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From a Child's Eyes

We're driving home from school the other day.
A convertible drives by that the boys see.
Caden says: "Mommy, the lid is off that car."

But Mommy, I old now!

Whenever I tell Caleb no to nearly anything he says: "But Mommy" in his whiney voice "I'm four; I'm old. See?"  As he holds up his four fingers to show me.
Something like how we woke up on their 4th birthday!

Who takes their kids to swim lessons without towels? Me.

Every one has bad days, and I've had my share of them, but I rarely blog about them.  Today will be one of those rare instances where I bitch about my day.  (If you don't want to hear read it; stop now!)

My alarm went off at 5:30 as always.  I hit snooze, heard thunder, and decided that thunder was an good reason to not workout.  When I got up for real, I realized that was a terrible excuse, and I really should have/needed to workout!

Then I left for work, and realized I forgot my engagement and wedding rings.  Nothing like your finger feeling naked all day.

Then work wasn't so fun.  I've had more meetings in each of the last three weeks that I normally have in a month.  What's the deal!?  How am I supposed to get much done, when I'm constantly in meetings!

People really irritate me.  There is such a thing as thinking about something and digging a littler deeper before asking a silly question.  (Even though, I'm guilty sometimes.  Sorry!)

I left work early …

Official Road Apple Resutls

Not too long ago, I ran my first 5K.  It was full of adventures and fun, and I will definitely be running another!  I looked online this morning and saw the final results posted! 

"In conjunction with the sixth annual Holmes County Rails-to-Trail Benefit Auction the Holmes County Park District hosted the annual Road Apple 5K and Fitness Walk on Saturday, June 12th with record breaking numbers participating.
The event kicked off day long festivities at the Hipp Station Depot in Millersburg adjacent to the Holmes County Trail.  All proceeds from the race benefit the Holmes County Trail Coalition and support the maintenance and development of the Holmes County Trail.
With 25 walkers and 117 runners competing Saturday morning, Randy Rufener crossed the finish line first with a time of 19:22.  Marilyn Hershberger was the first female to finish with a time of 21:39. "

My final time was 29:32.8!  My goal was to finish in under 30, and I did it!  I was the 67th finisher.

On an…

There's a Hole in the Bucket

If you listen to kids music on some kind of basis you may have heard this song, but I think it is absolutely ridiculous.  More of my commentary below after you review the lyrics!
Prepare for the dumbest kid song ever:
There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, dear Liza There's a hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, there's a hole.
Then fix it, dear Henry, Dear Henry, dear Henry Then fix it, dear Henry, Dear Henry, fix it.
With what shall I fix it, Dear Liza, dear Liza? With what shall I fix it, Dear Liza, with what?
With a straw, dear Henry, Dear Henry, dear Henry With a straw, dear Henry, Dear Henry, with a straw.
But the straw is too long, Dear Liza, dear Liza But the straw is too long, Dear Liza, too long
Then cut it, dear Henry, Dear Henry, dear Henry Then cut it, dear Henry, Dear Henry, cut it.
With what shall I cut it, Dear Liza, dear Liza? With what shall I cut it, Dear Liza, with what?
With an axe, dear Henry, Dear Henry, dear Henry With an axe, dear Henry, Dear Henry, an axe.
The axe is too dull, Dear Liz…

You need to go potty?

Not too long ago, Caden and I were out alone for a Mommy and Caden morning.  We spent the morning running errands and went to the store for some items.  I took him out to lunch where he wanted, which happened to be Applebee's. 

Throughout the meal, he and the waiter were very chatty.  It was cute, and another realization for me that he is becoming such a big boy!  

Toward the end of our meal, he and the waiter are chatting again when Caden asks "you need to go potty?"  The waiter stumbles over his words, as I quickly say something to cover it up.  However, Caden follows that comment with a "you smell good" and a "did you take a shower?" 

Needless to say I was slightly embarrased as I explained to him that we don't ask strangers about their personal hygeine!  But it did secure the waiter a good tip!

Someone called me old.

During my 5K, I pulled ahead of Shelly, but ended up running alongside another girl for a good portion of the race.  She was by my best estimation about 15; she was definitely a high school teenager by any regards.  There was some brief conversation between us as we ran. Most of which was insignificant enough, I choose to forget.  However a few of comments that I can't seem to shake.

The first thing she said to me was, "wow that grandma is really kicking butt, there's always some old lady who kicks my butt in 5Ks."  I didn't respond. Mainly because I was focusing on the race, and in truth, because I didn't think she looked that old to me!

Around the halfway point, she decided to tell me that she was going to walk at some point.  She advised me that when my legs got tired to stop running and walk backwards.  Again, I didn't respond, and I was thinking in my head that it was awful bold of her to ASSUME that I would get tired in the first place!

And the fin…

Road Apple 5K

Saturday, June 12, 2010 I ran my first ever 5K!  About 3 months ago, I started training to run a 5K.  It's something I'd been thinking about for a few months and finally decided I needed to get my but in gear and get running!  I have an awesome friend from work, Shelly, who ran with me. I've been tracking my progress on dailymile throughout.

We had some rain the week leading up to the race, and I was getting weather anxious as it approached.  The day of the race, we had no rain, but there was a CRAZY amount of humidity! 

The 5K was held in conjunction with a Family Walk and a benefit auction to support the Rails to Trails program in Holmes County.  Shelly, who's run previous 5K said this was a fairly casual one, with what looked like several less serious runners.  Fine by me as a first timer! 

The race started at 8:15.  We ran along the Rails to Trails, which did you know is also a buggy trail for horse and buggy?  Well, it is, and it was still open to horse and buggy…

Your armpits are yucky!

The boys love to wear their pajamas that are sleeveless.  For about the first 10 minutes they run around telling us that "my armpits are sticking out!" 

This night, was especially entertaining as the boys told daddy that his armpits are yucky.  Daddy asked why of course, and the boys response: "They're hairy, you put hair on your armpits; it's yucky."

But mommy, Caleb & Caden have nice armpits.

"Your kids?"

I baked a pie, that my family didn't like.

As I was putting things together to take it to work for my co-workers, the boys were eating breakfast and watching. Caden says "Mommy you taking that to work for you kids?" Caden doesn't have friends at school, he says he has "kids" at school. He said I was taking pie to work for my kids like he took cupcakes to school for his kids on his birthday!

By the way, my coworkers said my pie was EXCELLENT, not to mention they were surprised it was all homemade!


Half of our family conversations as we're driving in the car go something like this regardless of what may have been the topic of discussion or who was talking at any given point. 

Caleb: Mommy & Daddy

Mommy: Yes?

Caleb: No, Mommy AND Daddy

Daddy: Yes?

Mommy: Yes?

Caleb: Nothing!

Caleb & Caden: Laughing hysterically. 
Caden: Mommy & Daddy

Mommy: Yes?

Caden: No, Mommy AND Daddy

Daddy: Yes?

Mommy: Yes?

Caden: Nothing!

Caleb & Caden: Laughing hysterically.
And continue to repeat with a few spatterings from Caleb saying "It's taking too lonnng!"

Happy Kids are More Important than a Clean House

I've been trying more and more to really listen and enjoy the time with my boys.  Thanks to reading other mommy blogs and letting go of come of my OCD, I hope my kids are having more fun than ever.  I'm trying to be a little less strict and a little more spontaneous.

Maybe we don't get to bed at exactly bed time, maybe we don't have a fully cooked dinner because I'm too buy playing outside with them, but they certainly haven't seemed to notice.  My house may never be as clean as I with it were, but after all, happy kids are more important than a clean house.  (Straight from the mouth of my mom!)

I want to soak up my time with my boys, and I want to enjoy their love, hugs, and kisses before they decide mom isn't cool anymore.

A Failed Afternoon of Fun

This morning we went to several local garage sales as a family, as it is local garage sale weekend, and my town seems to take it pretty seriously.  As of Wednesday evening we had a half dozen or so carnival/fair food stands setting up shop in town.

We came home and hubs left to help one of his buddies move.  The kids and I had lunch and then they went down for a nap.  I had been planning on going grocery shopping with them when nap time was over, but I decided I wanted to be more fun than that.  So I sat down to look on-line for something fun to do this afternoon in the area.  Then it started raining.

And I got to thinking, why do we have to go anywhere to have a cool afternoon?  Who says that we can go play in our yard in the rain and have just as much fun!?  It was a perfect rain for playing in the rain.  It's warm, no storms, just a peaceful summer rain.

I thought I'd get the cool mommy of the year award.  I went, woke my boys up from their nap, threw on their swim trunks &…

I baked a pie!

With the help of my two little boys, we baked a strawberry rhubarb pie! I'm pretty happy with the way it looks!
Hubs and kids tasted the pie tonight.  No one really liked it.  Hubs said it was alright.  Kids refused to eat it.
I do have some happy co-workers today though!

Sleepy Preschoolers

After an eventful first few days of Memorial Day weekend my boys were tired!  Friday night they went to stay at their Aunt TT's house (their nickname for Aunt Tanda).  I'm sure while they were there they didn't stick to much of any sleeping/eating schedule.  (I will spare my comments on that for another day.)  We picked them up Sunday morning and spent the day visiting with my mother and father-in-law before heading to their biological's mom's for their monthly visit at her house.  By the time we were getting back in the car for the hour drive home at 5:30 that evening the boys quickly fell asleep in the car. 

We arrive home and still had dinner to eat.  I sent the boys to take of their shoes and socks and wash their hands to sit down for a dinner of leftovers.  Hubs and I prepared the food, and were wondering where the boys were for dinner as they hadn't come to the table yet.  I found Caden sleepy eyed laying on the couch in the living room.  Sleepy little C…

Cedar Point Date Day

Over the weekend, hubby and I had the opportunity to spend a full day at Cedar Point without the kids.  I hadn't been for about 3 years, and it was nice for a change to do something adult-ish with my husband. I say adult-ish because the place was crawling with teenagers with very few families, etc.  My faithful driver We're getting close! As excited as a kid!  I can see it now!
One of my favorite thing about Cedar Point (besides the roller coasters) is the people watching!  There were so many tattoo covered people that just continue to amaze me.  My favorite was the tattooed woman with cut off shorts, that I swear her extra large sized belt buckle covered more than!  All in all, we enjoyed the beautiful weather we had and the time together!  The short lines and smaller crowd were pretty awesome too!  (We never waited more than 45 minutes for a single ride!)

New Pajamas! New Pajamas!

Aren't they just adorable!?