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Daddy's Girl

I just love this photo of these two!

Elinore Rocks Her Baby

Elinore loves baby dolls.  Recently she's started grabbing them, hugging them and rocking them.  

Hopefully soon she's start giving us real people hugs too!

Faces of Elinore


The boys have been itching to go fishing.  Finally on the fourth of July, we took them.  

We stopped by a lake after the parade.  My mom and I dropped Keith and the kids off before I drove around a bit to put Elinore to sleep.  We were back in the lake parking lot napping within 10 minutes, mom and I included!
We woke up when the rain started.  It was a nice gentle rain, so they stayed out for awhile longer in it. 
Keith was sure the boys wouldn't last long fishing.  In the past, it's been that way.
They surprised us by not wanting to stop fishing after about an hour and a half!
Caleb caught one fish on the whole adventure.

4th of July Parade

This year for the first time, we took the kids to the 4th of July parade in Fredricksburg.  It's one of the largest parades I've ever been too.  I remember it being big as a kid, and Keith said there was no way it could be that big for such a small town, but it certainly didn't disappoint!  The boys came home with a whole bag of candy and Elinore loved it too!  A guy on a motorcycle even stopped to pull a little stuffed kitten out of a bag for Elinore.  She LOVED it!

We had to cover her ears for all the firetrucks.  
When I say big, I mean BIG.  There were nearly trucks from about a dozen different area fire departments!


Last night, for the first time, Elinore kissed me!  She puckered up and kissed me right on the lips.  Well, she places her lips at mine, and I kissed her, but that's close enough for me!  Ever since then she's mmmaaaa mmmmaaaa-ing around at people for kisses.  It's the sweetest thing, and I'm so happy to be the recipient of her first kiss.  Not to worry about Daddy though, he got them too right after me!

She's been starting to hug a bit too lately, but be careful you can miss them because they're fast!  Sometimes I pretend it's a hug too when she's really just reaching behind me for something she sees!

Happy Birthday Elinore!

Or otherwise titled: Elinore's First Cupcake!

New Car Seat

On Elinore's first birthday, I installed Elinore's new car seat.  We're moving up, but still rear-facing.

Backyard Kiddie Pool

When We're Dead

Caden and Caleb have wild imaginations.  They are constantly telling us stories of what is going to happen when they grow up.  Recently Caden has shared a lot of ideas about what he wants to do with our house when we're dead. 

Yes, lots of ideas for when we're dead.

It's kind of odd really.  We remind them that they can explore these ideas with their lives and create things while we're still alive, but it's most certainly always when we're dead. 

Currently he is dreaming about building waterfalls in my kitchen and living room.  When we're dead of course...

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day was swell.  We gave Keith a healthy Asian cookbook he'd wanted.  The boys were interviewed by me about their dad and it was given to him too.  Each one of the kids made him a photo card, even Elinore.


About a month ago Elinore started standing much more.  She's made a lot of progress in the last month too!  She gets to her knees now and wants to keep going, but hasn't managed it yet!


In April, I started reading the book of Genesis.  I've taken some notes for my own reference as I've read through this book of the Bible. 
In Genesis I learned about:
CreationAdam and EveSinCain and AbelNoah, the ark and the floodBabel and the confusion of languagesAbram and Sarai leave their land, end up in Egypt for awhile and lie about Sarai; they say she's Abram's sister; then they must leaveAbram and Sarai separate from Lot to maintain their herds with resources in other areasAbram rescues Lot after he's capturedGod agrees to give Abram and Sarai a son, then his inheritance won't go to a slaveSarai gives Abram her slave, Hager, and Abram impregnates herHager births IshmaelAbram becomes Abraham and will become the father of many nationsCircumcisionIssac is promised to Abraham and SarahAbraham tries to bargain with God over Sodom and Gomorrah to save the good people, if there are 10 there God will not destroy the citiesLot and his family leave Sodom, but his…

Lemonade Stand

Caden and Caleb have been patiently waiting for this years garage sale to hold a lemonade stand. 

Keith helped them out and they were set!


The Friday after Elinore's birthday, the day before her first birthday party, I had the day off work and took the kids to the grocery store to get the supplies for the party.  We were spending some time in the produce section.  I'm doing my shopping and the next thing I know Caleb is spilling to bags of apples all over the floor all around the aisle. 

I wasn't sure how to handle it at first.  I was wearing Elinore and she was sleeping on my chest.  The boys were just kind of standing there dumbfounded.  I tried to get the picking them up; I picked up a few awkwardly with a sleeping baby.  A few employees walked around us, until one finally came out to help us.  He was kind enough to tell me to let them handle it since the baby was sleeping.  Caleb helped him pick up the apples and put them back in the bag, while an older couple stood behind us waiting.  They finally got the all picked up, after they spilled again from an uneven bag. 

A few minutes later, we were on the oth…


Keith has nicknamed Elinore, Pooka Bear.  When he first started it I wasn't a fan, but it has stuck.  He even sings a song that makes her dance every time with her nickname in it.  While I don't call her by her nickname, her brothers too. 

My dad's has created his own nickname for her too, which actually comes from my childhood nickname from my dad.  As a kid, and still sometimes, my dad has called me Boo Boo.  Apparently as a child, I had a great time playing peek-a-boo.  So now, Elinore is called 'Lil Boo.

2013 Goal Update

I wrote these goals back in January.  Since we're just about mid-way through the year, I wanted to review how I'm doing!

I've been trying to spend more time in my Bible, and my goal for the year is to read my daily devotional and passage, reflect and spend more time in prayer.  -  I'd been doing really on this until the last week.  I want to please my God and know my Jesus.  I want to know the word.

I need to start working out regularly again.  I'm registered for an April 6, 5K, but my goal is to continue working out at least 3 days a week, and ideally running.  -  I didn't run that April 6th, 5k.  I took Elinore to swim lessons instead, which was awesome!  I was busy with school and kid of stayed out of the pattern of fitness, because it wasn't a priority, and I couldn't handle everything, so it was a something I decided to lower on my priorities list.  We were still some what active as a family occasionally, which I felt good about.  The last week …

Elinore - 1 Year Old

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A Year Ago

A year ago today, I worked, much like I am today.  Although, I remember having much less work to complete a year ago than today; today, I am swamped with work!  Anyway, I left early a year ago today. I was worn out and had been feeling just blah all day, plus I had some unexpected wetness, so I wanted to leave.  With all my work caught up, I didn't see the point in sitting there for another hour to go home.  So off I went.

On my way home though, I called the doctor's office about that wetness, and they reccomended me to go into labor and delivery.  I called Keith, we met at home and were on our way to the hospital.

Later that night, I was induced and the next morning Elinore was born in a beautiful peaceful moment. 

We are blessed.

I can't believe it's been a year, but I am so looking forward to celebrating her first year over the long holiday weekend with our family.

We'll be celebrating her first year, her futuer, and mostly our wonderful blessings.