Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Tonight in the car, Elinore asked me if bugs poop.  I said yes.  Then she asked me if bugs have slices on their butts like we do to go poop.

Always a hoot!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Elinore just asked me if our living room ceiling fan worked the trees.  She asked because she said when she turned it off, the trees stopped blowing.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Goose Watching

The kids, especially Ruth, are enjoying checking on the goose and her babies every morning!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Best Yes

A dear friend of mine had been recommending I read The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst for some time before I actually picked it up.  I was hesitant to read it for reasons I'm not sure I'm entirely sure of.  Perhaps because I thought it would tell me something I needed to hear?  I know I was cautious that I didn't want it to give me excuses for saying no to everything, which it didn't! 

Ultimately, I read the book quickly and took notes the whole way through the book in my journal.  I often read books, I occasionally write in my journal about this, but this book was different, I took notes like a school girls as I read it, I thought about it, expanded on it more in my notes, and wrote direct quotes from the book into my journal.  It was a book like I've not read before.  In some chapters it was great lessons I needed to hear; in other chapters is was confirmation that I'm already doing some things that are great.  I feel reminded that I have purpose in what I do without overworking myself. 

It was a great read, one I'm so glad I picked up.

Nehemiah 9

As I read the prayer they prayed in Nehemiah 9, I started to notice the name adjectives they used to describe our God and took not of them; many of them were repeated throughout the prayer as well.  I want to know my God well, and by paying attention to how he's described in his text is one way I learn about him. 

My God is:
  • forgiving
  • kind
  • merciful
  • a listener
  • care taker
  • warning giver
  • creator
  • patient
  • great
  • mighty
  • wonderful
  • fair
  • loyal


I wrapped up my reading of Nehemiah last night. 

  • Nehemiah learns of the trouble in Jerusalem and lack of walled protection and cries and prays for his repentance to be heard
  • Nehemiah severs the king's wine
  • Nehemiah is sad in front of the king, Artaxerxes, who notices his sad heart and asks - He tells him his sadness over his city, Jerusalem and asks to go and rebuild
  • King grants permission and letters to pass through safely to Jerusalem
  • Some officers were upset by Nehemiah's arrival
  • Nehemiah inspected the walls at night and plans the rebuilding
  • Many people repaired sections of the wall
  • There were enemies of the wall building forcing builders to split their time between building and protecting, everyone carried weapons always and stay in the city to guard
  • People complained of lack of food and heavy taxes and interest hurting them
  • Nehemiah called important people and leaders to give the people back their extra charges and land
  • He also didn't take the allocation (what people had to give) for governor's food and shared what he had with other daily
  • Nehemiah's enemies tried to stop him and harm him; he refused to meet with them and asked for strength
  • Wall rebuilt in 52 days - new Levites, gatekeepers, singers, etc. are appointed
  • Ezra reads the book of teachings to the people and they understand and follow
  • Israel confesses their sin and their ancestors sin
  • They pray displaying their knowledge of the book of teachings and describe out God
  • They make an agreement to keep the book of teachings
  • People from the town of Judah threw lots for people to come live in Jerusalem
  • Priests and Levites are named
  • The wall is offered to God
  • They sent the foreigners way as God instructed in the book of teachings
  • Nehemiah had gone to see the king and was away; he returned and did not like what he found and purified again
  • He set reminders to keep the Sabbath holy and remember not to marry foreigners

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Ezra - More of my thoughts

I really struggled trying to understand Artaxerxes of Persia.  I was confused between chapter 6's mention of him and chapter 4's mention of him.  In one place he seems to be stopping the work of the building for fear of harm to the government, and in another section he's being credited with helping with the rebuilding.  I struggled with this for awhile and came back the next day with fresh eyes to see if I could understand better.  I now think that the chapter 6 reference refers to the Artaxerxes of the future chapters of Ezra where he continues with the rebuilding.  My Bible does note that is some extended period of time between chapters 6 and 7 and some Google searching led me to believe they might be two different Artaxerxes.  ( I dislike that I Googled, but it was an answer that could help me understand, maybe, and move on.)

I noticed a few times in readings lately that after big things change and occurrences happen, there is a celebration of the Passover.  It is a very meaningful celebration to partake in. 

Ezra 7:10 "Ezra worked hard to know and obey the Teachings of the Lord and to teach his rules and commands to the Israelites."  I found this verse to be wonderful.  It's a great reminder that we too need to be working hard to know the scriptures and know God.  It is not easy, and our relationship doesn't come with out work!

Ezra 9:6 "I prayed, "My God, I am too ashamed and embarrassed to life up my face to you, my God, because our sins are so many.  They are higher than our heads. Out guilt even reaches up to the sky."  I do sometimes feel the weight of my sin is heavy and I am terribly inadequate.  Initially I thought I get this, but then I continued reading to see that Ezra knew this, threw himself down at the temple in tears over the sin and felt it to an extreme level.  I am not like that.  Do I not fully know my sins still?  They are so many.

Ezra 9:15(b) "We admit that we are guilty and none of us should be allowed to stand before you."

I also thought it was worth of nothing that in the end of Ezra there is the discussion of the sin of marrying non-Jewish wives.  Their solution is for those men to divorce their wives.  It was a way of correcting sin.  I thought this was a very interesting point that I don't think I have read or thought about before.


Tonight in the car, Elinore asked me if bugs poop.  I said yes.  Then she asked me if bugs have slices on their butts like we do to go poop....