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I almost forgot, Keith said Elinore weighed in today at about 15 lbs. 6 oz.  Still our little peanut!


Elinore didn't nap well at all on Monday; I assumed it was from our being out and busy at the parades and her just not getting a good nap in.  I didn't think much of it.

Tuesday when Keith picked Elinore up though, the babysitter thought she was coming down with a fever. I was home when they arrived home after spending the afternoon with Caden and Caleb at their track and field day. 

I had to go to class that night and a social hour for our transitioning leadership at work, so I left her in Keith's capable hands and went off to class.  Keith said she was cranky and tired, so she had some tylenol and went to bed just after 5. 

Poor girl was still sleeping when I arrived home around 10.  She was up during the night around 1 though; she ate and went back to sleep.  Then around 3:30 she was up again and ate, but had little to not interest in going back to sleep, so we were up.  Keith stayed home with her for the day and said she was cranky, didn't eat much, but slept a l…

Bottle Feeding

I had some dental work done earlier this month and had to pump and dump from it for 24 hours.

I was not a fan.

I gave Elinore a bottle for the first time just a day before she turned 10 months old.

It was awkward; I was not a fan.  I don't think Elinore was either.  So much so that she was cranky and needed more, so we turned the duties over to someone more practiced at giving Elinore bottles, Daddy!

7 Years

Dear Caden,

You are seven now!  It seems impossible you're that old, but I love watching you grow and learn daily.

Over the course of the last year you have grown and changed in ways I didn't see come, but I couldn't be prouder of you. 

You are an independent soul and are perfectly content to play by yourself on your own terms using your imagination.  You have an imagination like none I've ever seen.  You are creative and inventive and imagainative.  I wish we could let you 'experiment' more, but some of your ideas are just so extreme we don't have the means to help you make a machine that gives everyone $12 when they come to our house!  I hope one day you find the opportunity to explore your creativity and innovation further.  I can't want to see what you create and event as your grow!

You are a giving soul too and when give the chance to make a purchase or spend some money, you are very careful of thinking how you want to spend your money.  You'l…

Sibling Love

We had a bit of a rough might last night. 

When I got home from class around 10, Keith was pushing for turning on the ac.  I was against it, but I wanted Elinore to be comfortable so I agreed. 

We went around the house shutting windows and when I got to Elinore's room, the window was loud.  It startled her and woke her up screaming.  That continued for a good half hour or so mostly non-stop. I gave her a sip of water and walked her around and she'd be alright for a little bit before screaming all over again. 

Finally I walked her into our bedroom where we have some photos of the kids on the wall.  She saw a photo of her brothers and her; their first day of kindergarten photo with me actually, and she smiled and waved at them.   It was a beautiful thing. 

That sibling bond is something I hope stays strong forever. 

After that she had a little snack and went down easily just after midnight. 

This morning when I told the boys what happened they were both thrilled.  Caleb is so …

Woobly Standing

Tonight Elinore and I were on the floor together.  She was helping me fold laundry.  By helping I mean she'd pull out each piece of clothes to find the tag to chew on.  It'd take it and fold it while she found the next tag.  Only a few of her brothers shirts had some slobber on them.  :)

Anyway, while we were sitting there she crawled up on my legs, then tugged on my shirt and pulled herself up to a stand for the first time! 

She is about 10.5 months old.


I felt strongly this year about not gifting the boys with more toys for their birthday.  We have some many already, and most of them go unused for long periods of time.  We're a much more on the go family and I didn't want more toys cluttering up the house and taking focus away from more important things.  So this year, we gave Caden and Caleb a trip to Kennywood for their 7th birthday!

We planned to go on opening Saturday which happened to be just two days after their actual birthday.  We got out of the house around 8:30 which is only half an hour later than planned (which is impressive for me).  However, Keith and I got lost in conversation (rare and amazing) and we missed out exit off the turnpike.  So by the time we got turned around and on the right path we were running late and decided to grab lunch before getting to the park.  Four hours after we left our house we finally arrived at the park!

It was mostly smooth sailing from there!

Our first stop was Garfield's Nig…

Caleb - 7 Years

Dear Caleb,
You're seven now, SEVEN!
I can't believe how grown you are at 7; don't get me wrong you have a lot more growing to do in faith and knowledge and body, but you are wonderful just as you are.
You are doing very well in kindergarten from what I see.  You picked up your letters wonderfully and are really getting the hang of putting words together and reading simple words. 
You are motivated by things you want, dessert certainly is one of them!  You do enjoy your candy. You are easily motivated to do something if you want the offered reward. 
I can see you wanting to fit in at school with the other boys in your class.  I remember those feelings growing up and I so want you to know that it's okay to be who you are without stress of acceptance from those people.  You will find your people.  And I will love you and support you always. 
You have been attending ROCK Group at church, swim lessons and baseball.  You like ROCK and baseball, even if Daddy …

Elinore - 10 Months

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Last week during one of the boys baseball practices I sat Elinore down in the grass.  Unlike our house the ground wasn't so wet at the park and was alright to be playing in; however, she did NOT like it.  She'd never sat in the grass before and she cried when I sat her down in it.  I tried it a couple different times at practice and she was not a fan.  It's something new!

A few days later during a picnic, she slowly ventured her hands out off the blanket and into the grass.

Finally over the weekend we were in our yard on a blanket and she was brave and crawled right off the blanket into the grass; I think because she was interested in a dandelion. 

Here come the grass stains!

Kindergarten Spring Concert

The second Monday in April was the kindergarten spring concert. Caden and Caleb were excited about singing their favorite folk songs, and they wouldn't tell us what they were singing in advance because they wanted it to be a surprise!

I wasn't sure how sitting through a kindergarten concert would go. Would it be hard; would it be fun? Well, it was AWESOME!

We were a little nervous about how the boys would do, they've never been on stage in front of so many people. The concert was held in the middle school's auditorium and the room was full! When I dropped them off in the music room, they were hesitant and stood together in the doorway for some time! I left to go get seats, and they showed up on stage just fine!

The boys sang and did motions! Another thing I was nervous about. Caden especially tends not to participate in those kinds of things in functions at the church and I didn't know if this would be similar.

They sang along and did so well! We were very please …

Open Mouth

I've noticed lately that when I feed Elinore, it's nearly impossible for me to keep my mouth shut and feed her a bite at the same time.  I constantly find my self with my mouth wide open when I'm giving her a bit, and if she's being stubborn with the bite of food, I'm opening my mouth wider.  I don't know if I think I'm trying to show her or what I'm doing, but I've tried to keep my mouth closed when I feed her and it's hard!