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Tornado Warning

The day Elinore was born was amazing.

Although, there was a slight hiccup in the day.

One thing about me, I hate bad weather.  It scares me, and I'm not talking just a little scare, I become terribly afraid and start taking lots of precautions.  I've slept in the basement with the kids many a night because of predicted storms!

Late in the morning, the day Elinore was born my mom came in to visit with big brother Caden and Caleb.  I was so excited for the boys to meet their baby sister!  I think they were too, but they were pretty nervous. 

After they'd been there for a little while, Keith's, my mom's and my phone sounded an alarm we'd never heard before.  We all checked them to find a tornado warning.  So I start checking the weather on my phone and we get it up on the television too.

Shortly after that there were a few different nurses that came in.  They were doing things in response to the tornado watch.  They came in to make us aware, make sure the blind wa…



You had your first bottle today.

I had an appointment to go to, so you were staying home with Daddy, and with my return to working coming up in 4 weeks, we decided it was time you had a bottle. 

I was running late to get out the door as usual, and you were already crying because you were hungry.  It was very hard for Mommy to walk out the door and let Daddy tackle this one.  I hate hearing your cry, especially when I know it's something I can easily fix. 

Knowing you're in your father's very capable hands certainly helped though.  I think you Daddy was excited about getting to feed you for the first time.  There was some extra cheer in his voice as he hurried around the kitchen preparing your bottle as I was heading out. 

I cried as I left, but I swear I'd just left and Daddy was calling me to tell me how it went.

Daddy said you took to it right away and ate 2 oz. in about 5 minutes and promptly went to sleep. 

I'm so glad the transition was easy for y…

Elinore's Birth Story - As Told by Mommy

First Day of Kindergarten


In the six short weeks since Elinore arrived I've been away from her twice. 

The first time was when I was in the emergency room with the infection.  We arrive there around dinner time, although we hadn't ate.  We were there so long, Keith had to go get something to eat for himself.  Since we didn't know what they'd be having me do, and I was feeling so awful, Keith took her with him.  Luckily it was just a short half hour and we were reunited. 

 This past Sunday was the second time.  Since I became the financial secretary at our church, I have work I have to do after church on Sundays.  Keith and I had driven separately this week because Keith had to work.  I wasn't expecting him in church at all, but he showed up mid-way through after he finished with work.  He took the kids home afterward, while I wrapped up at the church. 

Both of those times were short and quick and painless.  Tomorrow, however, I have to go to the clinic for an x-ray and ultrasound to check…

Working Out

I've missed working out. Since Ellie was about two weeks old I've been itching to start working out again with some serious workouts.  I set a goal to run a 5K yet this year, and I'm itching to get back into it.  However, I am starting slowly.  I'm trying to get out a few times a week now for a walk.  Caleb likes to ride his bike, Caden walks along with me while I push Ellie in the stroller and hold onto Belle's leash.  I'm increasing my mileage walking and hope to transition to some running once we get into more of a schedule and I don't have the whole crew with me!  I can't imagine running with all of them.  There's always the treadmill I can start on too when Ellie's napping. 

I've missed working out for awhile now, but have been choosing carefully my activities while pregnant and now while I'm recovering still.  I wish I could say things felt normal again, but I'm sill not comfortable yet from delivery.

I think some of my desire…

Sneaky Boys

When I first started my maternity leave and came home with Elinore, the boys schedules were way off, and we were okay with it for about a week.  They were staying up late, sleeping in late and they may have even taken a nap or two.  But we I could only handle a week before we had to get back to some kind of schedule/routine. 

I was tempted to move bedtime back for a later wake up time because what mom of a newborn wouldn't want a few more minutes of shut eye in the morning?  However, knowing school was coming up the next month and eventually I'll be heading back to work, I decided to get them back to their normal schedule to avoid transitioning them again later. 

There are days I wish they were getting up later, but I think the morning routine is going alright, and will hopefully make my transition back to work easier since I won't have to move my wake up time as much. 

Mostly though, there are days I wish the kids were staying awake later.  It's summer and there are s…

Happy Half Birthday

to Me!
I'm half way through my year as a 26 year old.
I can't wait to see what the second half of my 26th year has in store for me!

Elinore's One Month Check-up

This morning we took Ellie in for her one month check-up.  She's doing well!

She's grown 2.5 inches to 20.5 inches.  She gained weight and is up to 8 lbs. 6 oz. now.  She's in about the 15th percentile for weight.

For about a week now she's had a bit of a rash on her face, which the doctor said was normal and as long as it wasn't bothering her she would be fine.

We touched base again on the spit-up issue too. We're continuing with the medice for now, but expecting that as you grow we'll be able to quit giving it to you.  I'm looking forward to that since I'm not a fan of having to give you medicine so early!

You have a small cyst on your gum that the doctor also said was fine and nothing to worry about.

One Month Review - Elinore

I took Elinore's one month photo last week, but hadn't say down yet to write about her first month, which I have wanted to do.  Here goes!


You're still wearing newborn diapers and clothes.

We're still breastfeeding, and you're doing so well!  It's been a learning curve for both of us, but it's gone smoothly for us.  This makes for one happy mama!

You go through 12 diapers a day on average.  You get the hiccups several times a day, and you spit up with them and many other times a day too.  You are a gassy baby and we spend a lot of time burping you or getting you to fart. 

Every once in awhile, you snort.  I love it!  Daddy says you get that from me. 

You've made a lot of progress in your ability to hold your head up and look around.  You've even rolled from you tummy to your back about half a dozen times. 

You are letting Mommy get 5-6 hour stretches of sleep at night, regularly. 

You like car rides and walks in your stroller.  You like to wa…

2012 Goals Update

Back in January I wrote about what I wanted to accomplish this year.

Finish my second semester of graduate school, while pregnant, with my GPA still strong-  My GPA wasn't as strong as I would have liked for it to be, but considering everything that happened that semester, I am happy with it.  I was pregnant, my father-in-law passed away, Caleb had a hospital stay, a work trip and other little things, all of which took away from my school work.   Take some time off work to savor the the last time we're a family of 4 - After Memorial Day, Keith and I took a few days off to spend with the boys, and although I was feeling kind of uncomfortable at that point having a cold and all, we went to the Cleveland Zoo and did some other fun things.  Welcome baby into our family - We did this!  :)  Breastfeed baby - So far so good!  I won't call it completely checked off until we transition back to working too, but we're well on our way.  Send the boys to kindergarten (They're so…


Two weeks and one day after I had Elinore, a Wednesday, I woke up with a headache, and I'd been sweating most of the night in bed.  I didn't think a whole lot of it until I got up and felt kind of light headed and moved into freezing cold with goosebumps. 

After a bit, I took my temperature and had a fever of 101.9.  I was feeling completely miserable at this point.  So I called my dr. office, who sent me to my primary care Dr. office, who scheduled me an appointment.

I called Keith to come home and drive me there, because I was feeling that awful by this point. 

They determined they thought it was some type of bladder infection and sent me home with an antibiotic and instructions to go to the emergency room if I felt worse or my fever didn't get under control with Tylenol. 

After a three hour nap, my fever was 102.6; we were off to the emergency room. 

Keith called my mom to meet us there and take the boys for the night since it was shortly after 6 until we arrived in th…


One of the biggest challenges I've had as I've transitioned to a mother of three is making time for all of the kids.  When one is an infant and needs LOTS from mom, it's hard to make quality time for the older boys.  The first few weeks, I'll admit, I didn't spend a lot of time with them.  Sure I was with them every day, but I didn't sit down and actually play or work on something with them.  The last couple weeks, I've tried to make that a priority.  At least once a day I sit down with each of them or both of them together and work on something.  Some days it's working on a page in one of their sticker books, others it's reading stories, and others it's coloring.  I'm working on it, and we're working on activities to prepare them for kindergarten which starts in later this month!

Random Happenings in Motherhood

Caden and Caleb are loving being big brothers!  They have handled the transition fairly well I'd say.  We've had some behavior issues, which I expected as our family life changed, but I think we've all handled it very well! 

The dog has had the biggest issues with transitioning I think.  Belle was used to being the main attraction when people came to the house.  That's not the case anymore, and she's pushing for more attention
A few days before Ellie was two weeks old, she slept through her first church service.  We watched her big brothers in their Vacation Bible School Program during the service.  A week later, she slept through most of her second church service with only a few moments of grunting. 

Ellie is a champion at grunting.  It is very charming to her Daddy and I!

The first time I left the house with all three kids in tow by myself was to rescue Daddy who ran out of gas on his way home from work.  He had worked late on a night he was to take the b…

Elinore - 1 Month Old

Compare to 9 Days Old

Caleb Lost a Tooth!

Caleb has had a loose tooth for a few weeks now and every once in awhile he'd complain about it while eating.  He never really played with it or anything. 
This morning he came into my bedroom after breakfast.  As we were talking, I noticed he'd lost a tooth!  He didn't even know!  We have no idea where the tooth is.  Keith and I think he might have ate it with his breakfast. 
We agreed to leave a note under his pillow for the tooth fairy.
I'm so glad I've been home with both of the boys when their first teeth were lost!  I won't always be able to say that as a working mom.