Monday, May 21, 2018

Prayer & Perspective

Made to Crave presents the idea and concept that when we're faced with temptations, we can use them as an opportunity to pray.  Those prayer will guide us on a walk to Jesus that will let us know God better and build our relationship and foundation on Him.  It should be a natural thought, but Lysa really calls that out in this books and brings the point home. 

It should be our perspective that changes.  That we should view things different.  I've long been a believer that how we shape our perception or perspective in ours minds is a powerful tool to how we see and act in the world; this can be the same.  The right choices, be it food or other temptations, should be viewed as making a healthy choice, not viewed as a denial of something wonderful that we can't have. 

How do you define yourself?

In reading Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst, she poses a question, how do you introduce yourself when you meet someone new?  What is your elevator speech?  How does that define you?  What does that perspective of yourself reveal about your life?

Do you answer as an employee, mother, friend, daughter, church? 

As I think about this in my own experiences, I think it depends on my audience, and by the setting how I respond and introduce myself, but is it wrong that I rarely if ever start with: I'm Beth, I'm a Christian? 

Sunday, May 20, 2018


"God cant be reduced to a checklist."

How do you grow closer to God?

It isn't in the actions we taken, even though that may be good and honorable.   It isn't in the church going, giving and community service.  It's in the position of our hearts to Jesus.  It is in denying ourself the things that dont benefit us or bring us closer to God even if they are not sinful things.  "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me." Luke 9:23

This is a fruit of the spirit.  (Galations 5:22)  Self-control brings us closer to Jesus and further from our thoughts being stuck full of guilt from our poor choices.

Sometimes I can get very focused on my shortcomings that it distances me from God.  It causes insecurity within me. I need spiritual nutrition and health to keep my soul full and satisfied in a way that food, possessions and other people cannot.

These are my notes and thoughts from the chapter " Growing Closer to God" in Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.

Where do I turn as my emotions change?

In reading Made to Crave, Lysa makes a statement about cravings and linking to our emotions. 

"Food was my comfort.  Food was my reward. Food was my joy. Food was what I turned to in times of stress, sadness, and even in times of happiness."

Food is meant to be a part of us and part of fellowship, but it cannot be the key point or the focus of my thoughts.

What do you crave more than me?

I'm reading Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.  In the chapter titled "Finding Your "Want To""  Lysa gives her I interpretation of Matthew 19:21. 

"I want you to give up the one thing you crave more than me. Then come, follow me." 

This gave me a lot to think about.  What do I crave more the Jesus?  What gets in my way?  Food, workouts, sleep??

I rarely miss a workout.  The are at least a few days every week though, I don't pick up my Bible.  What does that say about my priorities?