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Rhinestone Jesus

This book sat in my Amazon wishlist for awhile.  I was excited about reading it, ordered it, then it came and I read the back cover or something and was hesitant.  I wasn't sure I still really wanted to read this. Then I opened the cover.  I never should have second guessed me choice in this book. This book was moving, powerful, inspring and beautiful. 

As I read through this book, I cried, I smiled and I thought about my life and my family's life and how we could do more for Christ. 

I kept my pen handy and underlined and wrote notes in the margins. 

I shared tidbits of the book with my family around the dinner table.  The conversations were not quite as I expected, but it's a deeper conversation than we've done in the past and I realize people need time to process.  Our kids are young! 

I don't have the words to describe the impact this book has had on me, it is something that needs to be read.

This will be my go to book reccomendation for friends for awhile…


Elinore came to the breakfast table this morning and say next to Caden.  As they started eating, Elinore asked Caden to be her prince. 

So sweet!

Caden tried to tell her he was the King and her father.  He wanted the power!


Caden and Caleb have for quite some time now really liked the word disgusting, especially to describe our supper.  As a result, Elinore now uses it too when she doesn't want to eat something.  However, she can't say disgusting, so she says pisgusting.  We try not to giggle every time!

(By the way, I had to google disgustin to see how to spell it; don't ever do it.)

Girl Things

We took the kids to Idlewild over the holiday weekend.  While in the kiddie portion of the park, Elinore got to ride some, which she loves!  I asked her if she wanted to ride the motorcycles while her brothers were in the hand cars.  She told me NO, she wanted to do "girl things."

Oh honey, anything you want can be girl things, but if you don't want to, so be it!

Holding Hands

Bedtime snuggles between sisters make me smile every night.

We met Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat!

Slide Fun at Jumpin' Jungle

Letters at Storybook Forest

They found their name letters!

Magic Carpet Ride at Storybook Forest

My Little and Not So Littles


Elinroe has recently started talking about how Ruth came from the hospital.  She recounts how she went to the hospital to see Ruth and hold Ruth and mommy was there and daddy was there and grandma was there.  She talks about how she went to the hospital and Ruth came home with her.  It's so sweet, and sometimes I'm surprised how much of it she remembers!

9 Year Well Checks

Caden and Caleb had their 9 year old well checks at the doctor's office this morning. 

Caleb weighed in at 52 pounds and 54 inches.  For the weight/height combined percentiles, he's dropped off the charts.  He's tall and skinny for sure.  Doc said he wasn't really concerned about it, just make sure we feed him well and they'll check again next year. 

Caden weighed in at 62 pounds and 55 inches.  He's in the top quarter percentile for his height. 

Ironically their temerature came in at excactly the same.  Twins share things sometimes!

They're well though and no shots needed, so they were happy!

I treated them to Burger King breakfast aftewards on the way back to school.  They were only 20 mintues late for school too, so win! 

I had fun being out with just them even if it was a short time for a doctor's visit!


Last week I finally finished reading Numbers. 

Here are my notes from the book.
The Lord directed Moses and Aaron to count the poeple with help from those named by God; they were the 12 leaders of Israel, one from each tribe.They counted the tribes, but the Levites were not counted; they were to keep the Holy Tent.  Those age 20+ were counted for Israel's army.  The Lord directed locations for each tribe to set camp with their banners; they were all around the Levites.The Levites were to help Aaron and sons, the priests.Of the Levites, the first borns were given to God.  This was a little confusing on exactly what that meant to me.The Levites were counted by family groups. Each family was responsible for a part of the Holy Tent.Each part of the Kohath Levite Family group carriers part of the Holy Tent as assigned.Those unclean were senta way from the camp.Doing wrong to others was sin to the Lord and must be paid for.Husbands who know or suspect their wives of unfaithfulness must …

Sense of Humor

Caden likes to be funny.  One method he tries is to turn the number on the toaster all the way up to 9.  He wants to burn someone's toast apparently.  So far, the only person who's made unedible toast though, is him!  I've caught it a few times and changed it before I used the toaster!

Soccer Spectators

Because they are too cute not too share

Ruth and Elinore Dance

Favorite Birthday Gift

Crazy Carts

Ruth's Baptism

Mother's Day 2015

This past weekend was Mother's Day.  We were fortuante that Grandma Barb came into town Friday afternoon and stayed the weekend with us.  She watched the kids for Keith and I to go out Friday night to the Reverse Raffle.  It was the first time we'd been out together without some of the kids since Ruth was born. 

Saturday we all went to Caden's soccer game, then we took both Grandma's out to lunch at Longhorn following the game.  The meal was good, but Elinore was having a rough day.  She'd been sick the week before, and Grandma kept her up late the night before.  The soccer game was during her nap time, it was hot and she was crabby!

After lunch my mom heading out, and the rest of us went to the local outlet mall to do some shopping.  Grandma Barb needed some new tennis shoes, so we bought her a couple new pair of shoes for Mother's Day.  I had my mom sent flowers that morning at work. 

We were at the mall for quite some time doing some shopping.  The boys go…


Ruth is growing like crazy!  She's about out of her 3 month size clothes already.Elinore is growing wearing mostly 3T clothes now and she's certainly grown in height lately. Her attitude has grown more though; she's reaching those 3s.  I remember three being worse than the terrible 2s with Caden and Caleb.Elinore still is a charmer though, she may be stubborn, but when she randomly tell you she loves you, or says sorry, and you know it's sincere, she'll melt you!Caden is loving soccer season this year, and doing it on his own!  I've seen him improve so much this season and enjoy watching him play.  Caleb is really into legos and video games right now.  Those are his two favorite things to do.  The boys are starting to count down to summer.  I'm ready for the homework to be over too!Yet, I need to find a way to keep them motivated and reading this summer.  I need a system in place for that soon!Elinore talks about school and what she doesn't at school, w…

Keeping Up

I've been sturggling, espeically since the weather has turned nice, to keep things caught up at the house.  We have a to do list crazy long of spring chores and finishing touches to complete the bathroom and house projects, but I'm struggling to keep up with the daily chores. 

I feel as though I can never keep up with the laundry for the six of us.  I know it's a never ending chore, but it always seems as I'm behind.  Keith and I folded probably 5 loads of laundry last night, so we have some clothes and dish clothes.  I had to use a bathroom washrag the other night for the dishes.  We have those now!

However, when I showered this morning, I noticed we have one towel left, and no hand towels clean left.  And guess what, tonight is shower night for the kids and I have a dinner for work.  Diapers were finishing in the washing machine, so I couldn't switch anything over.  I did a load of clothse last night before the diapers though so we would have clean underwear for…

Crunchy Diapers

Elinore does not like disposable diapers.  She calls them crunchy diapers.  She likes her good once, her nice ones she says. 

Last week she was sick; sick enough we went and bought some disposables for her to wear to avoid the mess of cleaning up the cloth diapers.  She was NOT a happy camper about it! 

Grandma, my mom, refuses to use cloth diapers.  She doesn't like them and is always offering a disposable for her from her stash so she doesn't have to use them.  Elinore keeps telling her she doesn't like them, but it doesn't matter to Grandma!  She'll always choose us over her to change a diaper if Grandma's around!

BUT, to my surprise, when she woke up this morning she asked me for a crunchy diaper.  She asked if she could wear a crunchy diaper today.  Sure I said, we had some left anyway.  I asked if she wanted me to send crunchy ones to the sitters to and she said yes, so I sent some there too.  I don't know what she'll want to wear there today, b…


Sunday, May 3, Ruth was baptized in our church.  It was a choice Keith and I made with ease; we knew we wanted to raise our newest girl in the church as we are the older kids. 

It took us awhile to get organized and a date that worked for the family.  We were waiting for the weather to turn too, we didn't want to have his family traveling so far in our snowy winter this year.  This date enabled us to celebrate her baptism and Caden and Caleb's birthday with one luncheon after church.

The service itself also coincided with communion Sunday, which is always something moving for me. 

Our family stood in the front of the church with us during the baptism and tears welled in my eyes as she was blessed.  Keith said the same thing that night as we talked about it later. 

Ruth, you are loved by your family and your church family.  We strive to raise you to know Christ and live like him.


Work provided me with a pretty great experience Wednesday. With my boss and two of my agents, I attended game two of the Cavs - Bulls playoff series. It was a great game and the city had energy!

Ruth - 5 Months


I recently finished reading YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler.  I had read a couple reviews on it from bloggers I like and I read some things on Amazon about it and finally decided it was time I read it. 

I was disappointed.  I did not like it.

In part I was disappointed because I should have selected a book that I was more interested in.  I'm wanting to read more faith based books that have me thinking about my Lord and seeking him more, this book did not do that.  God was missing. 

Aside from my desire for something different I found the book to be full of name dropping, reliving old SNL skits and stories about how she got where she is with more name dropping.  I should probably mention I don't watch SNL or Parks and Recreation. 

Now, I'm making my way back to some more Jesus reading. 


This past weekend, Caden and Caleb turned NINE!  This is their last year of single digit birhdays.  Hard to believe they are so grown up already. 

I planned ahead this year and we celebrated their birthday well!

Friday night after school, Camerin came to stay for the weekend with us.  After they went to sleep I put up some birthday banners for them. One, right outside their bedroom door so they'd see it first thing!

Then we had brunch of pancakes and sausages mid-morning to feed the family before heading to Caden's double header soccer games.  He played well! 

The Elinore went to Grandma's while the rest of us picked up some Star Wars balloons and headed to Acres of Fun for their birthday party! 

For the first time we threw a birthday party for them and invtied their friends from school.  We invited both of their classes from school and had about 20 kids show up to play 2 games of laser tag.  It was crazy busy and we ran late, but all the kids seemed to have a good time…