Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Prenatal Appointment #4 - Week 22

I should clarify this is our fourth regularly scheduled prenatal appointment at our standard 4 week interval as we did have an unexpected visit pop up a few weeks ago.

Our appointment was at 22 weeks and 1 day.  Which means my next prenatal appointment is when I have to do the one hour glucose test.  It's scheduled for week 26.  I can't believe we're that far along already!

 The doctor today said I'm measuring right where I should be, which is good news!

We listened to the heartbeat again, which started at 167, but as we listened, it calmed back down to 156.  So far it's always been in the 150s, so we were surprised at the 160s, but the doctor said all sounded well!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 22

Weight: 146

Total Weight Gain: 6 pounds

The nursery is all taped off for painting.  We're slowly getting there!

I miss working out.  I'm still walking and doing yoga weekly, but I miss going to kickboxing and running and serious sweaty workouts.  I'm looking forward to starting back to kickboxing and running after baby. 

I'm continuing to feel baby movement, which is exciting. 

Our schedule continues to busy itself with appointments.  We learned after an ultrasound of my kidneys that they are swollen, and I have what is likely kidney stones in my left kidney.  I have an appointment with the urologist later this week.  Fortunately, it hasn't been painful, but it is most likely the cause of the blood in my urine. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 21 Day 4

Caden asked me this week how they will get the baby out of my belly.  Keith was in the room too and after a long awkward look, I replied I would go to the hospital for that to happen.  We were lucky enough that the pause had got him distracted, he accepted the answer and off he went.  

I've been feeling the baby move the last week-ish.  I think it's been happening longer, but I wasn't sure that was it until the last few days/week.  It brings a smile to my face a few times a day. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 21

My sweater doesn't show a lot, but it's growing more noticeable every week.

Weight: 144.5

I can't believe we're this far!

Although the last week has caused for an extra unexpected appointment, and a scheduling of an appointment with a urologist later this week.  Hopefully everything will be just fine.  The issue I had last week with my urine has not gone away, nor has a cause been found.  So hopefully this week's appointment will provide us some answers.  

We bought the paint for the nursery this weekend, now it just needs applied to the walls!  I'm quite anxious to get this done, but midterms are next week, and that is a priority right now.  Mid-way through the semester and just over mid-way through pregnancy!  So much to celebrate right now!

 My next few weeks are busy busy, especially with work.  I have a trip coming up for work and lots to get prepared for.  

We're hoping to start out baby registry this weekend, or very soon at least.  Our goal is to keep it fairly simple and practical, and one of the ways we plan to do this is to prepare ahead of time with a list so we don't get too caught up with stuff!  We'll see how it goes soon!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 20 Day 4

I'm much happier with this 20 week photo, excluding the bare feet, but the time we were home last night to take the photo, I couldn't stand the boots anymore!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Nursery Step 1

We're getting ready to paint the nursery.

This bedroom has been used for a variety of things since we moved in, let's see if I can remember what we've done with it.  First it was just an extra bedroom with a twin bed in it.  That didn't last long as shortly after we moved in the boys moved into twin beds and we no longer had a bed for the room.  Then it became Keith's office/man room.  He had our desktop in there and a couch, but it wasn't used too much.  Once we finished the room in the basement the computer went downstairs and it became a storage room for awhile.  I spruced it back up over time and it became a sitting room that no one used for awhile.  It was so infrequently used that we shut off the heating vents to the room and kept the door closed to save costs.

And now, it's ready to become a nursery!  We hid some furniture in the closet we intend to use in the room to make painting easier, moved the rest to the middle of the room and have selected a paint color. 

Let the painting begin!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 20 Day 2 - Halfway!

We've struggled at getting the photo taken this week, so it's a few days late.  I hate to say it, but I hate the photo also.  It's terrible.  I need to start looking at these before I let Keith move on to something else!  It's so bad I hardly want to post it, and the sad thing is, it's the better of the two he did take. 

Weight: 143.5

I gained 3 pounds this week; I think it has something to do with all the birthday goodies!  My total weight gain so far is 3.5 pounds. 

Things have been going really well, as long as you exclude an unusual occurrence I had last week.  A week ago I went to use the restroom like I do many times a day, but this time my pee was pink.  I immediately called my doctors office who had me go in for a urine sample where they confirmed that there was blood in my pee.  It is commonly associated with a bladder infection UTI, but they didn't seem to see that in my sample.  I started antibiotics the next day, but by then my pee was back to normal and things have been ever since.  It was quite the nerve wracking experience a the time.

Things have been busier lately with school and things.

We're finally making some progress on the nursery.  It is ready to be painted, and we've selected a color!

I can't believe we're almost at mid-term time for school already.  It seems like classes just started. 

I bought my first maternity dress over the weekend at target on the clearance rack for $9.  I can still fit into a lot of my clothes, and the thought of buying clothes for a growing me has be confused and hating shopping.  So we decided not to bother until I actually out grow my clothes.  That is a relief for the time being, but I fear I will one day have nothing to wear to work and be rushed to shop for clothes on a busy day.

I think may have felt baby move a time or two, but I'm not really sure.  It's about that time everything says I should, but how do I know?  Time well tell I suppose.

I'm not nearly as tired as I was early in the pregnancy.  However, I also get to a point in the evening when I'm tired, and just need sleep.  I get very grumpy, and I'm sure Keith would agree.  And once I fall asleep, don't wake me, I'm even grumpier them.  Don't mess with me and my sleep!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm 26!

A couple years ago, I removed my birthday from Facebook.  At the time I was interested in seeing if anyone actually remembered my birthday without Facebook telling them.  I never added it back; who needs a bunch of fake happy birthdays anyway?  I have a handful of friends and family that mean the world to me who sent texts and or emails, but the best part of my birthday: celebrating with Keith and the boys. 

Unfortunately I had class on my actual birthday, so we delay the celebrations until the following day.  Although, it was a nice excuse to drag out my birthday fun for an extra day!

After work Friday, Keith picked up pizza from my favorite local shop, after stopping at the ATM as they're a cash only place.  (As much as if may be an inconvenience at times, I adore that our small town still has places like this!)  The kids and I stopped at the Dollar General in town for some chips to go with it and pop for Keith.  Or course they didn't have the pop I was looking for, we stopped at Stop-N-Go too for some for me, and I picked up a special treat for the boys too. 

We haven't let the boys have pop to drink at all.  Until Friday night that is, and assuming you don't count the time my sister-in-law, despite our requests not to, gave it to them while she was watching them once.  Now, we have a new birthday tradition.  If we're celebrating a birthday, the boys can drink pop.  We've agreed to still heavily limit it and strictly refuse caffeinated pop.   They started with a Sunkist Orange Soda.  After all their excitement to have pop, neither one of them fished their glasses of it at dinner.  I'm not sure it met their expectations.

Anyway, back to the birthday fun.  We had dinner of chips and pizza and pop (healthy, I know).  Then they made me leave the room for them to prepare.  A little while later they called me out of the bedroom to join the party.

They had noisemakers, cake, candles and a present all prepared for me with big smiles on their faces!

We enjoyed DQ Ice Cream Cake after I struggled to blow out all 3 candles. 

I unwrapped a present of a new computer mouse, which I'd wanted, and three marshmallow cupcake lollipops.  One for me and one for Caleb and one for Caden.  They talked Daddy into treats for them too!

We finished up dinner and desserts and cuddled on the couch for Despicable Me, which I really enjoy, even if I did fall asleep mid-movie to be awakened my the kids for their bedtime kisses and hugs!

A few nights later we celebrated my birthday with my parents, brother and his girlfriend with dinner out at Parasson's.  It's one of my favorite Italian restaurants!  We had a great time, and we laughed together like we haven't in awhile.  It was a great end to a great birthday.

I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sharing Ultrasound Photos with Caden & Caleb

After our ultrasound, we shared the photos with the boys hoping to ramp up their excitement for our newest family addition.  

They weren't terribly interested in them, but there were smiles!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

19 Weeks 3 Days - Ultrasound

We had an ultrasound today!  We successfully made it through the appointment without finding out the gender!  Actually, the technician said they way the baby was positioned he couldn't tell anyway.  He said when they are in breech position, as our little baby was, it's more difficult to tell. 

The baby is weighing in at 10 ounces and measuring at 18 weeks 5 days.

We heard the heartbeat and came home with some photos.

Keith is convinced it's a boy.  Just a hunch he has I guess.  We will know in approximately 20 weeks!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Week 19

Weight: 140.5

I've noticed in the last week that I've started having to use the restroom more frequently.  During the day mostly, but occasionally I've found myself getting out of bed on time or early in the mornings just to use the restroom.  Usually that results in me going back to bed anyway. 

We get to see our baby this week!  Our ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday.

Our plan is to pick our paint color for the nursery this weekend, so we can get Keith painting away.  It's a good task for him while I study away!  I'd really like to get the nursery moving along.  It's mostly cleaned out of things that needed moved elsewhere, but I do need to go through the closet.  Then it's on to the the final touches of decorating.  

Birthday Week

It's my birthday week!

Apparently it's a very common birthday week at our church.  As we were sitting in church Sunday morning, the Pastor took a few moments to recognize the birthdays in the church as the posted them on the screen in the front.

I smiled as I glanced at my husband as we've been going to our church for probably a year and a half now, and they don't know my birthday yet. 

Unfortunately, that didn't last.

As before the congregation started singing happy birthday to everyone, Keith spoke up to share that my birthday was this week too.

I suppose it is nice to be thought of for your birthday.  And I'll be sure to do the same for you Keith come March!

After church I had a handful of happy birthdays from folks, but one in particular sticks out.  As he stopped to talk with us and wish me happy birthday.  He then asked if I'd be 30.


As I'm sure a look of shock crossed my face, he pauses and realizes I might not be close to that.

I replied I'd be 26 this week.

Never before have I been mistaken for someone older.   Everyone always thinks I'm younger than I am, at least from looking at me.  I suppose in looking at my family, I would assume I am older too.

Alas, I am NOT 30!  Yet.

Monday, February 06, 2012


Last night, I headed into our bedroom for the night and couldn't place the strange smell that was in the room, sow what's the first thing I do?  Yell across the house for Keith to come to the bedroom. 

He comes in, and I ask if he smells something funny.  At first he doesn't, but to my surprise sits down on the bed with me anyway and after sitting there a few minutes, admits that he smells it to.  He stands up and walks around the room again and says, it's skunk.  As soon as he says it, I recognize it too. 

The dog had just come inside and so he immediately starts smelling her, while I start praying that it is not the dog while thinking, it can't be the dog, it would smell much worse in here if it were the dog.

Thankfully, it was not the dog.  It was just from outside.  This is the second time we've smelled them in our area recently.  I hope it isn't making a home in our yard.  I think it is a result of the unusually warm winter we've been having. 

I also said a prayer last night that it wasn't the neighbors dog either.  I hope that's the case.

Although, trying to fall asleep to the faint smell of skunk is something I'd prefer to not do again. 

Friday, February 03, 2012

Caleb & Caden

I'm so thrilled you're both so excited to be big brothers!  I'm sure we won't be without our adjustments when the baby arrives, but the fact that you're excited and talk to it and about it now, thrills mommy and daddy to pieces.  I love being able to share this experience with our little family as our family grows.

You're both convinced you want to name the baby Cooper, only because another girl at your school recently had a baby brother named Cooper, and you both think it is fantastic.  

I also love that you are both convinced that Daddy will be the only one changing diapers.  Whenever we talk about diaper changing, you both point to Daddy and make sure everyone knows he will be doing the diaper changing.  If only your wishes were true; I have a feeling I'll be doing more than my fair share of diaper changing in the coming months!  I fully expect your opinions to change and your voices to grow louder once your little sibling has arrived.

Most importantly, I love you two little boys more than imaginable.  I can't wait to see your excitement when baby arrives and makes us a family of 5.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

5 Months from Today

Five months from today is our estimated due date!

Three months from today our boys turn 6.  SIX!  I can't believe it.  I've made the call to sign up for a time slot of kindergarten registration!  I know we did it last year, but it's for real this time.  A part of me is glad though that I should be on maternity leave when they start school in the fall.  

I stepped on the scale this morning and have gained enough weight now to push me over my pre-pregnancy weight.  I've officially gained back everything I lost, plus a 1/2 a pound.  I'm now weighting in at 140.5. 

I wish the thought of gaining the appropriate amount of weight didn't worry me so much. 

I've officially decided we're painting the nursery a light gray in color.  Now, to decide on the correct shade and get the husband on board to get this painting done! 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2011 - A Running Year in Review

A few weeks ago I received my annual training summary from daily mile.  I was pleased to be able to say I increased my mileage over 2010!

My highest mileage month was October at 77 miles, which was just as I was finishing up my half marathon training.  

Except for the half marathon I took the months of November and December off running during the year.  Mainly because I was pregnant and miserable those first few months. 

Racing this year was not something I focused on, at least not until the end of the year when after a miscarriage, I decided I needed to train for something.  Looking back, working out and running is how I've dealt with both as I initially started running after our first pregnancy experience

I ran a 5K in February with Lisa, and boy was it cold! I wrote about it finally in July, and the weather had sure change by then!

I participated in the Akron Marathon Relay in September with the second leg at 5.7 miles and got my running motivation to race back. 

In October I ran the Spirit Day 5K sponsored by my employer and set a 5K PR! 

Then in November I set another PR in my very first half marathon!  I ran the Stomp the Grapes Half Marathon, unknowingly 6 weeks pregnant!

My running goals for 2012 are small and may seem simple, but in reality I expect it will be a challenge.  My goal is to run 1 5K in 2012 after having the baby.  I have to start somewhere again!