Friday, June 14, 2019


  • Luke write his studies and teachings of Jesus in order
  • Zechariah, a priest, saw an angel in the temple who told of his coming son (John) and his ways; he didn't believe and los his ability to speak
  • Elizabeth, who was old, did become pregnant
  • Elizabeth stayed home 5 months
  • The same angel Zechariah saw, went to Mary and tells her she will be pregnant and have Jesus; Mary says let it be so, she BELIEVED
  • Mary goes to Elizabeth & John leaped inside Elizabeth and she became full of the Holy Spirit
  • Mary praises God, stays with Elizabeth 3 months and returns home
  • John was born and their people rejoiced with them; at John's circumcision Elizabeth named him John, but people protested because it was not the family name
  • Zechariah wrote "his name is John" and he could speak again and praised God
  • John lived in the desert until he came out to preach to Israel
  • Cesar required a registration of everyone so Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem and there it came time for Mary to give birth; there were no rooms in the inn, she wrapped Him in cloths, laid him in a manger
  • Shepherd were in the field nearby when an angel appeared and told them of Jesus birth, so they went and saw and told Mary what the angel had said (she reassured it and through of those things)
  • The baby was circumcised and named Jesus as the angel told Mary before the baby was growing in her
  • Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to present Him to God and make a sacrifice
  • Simeon, a good and godly man, had the Holy Spirit and knew he wouldn't die before he saw Christ as promised, Simeon went to the temple and held baby Jesus
  • Simeon declared Jesus a light to non-Jewish and a sign from God many people will not accept and what will happen ill make Joseph and Mary sad too
  • Joseph and Mary were amazed at what Simeon said
  • Prophetess Anna fasted and worshipped and prayed in the temple always, she met Jesus and thanked God and spoke about Him to those waiting for Jerusalem to be free
  • Mary and Joseph took Jesus back to Nazareth and raised Him
  • After the Passover feast in Jerusalem, Mary and Joseph headed home not realizing Jesus wasn't with them for a day; they went back to Jerusalem and found him in the temple listening and asking questions of the teachers
  • Jesus told them He was in His father's house, but He returned with Mary and Joseph
  • John preaches changed hearts; preparing the way for the Lord
  • John preaches that your actions and life show your change, share your abundance and don't be greedy for more
  • Jesus will come and baptize with the Holy Spirit
  • John baptizes Jesus and the Holy Spirit comes
  • Jesus family history (to Adam)
  • Holy Spirit led Jesus to the desert to be tempted by the devil for 40 days without food - devil tempted Him for food, power and angels
  • Jesus teaches and received praise, except in His hometown; Nazareth tried to send Him over a cliff, but Jesus walked through the crowd and away
  • Jesus sent an evil spirit out of a man and news of Jesus spread
  • Jesus heals Simon's mother-in-law from fever and she immediately serves them
  • Jesus heals many more people who come to Him, then He went away to a lonely place; the people tried to get Him to return, but He must teach in other areas
  • Jesus was teaching a crowd near the shore when He got in a boat and asked Simon to push off from the land so He could continue teaching
  • After teaching, Jesus told Simon to put his nets in the deep water (after they'd fished all night for nothing) and they caught so many fish their nets were breaking and boats almost sinking
  • Then they follow Jesus and fish for men (Simon, James, John)
  • Jesus heals a man with a skin disease and sends him to make an offering quietly, but news of His works spread
  • Jesus went away alone to pray often
  • Jesus heals a paralyzed man brought to Him through a roof by his friends
  • Jesus tells Levi the tax collector to follow Him and Levi hosts his friends and Jesus at dinner
  • Jesus came for sinners (tax collectors were sinners)
  • Jesus answers a question about His followers fasting - they will when Jesus is taken away
  • Jesus followers picked grain to eat on the Sabbath and Pharisees questioned Him; Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath
  • Jesus heals on the Sabbath because it is good, not evil and Pharisees are angry
  • Jesus went away for the night to pray on the mountain, the next day He chose 12 apostles from His followers
  • Jesus teaches and heals
  • Love your enemies, give expecting nothing in return; even sinners love their friends
  • The way you give to others is how God will give to you
  • A student can be like the teacher not better
  • Don't be a hypocrite
  • You are known by the fruit you produce; you speak and act what is in your heart
  • Build your house on rock (the Lord); the you can withstand water and shaking
  • Jesus heals a soldiers servant - the solider had great faith
  • Jesus brings a young man back to life during the funeral, he felt very sorry for the widowed mother
  • John was more than a prophet, a messenger; but he is less important than the least important person in the kingdom of God
  • Pharisees wouldn't be baptized by John
  • Out of great love a woman (sinner) brought perfume and washed Jesus feet with her tears and dried with her hair - her sins were forgiven - as someone who's a bigger debt is forgiven is happier than a small debt washed away
  • Jesus, his apostles and some women (healed of sickness) were a group
  • Seed planting parable: beside the road = disbelief; rocky ground = shallow roots; thorny weeds = worry and pleasure rule; good soil = good fruit
  • Use what you have and share it with others
  • Family is who listens to God
  • Jesus calms a storm when they are crossing a lake on a boat
  • A man with many demons came to Jesus and He forced them out into pigs who ran and drown; the people were afraid once this happened and news spread and asked Jesus to leave - the healed man asked to go too, but Jesus told him to stay and tell of the good God did
  • A woman, bleeding 12 years, touches Jesus and is healed because she believed; Jesus feels it and seeks her out in the crowd to hear her story and acknowledge her
  • Jesus bring life back to Jarius's daughter (a synagogue leader)
  • Jesus sent the apostles out to teach and heal and take nothing with them - He also warned them to shake the dirt off their shoes and leave if they aren't welcome
  • Herod (governor) kept hearing people's ideas of who Jesus was: Elijah, John the Baptist, other prophet from long ago - all risen from the dead; Herod tried to see Jesus
  • Apostles returned to tell Jesus of their trips alone together, but people discovered where they were and flocked to him (5,000)
  • Apostles told Jesus to send the 5,000 away late in the day to find food and places to rest, but Jesus said feed them; Jesus thanked God for their 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed everyone
  • Peter answers Jesus that He is the Christ and Jesus tells them not to tell anyone for He will suffer, die and rise
  • To follow Jesus you must give up your life
  • Jesus, Peter, James and John went up a mountain to pray, during Jesus prayer, His appearance changed and 2 men talked with Jesus (Moses & Elijah) about the coming events in Jerusalem; the disciples were sleepy but saw the glory of Jesus and Peter offered to build them tents, but a cloud covered them and claimed Jesus as His son and to listen to Him - Moses and Elijah were gone and for awhile Peter, James and John didn't tell people what they'd seen
  • The next day down from the mountain a man shouted and asked Jesus to heal his only son from an evil spirit that the followers couldn't drive out; Jesus answered that people have no faith and wrong lives and Jesus commanded the demon to leave the boy
  • Jesus says He will be handed over, but the followers were hidden from understanding
  • The followers argued over who is the greatest, Jesus took a child and said they must accept a child in His name, whoever is least is really the greatest
  • If not against you, then for you
  • Jesus sent people ahead to prepare for Jerusalem, but the town didn't welcome Him so they went elsewhere  the followers asked if they should destroy the unwelcoming
  • When you follow Jesus, you must not look back
  • Jesus sends 12 our in pairs to harvest people and pray for more workers to harvest, carry nothing, stay where people give peace, leave if they don't
  • If unbelievers refuse to accept the workers, they are refusing God
  • Our happiness should come from salvation to heave not for worldly things or obedience of others to you
  • Jesus is shown to those like children
  • The good Samaritan parable - go and show mercy to people, be a neighbor
  • Mary listened to Jesus, the guest, Martha worried and fretted about getting stuff done but that wasn't important, Mary's choice was the more important role
  • The Lord's prayer
  • Ask and you will find; God wants to help us
  • Jesus power is from God not Satan; Satan wouldn't drive demons out and be divided; a house divided falls
  • An empty person has room for evil spirits
  • Hear God and obey = happiness
  • People want a miracle, but none will be given; Jonah is a reminder to our sins
  • Be a light and it shines to others; don't let any darkness in
  • Jesus accuses Pharisees of focusing on appearance, not heart
  • Teacher of the law were offended by Jesus teaching; Jesus told them they made laws they themselves couldn't follow and are hindering others from learning because they aren't
  • Don't be a hypocrite, your words will be heard that are said inside, fear God for His power, but you are worth so much He knows how many hairs are on our heads
  • Do not speak against the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit will show you what to say
  • Don't be greedy
  • Storing up things for yourself in greed is useless, store things rich for God
  • Seek God's kingdom first, not our own needs
  • Do no worry, we cannot add life with worry
  • Don't store money here, store faith and hope in heaven so your heart will be there
  • Always be ready and welcoming for Jesus
  • Much is expected of those with much (trusted)
  • Jesus causes division
  • Understand Jesus and scripture as we do our world
  • Try to settle out of court with your enemy
  • Change your hearts and lives so you aren't destroyed
  • Those that died in events weren't more sinful than others
  • A farmer wanted to get rid of a fig tree with no figs, but the servant asked for 1 more year to try to get it to produce
  • Jesus healed a crippled woman with an evil spirit on the Sabbath and the synagogue leader was angry, but Jesus called them hypocrites, they care for their animals even on the Sabbath
  • God's kingdom is like a mustard seed
  • God's kingdom is like the yeast in the dough
  • Jesus taught in many towns on the way to Jerusalem
  • The heaven door is narrow; lowest will be high; high will be low
  • Pharisees came to tell Jesus of Herod wanting to kill; Jesus says a few days to finish His journey to Jerusalem for He must die there and teach on His way
  • People watched Jesus very closely
  • Healing on the Sabbath ok for Jesus
  • Don't make yourself important; choose a seat that is away and unimportant (humble to great)
  • Give, expecting nothing in return
  • Invite everyone not just your friends and family
  • No one came that was invited to the banquet so they filled it with everyone from the streets
  • Love Jesus first and most; give up everything and follow
  • The lost sheep and lost coin are worth to be looked for - rejoicing in heave over sinners finding their way - celebrate them
  • Celebrate the son who returned home because he learned and changed for good
  • A rich man's manager was dishonest with the money he managed
  • Dishonest with little = dishonest with lot
  • Cannot serve 2 masters: God or worldly riches
  • Important to people = hateful in God's sight
  • The law of Moses stands
  • Divorce and remarriage is adultery
  • Lazarus with sores and poor laid at the rich man's gate for scraps of food; when Lazarus died He was with Abraham when the rich man died he could see Lazarus and Abraham from afar and sought help for himself and his family still living but they didn't believe the prophets
  • Do not cause others to sin; warn others of sin and forgive them when they do
  • Faith the size of a mustard seed can do a lot
  • Serve others first, recognize we are unworthy servants doing work we are supposed to do
  • Jesus sent 10 men with a skin disease to the priest and when 1 realized he was healed ran back to Jesus to give thanks
  • God's kingdom is within you
  • The son of man will come again as in the time of Noah and Lot in Sodom - people carried on, lived, drank married until they all died by flood or fire
    • When this time comes, remember Lot's wife - don't look back/go back for anything; give up your life to save it
  • Always pray, never loose hope
  • Humbleness = right with God
  • Accept the kingdom of God like a child - let the children come to Jesus
  • Rich man asked Jesus how to get to heaven; obey rules, sell everything and follow Jesus
  • Hard for rich to get to heaven
  • Jesus told disciples of coming death and resurrection as prophets wrote, but understanding was kept from them
  • A blind man calls to Jesus on the road and is healed for believing, he followed Jesus and thanked God - those who saw this praised God
  • A short Zacheus tax collector ran ahead of Jesus and climbed a tree to see Him; Jesus called him down to stay at his house
  • An important man gave coins to men before he left and told them to do business with them; 1 servant returned 10 coins; 1 5 coins and 1 returned 1 coin (should have at least used a bank for interest)
  • Trusted with little = trusted with much
  • Those with will be given more; those with none will loose everything
  • Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey in praise
  • Jesus prayed over Jerusalem's future for they didn't recognize God's good salvation
  • Jesus turned the tables/den of robbers and threw them out of the temple; He taught in the temple daily
  • Some leaders wanted to kill Jesus but didn't know how because so many listened
  • Leaders question Jesus' authority
  • A farmer leaves his vineyard for others to work and they hurt and kill the people that went to collect his share
  • Spies tried to trick jess into saying something so they could turn Him in
  • Do we pay taxes? Give Cesar what is his and God what is His.
  • Try to trick Jesus again by asking about marriage for a 7x widow in heaven
  • Christ is not the Son of David
  • Jesus warns to beware of some teachers
  • Rich give what they don't need, poor woman with 2 coins gave all she had
  • Keep the faith in trails and persecution for your beliefs; it is an opportunity to share Jesus
  • When Jerusalem is destroyed, run to the mountains and it will be hard
  • When the son of man comes in a cloud in glory, look up in freedom coming
  • Earth and sky will go, but never God's word
  • Always be ready for Jesus and pray for strength
  • Satan enters Judas and he agreed to turn Jesus over for money when he was away from the crowd
  • Jesus followers prepare the Passover and they share it together
  • Lord's supper takes place with the cup and the bread
  • Jesus tells His followers someone will turn against Him
  • Don't loose your faith, but before the rooster crows 3x Peter will deny Jesus
  • Be prepared for trouble
  • Jesus takes His followers to pray, but they fall asleep and He prays passionately alone in sweat and earnest for strength, but God's will to take place, not His
  • Judas leads them to arrest Jesus
  • Peter denies Jesus 3x
  • They make fun of Jesus, but finds no problems
  • Pilate, the Roman governor, question Jesus, but finds no problems
  • Pilate sent Jesus to Herod who questioned Jesus but Jesus didn't answer; they made fun of Him and sent him back to Pilate
  • Pilate and Herod had been enemies but became friends that day (both found no fault with Jesus)
  • Pilate was going to punish and release Jesus but the crowd wanted crucifiction and a free Barabbas; Pilate asked 3x before he handed him over
  • Simon from Cyrene helped carry Jesus cross
  • Jesus is crucified with two other criminals one of them believed, one did not
  • Jesus dies after 3 hours of darkness mid day and the temple curtain tears in tow
  • A Jewish leader who hadn't been against Jesus took his body to a new tomb
  • Women went to care for Jesus body but why are you looking for the living among the dead? - reminded of what Jesus taught and went and told disciples
  • Jesus appeared to the followers and they were scared and amazed and happy
  • Jesus showed himself to them so they knew He wasn't a ghost and He ate fish
  • Jesus opened their minds to understand
  • Jesus went with them to Bethany then left them for heaven; the followers went back to Jerusalem and worshipped and praised and stayed in the temple

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


This was a great read.  I tore through it like it was a novel and I couldn't wait to see the ending.

This Is How It Always Is

A friend of mine sent this book to me after she'd read it for book club.  The first half was an emotional struggling and very through provoking, but just as the characters in the book made peace and comfort with the middle ground of life, so did I.  We love others.  Simply.  We love others.  Like Jesus loved others.

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Love Worth Giving

This book walked through the piece of the love chapter in 1 Corinthians and explained in detail and examples what it means to love someone from Jesus standpoint.  It resonated and was a great reminder and learning to dive deep into something that can change how I love in our fallen world.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019


We drove by a cemetary yesterday and Ruth asked if it was heaven. I said no, that's a cemetary.

There was a pause.

Then she said "well that's awkward."

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


So I did a thing over Lent.  My giving up for Lent to draw me closer and change my perspective was to give up cussing.

I found an app and downloaded it; and I started my own swear jar for Lent.

I didn't tell anyone what I was doing; it wasn't about getting recognition for it.  It was about me changing my perspective and response.  So, I didn't just count the swears I said out loud, but the ones in my head as well when I was upset or angry. 

$92 will be going to charity.