Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Reading

I read 31 books in 2019 and the entire New Testament to finish my goal of reading the Bible.

The Bible

In April of 2013 I started reading the book of Genesis with the goal of reading the Bible cover to cover.  Just shy of 7 years later, I accomplished my goal!  It has been such a commitment, experience and period of discovery.  I have had dry spells, can't get enough spells, and lukewarm to the idea of it spells.  But isn't that our journey of faith?  Discovery, and falling in love over and over with God and his word?


John wrote Revelation from the seven churches as told to by Jesus with 7 gold lampstands with a "son of man" like figures dressed in a robe with a gold band with 7 stars
  • 7 lampstands = 7 churches; 7 stars = 7 angels of the churches
  • Letter to each church
    • Ephesus = work hard and dismantle false teachers, but need love again
    • Smyrna = do not be afraid of the suffering to come and keep faithfulness
    • Pergamum = some following teaching other than Jesus; turn back to Jesus
    • Thyatira = let a false teacher lead people astray; they will be thrown out others must stay loyal as they have been growing in love, faith, service and patience
    • Sardis = doing less than what God wants, so wake up
    • Philadelphia = little strength; have obedience; liars will bow before you
    • Laodicea = lukewarm; be hot or cold!
  • John sees heaven
    • Throne of heave with someone who looked as precious stones
    • 24 other thrones with elders in white with gold crowns
    • Lightening, noise and thunder
    • 7 burning lamps = 7 spirits of God
    • Sea of glass before throne
    • 4 creatures with eyes all over
    • All worship God
    • Scroll closed with 7 seals
    • Lamb only worth to open
    • With each seal something came or occurred for the next steps
  • 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel are marked as those who serve God
  • Crowd of people from everywhere worship God
  • The 7th seal is broken, silence, then 7 angels blow trumpets
    • 1=hail and fire with blood
    • 2=fire mountain into the sea
    • 3=burning star fell (Wormwood)
    • 4=1/3 of the sea, moon and stars struck
    • 5=star fell into big hole of darkness
    • 6=free 4 angels to kill and small scroll
    • 7=rule, judgement, worship, lightening, noise, thunder, earthquake and hail
  • Michael and the angels fought the red dragon (Satan) and his angels and sent them down to earth out of heaven
  • Do not love your life so much you are afraid of death
  • Dragon/devil was searching for a woman who had given birth but she was taken care of
  • 2 beasts sent to be destructive on earth
  • 144,000 save and follow the lamb
  • 3 angels with messages
  • Earth is harvested by angels
  • 7 angels bring the last 7 disasters = bowls of God's anger
    • 1=sores
    • 2=sea to blood and everything in it died
    • 3=rivers and springs become blood
    • 4=sun burning powers
    • 5=thrown of the beast and darkness
  • People cursed God and didn't change their hearts
    • 6=river dried for kings to come
    • 7=air changed and thunder, lightening, noise and earthquake
  • God's punishment of what they deserved
  • Babylon is destroyed; merchants have no market
  • Praise God, the people in heaven do
  • Do not worship angels for they are God's servants like us
  • Threw the devil/dragon into the pit and closed it for 1,000 years
  • Mark of the beast on some people
  • First raising of the dead
  • Then the beast is released after 1,000 years to trick the nations
  • Judged the dead and world; those not in the book of life are thrown into the lake of fire
  • New heaven and new earth; God will dwell there with people with no tears or death from old ways are gone
  • New Jerusalem
  • 2nd death
  • Jesus is coming soon

Monday, December 30, 2019

It's Not What You Think

I really enjoyed this book's perspective.  It is just a author's interpretation of their understanding of the Bible, but it was good perspective and thinking.  I just remind myself that the Bible is the true answer and authority.  As I read other books, I must keep checking the Bible to be sure I'm not being led astray. 

But this book was a quick read with good perspective and thoughts.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Love Does

I enjoyed this book and his passion for others and doing things.  It was clear he comes from a perspective of having the funds for wild adventure.  I'm sure he's worked hard for that and prioritizes well.  It made me think of an example of to whom much is given, much is expected.  But I had a hard time imagining incorporating big actions in this book into my life.

Thursday, December 12, 2019


  • Fight to keep your faith
  • People in your group are sinful and misleading
  • Remember the destruction of the Old Testament
  • False teachers blame others and do evil
  • Show mercy to others
  • Praise God and stay in His love

3 John

  • Help fellow believers teaching the Good News