Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I wrapped up my reading of Nehemiah last night. 

  • Nehemiah learns of the trouble in Jerusalem and lack of walled protection and cries and prays for his repentance to be heard
  • Nehemiah severs the king's wine
  • Nehemiah is sad in front of the king, Artaxerxes, who notices his sad heart and asks - He tells him his sadness over his city, Jerusalem and asks to go and rebuild
  • King grants permission and letters to pass through safely to Jerusalem
  • Some officers were upset by Nehemiah's arrival
  • Nehemiah inspected the walls at night and plans the rebuilding
  • Many people repaired sections of the wall
  • There were enemies of the wall building forcing builders to split their time between building and protecting, everyone carried weapons always and stay in the city to guard
  • People complained of lack of food and heavy taxes and interest hurting them
  • Nehemiah called important people and leaders to give the people back their extra charges and land
  • He also didn't take the allocation (what people had to give) for governor's food and shared what he had with other daily
  • Nehemiah's enemies tried to stop him and harm him; he refused to meet with them and asked for strength
  • Wall rebuilt in 52 days - new Levites, gatekeepers, singers, etc. are appointed
  • Ezra reads the book of teachings to the people and they understand and follow
  • Israel confesses their sin and their ancestors sin
  • They pray displaying their knowledge of the book of teachings and describe out God
  • They make an agreement to keep the book of teachings
  • People from the town of Judah threw lots for people to come live in Jerusalem
  • Priests and Levites are named
  • The wall is offered to God
  • They sent the foreigners way as God instructed in the book of teachings
  • Nehemiah had gone to see the king and was away; he returned and did not like what he found and purified again
  • He set reminders to keep the Sabbath holy and remember not to marry foreigners
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