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Elinore doesn't like it when she isn't heard.  If she's interrupted, or can't get a word in, which in a family of 6 happens a lot, she'll say loudly "hey, I'm trying to concentrate!"

I don't know if she's going for have a conversation, or just that she's trying to get someone to concentrate on her, but it usually gets a giggle from someone when she says it!

1 Samuel

Saturday I finished reading 1 Samuel.  I think I've been in this book for quite some time.  I took a break from it to finish up Bible Study for quite awhile though.  Reading a couple chapters a week there was too much to keep up with this reading too.  A lot happened in Samuel though, and I look forward to see how much more happens in 2 Samuel.  The below is the typing of my notes from my reading of 1 Samuel.  The words in Italics are thoughts and notes I made on a more personal level as I thought deeper. 

Hannah prays hard for a childAfter Samuel is born and weaned he goes to the Priest Eli and Hannah gives Samuel to the Lord for his lifetime as she promised while she was praying for a childHannah gives tahnksEli's soms were evil, disrespectfulEvey year Hannah took Eli a coat she'd made for himEli warned his sons of their wrongful waysThe Lord had promised Eli's family they would always serve him, but now dishonor will received dishonor in returnNo man will grow old i…

TDK & Hobbies

Caden and Caleb are about 4 months into their new Tae Kwon Do place and are doing fairly well.  We are happy with what it is doing for them.  Caleb really enjoys it.  Caden won't admit it, but we think he likes it too.  He usually responds with an "eh" and shoulder shrug when you ask him, but he doesn't put up a fight to go.  I think he just doesn't want to admit it because his brother does like it. 

Caden doesn't like things his brother likes.  They are very different and we've seen a few times where if Caleb really starts to like something Caden will pull away from it to be different.  Caleb is into typical things like super heroes, minecraft, and video games.  Caden loves to decorate.  When he has money he buys decorations for holidays and his room and loves it.  This past weekend he bought a new party light for his room.


Ruth loves to play outside; since the weather turned, she's always wanting to go outside.  She'll walk one of us to the door pulling on our fingers and try to open the door herself so she can go outside.  We try to get outside in the evenings, but when the weather isn't our friend, she doesn't seem to understand!  It may be raining like crazy, and she still want to go out; she doesn't care if it's cold, she still wants to go out.  So on those nights we stay in she'll walk us to the door a few times a piece that evening trying to get us to go outside.  She screams and cries when the answers no!  She's a persistent gal!

Big Baby

Elinore has a sassy mouth sometimes, especially at bed time.  As she was refusing to listen there were consequences, so she started throwing insults about not playing with us anymore.  So Keith, as joke said, your mean comments will make me cry too.  She was crying about her consequences too. 

So she shouts by at him for his crying comment: "what are you going to be a big baby?"

Clearly only babies cry, and Daddy couldn't be a baby. 

Keith and I both managed to contain our laughter until she wasn't in the room anymore, but days later we're still laughing that Elinore called Daddy a big baby!


A couple months ago I applied for Elinore to go to preschool in the fall.  She'll turn 4 this summer, and it's time!  I think we're both a little nervous about it, but I'm looking forward to seeing her grow and develop more.  I think Ruth will miss her some while she's off at school too. 

The application for preschool when I printed it, was THIRTY pages!  (I'm only applying for preschool not college here!)  I was also surprised to find I have to have dental paperwork turned in for her too!  I expected the pediatrician work, but the dentist was a surprise!  Now we wait to hear where she's placed and what her schedule will look like this fall!

Uh oh!

Ruth has started saying Uh Oh now!  She started it at the sitter's yesterday and continued through the evening!  I'm hoping it's the gateway to more words for her!  Currently her vocabulary is lots of sounds, mom and uh oh.