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Last night at dinner, while one of my friends was dinning with us, Caleb asked if people kissed tongues.Keith and I were immediately answering "NO!" We explained appropriate kissing and not appropriate kissing. They already know they are not allowed to kids at daycare. Sidenote: I dislike that were at a place in time where we have to exchange that to preschoolers!Caleb continued his questions about tongue kissing. Tongues! Where did he get this idea? I'm freaking out in my had while Keith keeps answering his questions.Finally the questions slow, and by this time Keith has figured out I'm concerned. He goes on to explain that Caleb may have gotten the idea from him.What?Apparently the day before Caleb had bit his tongue our something and asked Keith to kiss it. Keith didn't do it and explained we don't kiss tongues, which led to the questions.Caleb has been overly fascinated with making site one of us kisses every little boo boo he has lately, so it was no sur…


It was like a game of telephone in my kitchen this morning.

We were making green pancakes for the kids for St. Patrick's Day, and my husband did something the kids disapproved.

So I said: "tsk, tsk."

Then Caden said: "bisk, bisk?"

Then Caleb said: "biscuts?"

Then we all giggled.

When the babysitter calls...

Back in January, we'd hired a baby sitter we'd used on occasion to watch the kids for the husband and I to go out to dinner with friends. 

I happen to work with the babysitters mother.

We're eating out having sushi and hibachi and having a good time with friends.  On our way home we decide to make a stop at Target for a snack for relaxing at our place after dinner.  As we leave the store to head home, the babysitter calls. 

Immediate nervousness sets in.  The babysitter usually just texts, why is she calling??

I quickly found out why.

The boys flooded the bathroom by overflowing the toilet.

In her panic, she called her mom, my co-worker who lives less than 2 miles away to help her.

The rest of the drive my, with our friends in the backseat, my husband and I were in nervous/embarrassed mode.  My co-work is in my house, cleaning my flooded bathroom from a toilet that overflowed for a reason yet to be discovered.  I can tell you one thing, that is not a good feeling!

Upon …

Stuck Like Glue

After following the news this morning and hearing of the natural disasters and mass devistation this moring, it's made me want to blog again to share and record some memories of my boys because I am thankful for them and everyday we have.  We may have snow and flooding here in Ohio, but it is nothing compared to what other are dealing with.  For them, I say a praryer.
So, on with my story of the day.
We listen to mostly country music in this house.  It's something my husband both and I like and don't mind our children growing up listening to.  After all I grew up listening to country music, and it such a part of my memories growing up. 
A common tune on the radio lately is Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland.  Caden loves this song.
He walks around the house singing it.  It's adorable.  When he sings it, it sounds something like this: Ut oh, ut oh ut oh, ut oh what'll i do
ut oh, ut oh ut oh, ut oh what'll i do
It makes me smile every time.

Hockey Stick

I am a big Charlie Brown fan.

Although, after watching them again with my children, I'm not so certain I want my children watching Charlie Brown.

Caleb always interrupts the movie, he's a chronic talker during movies.  Caden is a seriously focused movie watcher and doesn't miss a beat of the movie.

For instance after watching It's Christmastime Again Charlie Brown this past Christmas, Caden walked around for a month or more saying "Hockey stick! Did I just say hockey stick!?"

Wikipedia says:
The children participates in a Christmas play, where Marcie plays The Virgin Mary, Franklin gets the role of Gabriel, Peppermint Patty reluctantly plays a sheep, and Sally, who has to say the line "Hark!" in the same play to summon a herald angel, inadvertently says "Hockey stick!". Later, Harold (herald) Angel drops by to visit Charlie Brown, looking for Sally.

A friendly reminder, when you're out and about and your child is saying hockey stick, …

Midnight Alarms

We have an alarm clock in the boys room.  We use it to tell time of course, but nothing else.  It's always turned off.

Apparently one day the kids decided they'd explore it and play with it, without us knowing.

It isn't uncommon in my house for me to go to sleep before my husband.  I was sleeping soundly by 10.

Just after midnight, I hear a radio blaring.  My husband is no where to be found, and by no where to be found, I mean he wasn't in bed.  Let's face it, I was a groggy mess and I wasn't actually going to look for him. 

So after listening for a minute or two, I decided I should probably figure out where the heck that music was coming from!

I starting stumbling around the house listening, and fianlly track it down to the boys room. 

Wouldn't you know they're both sound asleep with a radio blaring at maximum volume from their bedroom!?

I fumble around, turn it off.  Curse my husband for not being upstairs to fix this.

I do not get up in the middle of…