after her brothers when saying goodbye to Grandma, she'd been over last week staying with us for a few days. 

Tuesday morning she woke up crying for Mommy and Daddy.  I think she missed us since we went out for date night Monday night and we were not home to put her to bed.  (Date night, so rare!)  So we called Daddy at work to say hi and she said love you when it was time to hang up!

Then that morning as we were running around in the van she said love you to me for the first time!  Oh was I happy!  And due to a few cases of hand, foot and mouth at the day care, I got to spend an unexpected day home with her Tuesday too.

Sit Down!

Elinore loves to tell people to sit down! She says it plain as day and uses her hand at the same time to motion to the ground with her words.  She's also very particular about where you sit.  More times than not when she tells me to sit down, I already am sitting down, just not where she thinks I should be!  She usually prefers you sit on the floor with her.  If she's on her own turf in her house, she's not shy about telling you were to sit! 

Turn Around

Elinore turned two and we turned her car seat around to be forward facing!

Although she's a fan of what she can see, she's not a fan that she can no longer see her brothers in the back seat.  When we first left, she called each of them and waited for them to respond to make sure they were back there!


Sometime in the past week, I convinced Keith to hang our degree frames on a wall in our bedroom.

With just under 3 weeks to go now until my last class and assignment are turned in, this is motivation hanging on my wall!

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Over Memorial Day Weekend this year we took Saturday and went to the zoo!  I was finally starting to feel better having finished the first trimester of pregnancy, and I'd been wanting to get Elinore to the zoo to see the animals before it got too terribly hot.  We had excellent weather and it was a beautiful day.  
The pictures were taken by Keith and I and Caden and Caleb too.  They were interested in taking pictures of the animals, so we gave them our real point and shoot camera that's always in the diaper bag and rarely used.  They loved it!  Most of the animal shots are from them.  I didn't include the photo of the trash can one of them took though...!

Summer Fun Acadmey

We had an excellent first grade teacher this year, who I was able to email throughout the year and even into the summer with questions and all kinds of things and she was responsive and so helpful.  It didn't hurt that both boys adored her, and she taught them reading and writing for the year. 

I missed the school paperwork somehow, shocking, but she helped me get the boys enrolled in the free Summer Fun Academy that runs for 5 weeks this summer, 3 days a week for 90 minutes at the elementary school.  They go spend time with two of the teachers from the school and other kids and work on keeping their brains sharp!  I'm so glad we have such an awesome program and can have our kids participate! 

Even though we can't get there every day they've gone 3 of the 6 times they met in June and I plan on having them go for both weeks in July they run the program.  We'll miss the week in August because we'll be on vacation, but every little bit helps!

They were also sent h…

Baby Haynes - Week 17

This week I noticed an increase in my appetite.  I started having some wild dreams too, but nothing baby related. 

Photo was a little late in the week on day 5 of week 17.

Safety Vest

At Westfield Safety Day this year, Caleb and Caden tried on a new vest.  

Fire Hose

Westfield has an annual safety day event.  The kids come nearly every year for lunch and to see the fun displays.  This year, Caden was able to spray a fire hose from the local fire department.

1, 2, 3! and more!

In the last few weeks Elinore has learned to count to three.  She loves to count to three and jump, usually offer her tiny adirondack chair.  She smiles and giggles the whole time!

She's been telling us for some time how old she is, but usually she tries to slip in an "I'm 3!" somewhere quickly after telling us she's 1!

She's also been saying her name a lot lately.  Ellie this and Ellie that and Ellie mine!

Baby Haynes - Week 15

This week I was asked twice by people at work if I was expecting.

Prenatal Check-up

This morning Keith and I went in for our 18 week ultrasound and the tech said everything is looking good and right on track!  We saw a few pictures of the baby and enjoyed it.  We successfully did not learn if we're having a boy or a girl. 

After the ultrasound we had another chcekup and heard the heartbeat again.  160 bpm

Everything is going smoothly.  I was a little nervous or anxious about this mornings appointments, but so greatful to hear things are going well for the little one.

4 weeks, and we're back again.  :)

Baby Haynes - Week 14

Please ignore the awful face.  Sometimes I think the kids would be better photographers!  Technically the photo is from week 13 day 6, but taken for week 14. 
During this week we took the kids for a night to Kalahari for the boys birthday.  It was huge and exhausting!


In the last month during bath time, I've taught Elinore where her armpits are.  We talk about them as we make sure we wash and rinse them.  She's a big fan of the rinsing part!  Now when you ask her where her armpits are, she put both her arms way in the air and yells "pits!"