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Pee Issues

Recently I had gone downstairs to scoop the litter boxes for the cats, when I found what looked to be a crazy amount of pee covering the whole top of one of the boxes.  After a phone call to Keith and the boys it was quickly confessed, Caden peed in the littler box. 

Cleaning litter boxes isn't exactly fun, let along when it is your kid's pee in there!

I was hole alone with the girls one night and Elinore asked me why she has to sit down to pee.  She said, daddy doesn't, and she can just pee like Daddy does.

WHOA!  Sit down girl!

2 Kings

I was able to use my lunch break today to finish reading 2 Kings.  I struggled to stay focused through the book, but found my stride about half way through and enjoyed it.

Ahaziah fell and was injured, he sent his messengers to ask Baal if he will recoverElijah intercepted the messenger and asked why he sought Ball of Ekron, was their no God of Israel?Ahaziah knew it was Elijah and sent captain and men to himElijah showed he was a man of God and God burned 1 up, then the next; the 4rd captain begged for respect of his lifeAhaziah died, Lord said through Elijah for his disbelief and gods of EkronJoram became KingThe time came for Elijah to be taken to heave, he and Elisha traveled place to place - Elisha was very loyalElijah parted the Jordan with his coat and asked Elisha what he needed before it was timeHe wanted spirit - double share - he said if Elisha saw him leave Earth it would be granted to him; otherwise there would be nothingChariots of fire came and took Elijah away, Elisha t…

Drawing = Tears

One day last month, Keith text me the following picture.  He said he drew a picture of Ellie.
A few moments later, he text me this picture. She said the drawing was horrible and didn't look like her!

Mere Christianity

I finished this C.S. Lewis classic today. It was wonderful. I think all Christians should read it. It was so identifying for me and eye opening in some cases. I wrote, underlined and circled my way through the book.Pick it up, enjoy it. Chapter by chapter  they are good easy reads, but them together for the big picture!


Ruth was being very quiet for some time this evening.  I went to find her, and she had gotten into my purse and emptied it out.  Then she took the checkbook and a pen and started scribbling.  Apparently she though she should pay the bills for me.
Yesterday morning we were on our way to church at my mother-in-law's church.  She'd invited us for their fall festival.  We were early in the trip and surprisingly the car was pretty quiet.  Then Elinore asked "Daddy, does Santa go poop?"  And Keith and I were silent for a minute trying not to laugh. 

A few moments later and Keith said yes, Santa poops.

And then for awhile Keith and I just laughed!