Friday, October 12, 2018

A few more notes on Jeremiah

To know write from evil, you must know more Bible text. 

How often do we not like the message or task we are asked of by God?  We can't put Jeremiah in a well, but we can ignore him and walk away.  Free will choices.

Jeremiah lied as directed by the King, but truth is to reign.  Rahab lied to save too.


I struggled through the book of Jeremiah.  It was sad.  It was hard, and I had a lot going on in my personal life that kept me from digging in more.  There were days and weeks where I didn't read. 

  • God chooses Jeremiah for special work to carry His words out
  • Israel's people are sinful and turn to idols, not God
  • God offers discipline, but Israel complains to God and doesn't turn back
  • Judah and Israel are evil and turn from God like prostitutes worshiping idols and doing evil; they come back pretending to follow God (they were not whole-heatedly there)
  • God is angry & sends trouble/punishment
  • Judah has no faith/God honor; they have all turned away and like it
  • Jerusalem and Judah will be punished and destroyed for they walk in sin and enjoy it; they do not see their own wrong doings as God tries to warn them
  • Jeremiah's message to tell the people to change their ways and do right
  • You are hurting yourself with your sin, not God
  • Obedience to God is not just making sacrifices
  • When we believe our own lies & think our sins aren't serious, that's trouble
  • Be sure what you read or hear is scripturally accurate
  • Jeremiah is sad for his people
  • Judah is caught in their own lies
  • Punishment will come
  • Do not brag, only about God
  • Idols can't do anything, God is all powerful
  • Destruction will come from evil
  • Jeremiah will share God's message
  • Plan to kill Jeremiah, but he prays and trusts God's fairness
  • Jeremiah asks God why evil people prosper
  • God is angry with Israel and has left them; he will return to them if they return to him
  • God will remove their pride
  • Discipline coming for disobedience
  • False prophets teaching of peach in Judah
  • The Lord's people have left him; He is angry; they are being destroyed
  • Jeremiah is happy in God, but distressed in all the negative message to his evil land
  • People will not care for each other
  • Trust God, not people
  • Mind is evil, look at the heart
  • Keep the sabbath
  • The Lord changed his mind based on people's obedience/behavior
  • We are like clay in the potter's hands; God is the potter
  • People are stubborn and it is hard to change ways
  • People were against Jeremiah and wanted to kill him
  • Judah will be destroyed like a clay, broken and cannot be repaired because the people do not listen
  • Jeremiah is punished by a priest and mocked by his friends
  • Jeremiah shared this message when the city was surrounded, Jerusalem and Judah will be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar because of the Lord's anger and decision, anyone who surrenders immediately will be saved
  • Be fair and right, save those who've been robbed; do not mistreat foreigners, orphans or widows; dno't kill innocent people
  • Evil king will be thrown from the land never to return
  • God was upset leaders don't take care of their people
  • A good branch (of David's family) will come soon and they will return to their land
  • False prophets are not good
  • We use our own words, God's message is HIS not ours
  • Plant so we may grow and want to know God, not just pulled toward God
  • War is coming to Earth for disobedience, a result of God's anger
  • People want to kill Jeremiah, but they do believe his message is from God then
  • Uriah speaking the same message as Jeremiah is killed
  • People are captive in Babylon, Jeremiah through God tell them to make lives there and do good for their benefit but there are MANY false teachers/prophets and magicians telling lies
  • A new covenant is coming; sins will be forgotten
  • Jeremiah tells truth from God
  • Jeremiah bought a field from his cousin
  • The people will return; God will bring them back
  • God forgave and washed their sin away for their return (washed away sin in the Old Testatemnt)
  • People changed their hearts; tehy'd agreed to let their slaves go after 6 years and they did, but they changed their minds/hearts and made them come back
  • There was a family that obeyed their ancestors about not drinking win and living in tents, God used them as an example to Jerusalem
  • Jeremiah's words were written and read to allow people to learn to change to avoid coming punishment; the people feared, but the King burned the scroll
  • Jeremiah was trying to go to some property to claim of his family when he was arrested and accused of going to fight against them
  • He was imprisioned in the courtyard of the yard and given bread
  • The officers didn't like the messages they heard from Jeremiah as they lowered him into a well of mud
  • The Cushites took Jeremiah out of the well and back to the guard so he didn't starve to death
  • Jeremiah gave the King a message about what to do from God; lied to the officers about what they talked about to share his life
  • Jerusalem fell, people were taken captive except the poorest of the poor
  • Jeremiah was set free to do as he wished
  • Gedaliah became govenor to represent the people to Babylon, but he learned people wanted him dead; Ishmael killed him and people bringing offerings to the temple
  • Ishmael let some live because they said there was good stored in a field
  • Ishmael filled a well from King Asa with bodies of those from Mizpah
  • Ishmael took captives
  • Jonathan saved the captives from Ishmael, but heard his team escaped
  • Army officers went to Jeremiah to seek God's guidance and they said they would listen if they liked or disliked the message from God
  • God said stay in Judah, but they didn't believe and they went to Egypt
  • Disaster will come to them in Egypt for the lack of obedience to the Lord
  • Prepare for battle, there will be bloodshed, someday there will be peace
  • God will protect the children of israel
  • God sends messages for the land; people will be destroyed as judgement for their choices
  • God was punishing Babylon for all she did wrong; Babylon would be completely destroyed for their sin
  • God did not forsake Israel and Judah

Monday, October 01, 2018

Girl, Wash Your Face

Everyone is talking about this book lately.  A friend of mine and I were talking about it and the next thing I knew she's ordered a copy for each of us to read.  It was an east read; I found myself with a lot of waiting room time last week and finished it in 2 days. 

For all the conversation I'd heard about it; I had high expectations.  I was a little underwhelmed with the book.  I didn't find her faith to be in the forefront of the story.  I found it to be a little repetitive and occasionally contradictory.  I can see where some folks mind find value in her messages.  There is always room for improvement, but a few of them lessons she talks about I've learned just going through life to this point too. 

Taking Responsibiltiy for the Choices We Make

I finished reading this book last week.  It wasn't on my radar, wasn't on my to read list, wasn't sitting around in a pile for me to have time.  But I ordered a couple things online from a website, and in place of one of the items, came this book.  When I contacted them, they apologized, shipped my correct item and told me to keep the book. 

The title intrigued me.  It is certainly a lesson we are trying to teach the kids, but I hadn't thought about how it might apply to my life.  So it quickly rose to the top of my to read pile. 

I shared pieces of this story with my friends; I underlined and I was convicted in parts. 

It was a great read.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Made to Crave

I finished this book this week by Lysa TerKeurst and it was a great read.  It wasn't what I expected when I picked it up at a rummage sale for $0.25.  But it turned out to be a great read that I related to, understood and offered a new perspective for me. 

I wrote through this book and wrote in my journal as I read it. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


A few more personal notes and thoughts from my reading of Isaiah.

  • God's message to all the lands were that judgment is coming and sin is everywhere.
  • Do I do useless things with my time?
  • From Isaiah 41:1 - Doomsday or the end of the Earth shouldn't be scary knowing God; He will be there in the End as He was there in the beginning
  • Idols are bad.  They can't do anything for you.  They sought idols made of wood to save them.  I don't seek wood idols, but when I am tired or stressed to I first turn to God?  Or do I seek a tv show and a snack to replenish.  My idols may not be wood but just as distracting from God. 
  •  Did the writer of Isaiah knowledge of the Earth influence the writing?  There is such talk of love for Jerusalem, but I live in the USA, which didn't exist then.  That doesn't mean we're excluded from God. 


I finished reading the book of Isaiah this morning.  This book has taken me a long time to get through.  I know there is a lot of good stuff packed in there, but I struggled with it too for some reason.  So much sin and separation.  I struggled with consistently reading my Bible lately too, maybe because of content, time, or some combination of both. 

  • Jerusalem & Israel have turned to evil and strayed from God
  • God is angry with them and will bring judges and enable fairness for their actions so Jerusalem will be free again
  • In the last days the mountain with God's temple will becomes the most important, people will come and hear God's teaching
  • A terrible day is coming that will make people run and hide from God's anger, the proud will be humbled
  • God will punish Judah & Jerusalem
  • Warning to flirty, fancy dressed women, they will be punished
  • The Lord is a branch of life
  • Lord is angry, punishment is coming, he invested in us and we threw away his efforts
  • Don't be greedy and push others out
  • Isaiah became a prophet; he recognized his sin and a 7 winged heavenly creature took it away
  • Isaiah goes to tell the people they will not understand and will be sent way until only 1/10th are left in the land to regrow
  • Challenge will come, you must keep your faith strong to survive
  • Israel will be in trouble but Isaiah says a sign will come, Immanuel, God is with us
  • There is ware in the land, by the time Immanuel is 12 (the time to choose between good and evil) that threat is gone, but the fertile land will be no more
  • Assyria will overcome Damascus & Samaria
  • Lord warns Isaiah not to fall for their ways and fears but to stay strong in the Lord and fear only Him
  • A new day is coming, light will come in darkness, a baby; a son will come to rule and lead
  • Lord is angry with Israel for their evil and ready to strike them down
  • Assyria will overtake Israel for their evil, but then the Lord will punish Assyria too
  • A new king will come
  • The peaceable kingdom
  • the new King's people will gather and have a way from Assyria
  • Praise God
  • God will destroy Babylon for their sin, children too
  • Israel will return home, no longer slaves
  • Babylon's king will die and he will go with the dead; his fearful rule on Earth will end
  • Assyria will be punished
  • Jerusalem is strong now by the Lord
  • Philistines will perish, one cruel leader may die, but another is quick to hill those shoes
  • Moab will be destroyed
  • A new king will come and judge fairly
  • Aram will be destroyed for they left God
  • God's message to Cush & Egypt
  • Isaiah obeyed and walked around naked and barefoot for 3 years
  • God's message to Babylon, Edom & Arabia
  • God continues to warn of coming destruction: Jerusalem, Shebna, Lebanon
  • Lord will punish the people because of our sin
  • Praise God
  • Judgment for people and judgment will be fair
  • Honor God with your heart
  • Better times are coming
  • Seek God's help
  • Trust God, he wants to forgive us
  • Trust in God, not in humans or animals
  • Bad is coming but good will follow
  • If evil, when you stop doing evil, it will come for you
  • God is our safely, judge
  • God will punish his enemies, their land will be for the animals
  • God is comfort and discipline
  • The Assyrians and Judah(King Hezekiah)
  • Hezekiah was spared and praised God
  • Babylon will take over Hezekiah's kingdom
  • God's word stands forever, flowers fade
  • Tell the good news, He is our shepherd
  • There is no one and nothing like God
    • He lives forever
    • Never tires or needs rest
    • He gives strength
  • God is present in the beginning and the end, controller of history
  • Only saving grace we have is God
  • Idols cannot do what God can
  • The Lord sends 2 special servants
  • Songs of praise
  • Israel heard, but didn't listen to God; God's teachings are good
  • God is with his people
  • People to witness God is so much more than any idol; He is all powerful
  • God will save his people and forgive; bring your sins to Him
  • Only one God, idols are useless
  • Cyrus didn't know God but was selected to save Israel, everyone would see God's power
  • Even when I'm old, God is the same
  • Idols are useless
  • We cannot save ourselves
  • We hear and know but do not understand
  • God gives peace like a river, evil has no peace
  • God chosen will come to save, God will bring is people back to him
  • Israel was punished for sin and doubted God's ability to save
  • God helps his obedient servants
  • We want to walk by our own light/fire, but HE is our light/lamp of the path to follow
  • Judgment is coming, so is salvation
  • Don't let the evil upset you, keep the faith, goodness will continue (don't fear those who die)
  • Slavery of Jerusalem so the people would know God and again know God when we saved them
  • We have all wandered away, but can be forgiven
  • God will not be angry and punish again
  • Jerusalem will grow
  • God gives good and satisfying word we need to pursue
  • It's word comes to us and causes things to happen; His thoughts are higher than our thoughts
  • Foreigners will be accepted into the faith
  • God offers real peace
  • Don't make trouble, care for others, help others and God's light will shine
  • People will fear God, salvation will come
  • God is the light, let him shine
  • Bring God's message
  • The Lord was angry, for we all sin
  • The Lord was/is ready and waiting for people to seek him and come to him
  • People will learn about God
  • Peaceable kingdom
  • A new heave and a new Earth
  • God loves Jerusalem & wants to see it prosper