Wednesday, December 12, 2018


I finished the book of Ezekiel last week.  It took me awhile to get through this one.  And I like that I'm into shorter books now, that will seemingly go faster. 

  • Ezekiel saw a vision of creates with 4 wings, 4 heads (eagle, lion human, ox), hooves and wheels
  • God spoke to Ezekiel, he feels the spirit too
  • Ezekiel was to share God's message to the people whether they listened or not; if they knew the message and disobeys their sin and death was their fault; had Ezekiel not shared the message, he would be guilty for them too
  • Map of Jerusalem on a brick
  • Lay on your left side 390 days for Israel's sin; then your right for 40 days for Judah's sin
  • Bread and water will be measured and used
  • Ezekiel cut his hair and divides it into thirds: 1/3 burns, 1/3 cut up around the city, 1/3 to the wind
  • God's anger will destroy Jerusalem: 1/3 disease or hunger, 1/3 sword, 1/3 scattered
  • Then God's anger will let them know how strongly He felt
  • Death, capture and scatting of people will occur because of the unfaithfulness, evil and idol worship
  • The end of the land and people is coming
  • Ezekiel, by the spirit, sees a vision of Jerusalem and the terrible things the people have done and idols making God jealous and angry
  • Angels came to mark those who complained of the evil around them and the others were killed
  • Vision of creature was bright from the glory of God, coals of fire were taken from creatures and sent out
  • Creatures were winged, had wheels near them that were 2 wheels, one crossway inside the other and moved in any direction; had hand and eyes that covered their bodies; had 4 faces (creature with wings, human, lion, eagle) the spirit was in the wheels and went everywhere with them - cherubim
  • These were the same creatures seen before
  • Evil leaders were gathered and the spirit told Ezekiel to say that they would be destroyed for their ways and know it was God
  • Israelites scattered had become temple for them and God said he would bring them back - they must give up their idols and follow God or punishment will follow
  • Ezekiel moves out as if he were a captive as a warning
  • Ezekiel shows eating and drinking in fear
  • Ezekiel's message is truly from God unlike the many visions they hear from false teachers that never come true
  • Stop worshipping idols and don't lead others astray
  • Jerusalem will be punished
  • Goodness of a person can only save themselves
  • The people are like the wood of a vine, not used for anything else and burned up
  • The Lord was kind to young Jerusalem, as Jerusalem matured the Lord made her beautiful, but she started to trust her beauty more and used it in sin; suddenly Jerusalem forgot where they came from and the good God
  • Judgement comes, but God has plans and promises for forgiveness forever
  • The eagle plans a vine near water that will grow, but it dries up and dies and will not grow again
  • Judah broke their agreement with Babylon by going to Egypt for help; Judah was destroyed
  • God is fair and punishes each person for their sins, not their parent's of children's sin
  • God wants no one to die, but for us to change our ways
  • Funeral song
  • Israel refused God
  • Sin, uncleanliness, idolatry, uselessness defines Israel
  • Sexual sins and uncleanliness will be punished
  • Ezekiel was to tell stories for the disobedient people
  • Cannot be cleansed until God's anger is carried out
  • Ezekiel's wife suddenly dies and he is to follow God's directions for mourning and grief
  • Prophecy - told of demise of cities to come
  • Tyre funeral song - of all the ports and trades from/to
  • Tyre king was boastful and proud and punishment will follow
  • Punishment for Sidon coming
  • Egypt didn't help Israel and will be punished and empty for 40 years - Egypt won't rule others again
  • Babylon takes Egypt for their work over Tyre's battle
  • Egypt will be punished and their idols destroyed
  • More sadness, destruction and death
  • Ezekiel is watchman for Israel
  • We must let others know their wrongs so we may not be guilty of their sin
  • We must not turn from out good ways or we die
  • God will gather us as sheep and care of us in fairness
  • Edom will be punished
  • Israel will return, people will be cleansed, holy spirit and hearts of flesh
  • Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones that come to life as God's people of Israel will with their hope
  • Israel and Judah (each a stick) will become one kingdom (the stick in his had became one)
  • Prophesy and destruction of Gog
  • The new temple described
  • God comes to Ezekiel in the temple and tells him before Kings had made His name unclean, this temple's design keeps the Lord's place separate from Kings - Ezekiel is to share the temple design and rules for others to obey
  • Alter is given directions for offering to prepare the alter and cleanse/accept people
  • The gate the Lord entered the temple through must stay closed
  • When Ezekiel knew the Lord was present, he bowed down to the ground
  • Rules for the temple and priest are given
  • The land is divided and standard measures set
  • Offerings described and rules for worship and the ruler set
  • Small kitchens in each corner of the courtyard for boiling and cooking the offerings
  • A rive runs from the temple
  • The land borders are defined and distributed
The common phrase through this book was "the Lord spoke his word to me."

I also noticed the stark difference from the New Testament in that God seems to have different expectation of His people as opposed to others.  Where in the New Testament we are ALL welcome to come to him. 

Saturday, December 08, 2018

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I asked all 4 kiddos this question today.

Caleb wants to be a police officer.
Caden wants to join the circus.
Elinore doesn't want to do anything.
Ruth wants to be a surgery doctor or a baby doctor.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Raising World Chagners in a Changing World

I finished this book last night.  It was better than I expected.  It was similar to Welch's last book in that it was encouraging, insightful and provided a few new ideas.

I feel like I learned things not only about parenting, but how to live my own life, which as a result impacts our parenting too.  We are role models to our children. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Raising Grateful Kinds in an Entitled World

I finished this book a few weeks ago.  It was a great read, easy read with practical ideas and a pep talk for my parenting.  There were several things I already attempt to do mixed with some new ideas to try.  But even more than that it was a reminder to keep going, stay dedicated and keep going.  It was the motherhood pep talk I needed.  Sometimes I get tired, stressed, lazy or fill in the blank with 1045 other emotions and I loose sight of what's important and get lazy in sticking to our plans and goals and structure for the family, this puts me back on track: reading encouragement, reminders, good friends and my Bible.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Long Underwear

Keith took the girls to see Santa come to town last night. I asked Elinore about it this morning as she changed clothes and she says she changed her long and her short underwear. 🤣

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Short Stories by Jesus

This was excellent.

As I read I realized I know so very little about Jesus and the Bible.  And reading this books feels like I've opened my mind or my eyes to the possibility of deeper understanding.

Love you neighbor; love your neighbor; love your neighbor.

Don't buy into sterotypes or things you think you already know. Dig deeper, think critically, see God's creation in people, not judgement.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


  • Jerusalem is hungry, upset, defeated
  • Jerusalem is destroyed
  • God is still loving in suffering; we cannot hide from him
  • He doesn't like to punish or sadden people, but He must be apart from sin
  • God still comes and says "do not be afraid"
  • Jerusalem loses status, cleanliness, food, safety, etc.