Monday, June 17, 2013

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

We had some family photos taken tonight and photos of Elinore for her first birthday.

Afterwards, we used some coupons I had for Mcdonald's to grab a bite since everyone was a little hunger.  Coupons for the win!  We paid $0.89 for 3 hamburgers and 2 white milks!  :)

Then the real treat came when we went for frozen yogurt downtown.  It was delicious.

Elinore was in my new to us Ergo carrier.  I wore her on my back for a family walk around downtown.  It was a beautiful evening out.  The shops were mostly closed and there weren't too many people around, but it was fantastic none the less.

On our walk around town, I took a step that was kind of slippery, and I instantly recognized the sliding of my shoe in poo.

In the middle of the large sidewalk, was a large, fresh pile of dog poo.

It was all over the bottom of my sandal.  Close to going up the side to my foot, with no grass in sight to wipe it off!

That's a real bummer.

Luckily a lady asked us for directions.  While we were helping her I found some moss on the sidewalk to clean off my shoe, and we were on our merry way!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Last weekend, the kids and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and the schools.  On the way back, I head a kitten meowing.  So I stopped to hear where it was coming from.  Traffic was slow, so I heard it coming from the very tall weeds in the ditch across the street.  (The street is actually a busy two lane state highway, so I knew it didn't have much of a chance.)

I got the kids together safely on the sidewalk, cross the street and looked around int he weeds for the source of the meowing.  I found it, tiny and hidden in a tiny space in the weeds.

Keith was on his way home, so I made him stop and help me get it. 

He rescued it and we brought it home to the front porch.  We gave it some cat food, water and a towel. 

We hear it meowing around the house occasionally too. 

One morning we left and I heard it meowing around the cars, so I checked under them before we drove away.  We started down the road and the meowing continued with us.  I realized it was in the car with us!  I quickly stopped at the stop sign and turned the car off. 

I called Keith and hesistated to go open the hood because I had no idea what I would find, but there it was, just sitting on top under the hood. 

Now the kitten sticks around our back porch where we feed and water it.  After the garage sale, it's become very friendly and approachable.  It tolerates the kids well and plays with them.  We've even seen her playing with our cat Otis and even Elinore through our sliding glass door off the back porch.  Caden's taken her on the swings with him and on the slide with him and the cat just goes along for the ride.

Earlier this week, I drove to work and headed into the office.  However, that day I was leaving the office for some meetings and walked out to my car about 45 minutes later to find the kitten peeking out from under the fender!

It scared me at first!  My co-worker was with me and she was shocked too.  It must have ridden to work with me under the hood without me finding it this time.  I called Keith to tell him right away and then spent probably 10 minutes trying to catch it in the parking lot while it ran under and around car after car, in a skirt no less!  I finally left with a plan that Keith would be there in 2 hours to pick it up.

So Keith and the boys came back later and had a hard time catching her too from what I hear.  He said people were noticing him behaving oddly out there and shortly after security came to see what was going on!  Luckily by then, he'd just caught the kitten and all was well.

It's a very good kitten that needs a home.  We're still trying to find it one!

Although, I think it's home is going to be our home.  We haven't settled on a name yet, but there are talks of it.  It's in our garage now, with food, water and a little box.  It even had a vet appointment...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Elinore - 10 & 11 Month Review

Dear Ellie,

I breifly started your 10 month letter, but never got it finished.  I suppose it's an indication of how busy we've been lately.  This spring we've gotten crazy busy with activities.  You've been such a trooper through it all.  You go along for the ride and behave well!  You love people watching, and get the opportunity to do it often as you come along to your brothers swim lessons, baseball practices and games, 4H meetings, and more.

Anyway, since I failed at month 10, we're going to combine them and hopefully get month 11 out on time! 

I started class again for my MBA in May, so I'm gone one night a week you spend with your Daddy and brothers.  You have such an awesome Daddy and two brothers who love you very much.  I think you all have more fun most nights then you all let on.

I can see your love for your brothers on your face everymorning.  I usually wake you up during the week and you size me up and wait for me to grab a clean diaper for you before I pick you up out of the crib.  Once I do you look around and immedaite start looking for your brothers.  By the time we walk into the living room, you have your arm up ready to wave when you see them!

Your brothers, they are pretty smitten with you too!  They make sure to tell you good night and good bye and watch out for you. 

You make fishy faces now, which are adorable.

Just in the last few weeks you've started crawling on your hands and knees.  Although this past weekend you weren't crazy about the dress you were wearing because your knees kept getting caught in the skirt!  It's awesome watching you crawl around. 

Sometimes when you're crawling, you'll get your butt up in the air so you are on your hands and feet before you sit down or crawl around.  You'll be standing soon I think!

You are still saying dog-dog, da-da and ma-ma (although it is kind of rare).  You imitate the sounds of no and hi too. 

You are a very good eater.  You love your puff snacks and get impatient when we can't spoon your homemade baby food in fast enough.  We introduced meat to you in the last month, and you love the lamb!  There really aren't any foods you turn down completely so far.  When we introduce something new it takes you a few attempts before you are interested in it, but you'll always eat it in the end!

You are still in mostly 9 month clothing and still going strong in our cloth diapers!

You clap and give high fives. 

You are always busy doing something.  It is very rare that you sit down and sit still.  You are constantly on the move or working on something with your toys.  And when you are confined you are wide eyed and looing around to be sure you don't miss anything!  (I can relate; I'm always busy working on something and rarely sit down to rest.)

You've pulled yourself up to a stand a few times, and are getting braver in trying.  I saw you crawl out to the dinning room table last week and start to pull up on the chair and table leg.  Usually you get to your knees and stop.  More and more though when I go to sit you down you'll put your legs out straight to stand with a big grin on your face!

Elinore, you are such a blessing in our family and we are grateful for you every moment.  Yes, even when you're screaming.  We love you always.  Know that forever dear baby.



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Tooth

Last week, one of Elinore's top teeth finally popped through after a rough bought of teething the week before.

Although now, ever so often I'll hear her grinder her top tooth and her bottom to teeth together and it runs chills up my spine every time!

I hope that is a temporary get used to the new tooth thing!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Radio Ads

We had a garage sale last weekend.  As we were setting things out for the sale, I saw a portable radio, and I knew one of the kids was going to want to save it.

Keith took friday off work to stay home with the boys and run it.  According to him, it didn't take long for Caleb to find the portable radio that he wanted to save.  He went and got his earbuds from the school year, plugged them in and walked around listening to the radio. 

I talked to Keith a few times during the day.  One of those times he said, Caleb had been walking around listening to it when he walked over to Keith, pulled out his earbuds and "Daddy!  I have a number for you to call so you can loose weight!"

Then I laughed!  Silly kids and even sillier advertisements!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Friday morning when I dropped Elinore off at the baby sitters, she got up and started crawling on her hands and knees for a little while!  She'd crawf a few 'steps' then sit for a bit before starting again.  It was awesome to see! 

I don't think it was her first time; Keith said he'd seen it before, but it was my first and it was great!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Sky

The kids, dog and I went for a walk late Sunday afternoon.  On our way back the boys pointed out the sky and asked if God was coming down from the sky. 

I get it, you commonly see it depicted this way with the sun streaming through the clouds.

I told them that God is always coming down from the sky because he is with us always in our heats. 

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Auction Find

On Memorial Day there was an auction down the road a few miles from out house.  We stopped between parades and looked around.  Keith loves auctions, and the kids and I don't mind them either.  (Although our enjoyment of them has a much shorter timeline than Keith's!)

We walked around and comments on things we liked and the unusual things.

This day it was rainy and chilly and the kids wanted to go to another parade, so after we looked around, the kids and I left and Keith stayed behind. 

Later that afternoon, he came home with this!

Best $32 purchase I've had in awhile!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

No Mom!

Early in May the boys came home from school with their hand made mother's day gifts for me.  Caden came home and threw his at me that night.  Caleb on the other hand went to great extreme's to keep it from me until mother's day arrived.

He hid his present in his closet.

He made this sign for his closet door all by himself.

No! Mom!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Where Caden Sleeps

The past few months, Caden's been getting up in the middle of the night and sleeping on the couch.  This is where I find him in the mornings.

It has slowed down some lately though, I think he's sleeping more soundly because he's more tired from playing in the summer sun all day!

Monday, June 03, 2013