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Caden has new favorite word.  When telling stories, it usually involves someone bamming something. 



I was very anxious about breastfeeding before Elinore was born, but it has turned into something I couldn't imagine missing out on.  I'd heard so many times how hard it can be and all the things that could happen to make it more difficult.  I wanted to be prepared and know how to handle any issues as they arose during breastfeeding.

Elinore strated breastfeeding fairly easily about an hour after she was born and stayed latched on for about 45 minutes.  I was so happy that it went so smoothly!

Things continued to go smoothly for a few hours with her, but then she seemingly lost interest in it for some time.  Sometime later she spit-up some unpleasant looking spit-up.  The nurse indicated she may have swallowed some fluids during birth causing her to be a bit upset an uninterested.  I continued waking her ever two hours in the hospital to try to nurse.  She wasn't always interested, but the nurses continued pushing us to try every two hours since Elinore had dropped under 6 …

A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Self:

If you're ever a grandma or even as a mom to adult children, please remember these things:
Things have changed since you were a new mom.  Allow them to make their choices, and know that those choices are not a slap in your face that you were wrong in how you raised your children.   Stay active, healthy and fit to be around to enjoy your family and fun activities even as you age.  Offer to help, and be genuine about it.  Try not to offer too much unwanted advice.Be a good listener.Be patient and kind.Take interest in your children's lives, not just your grandkids lives.  Try to find a common interest to connect with your kids.Be open minded.If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.Put God first, eveything else will fall in line. I'm sure there are more things.

Now that I've written out these things, I realize it's more than just my future self that could benefit from these things.  I can benefit from some of these things now.  Here's to liv…

Hello Doc!


You've had a rough week.

Weekend before last you had a low grade fever, but it went away and you were acting fine, other than being a little cranky.

Monday after work, Daddy took you into express care because he was worried you had another ear infection.  We only learned of your first ear infection because you went in for a cough.  Turns out, you were just teething, which is what Mommy thought was going on, but we wanted to be safe and make sure you were taken care of. 

Wednesday you had a doctor's appointment too.  After being at work only a few short hours, your sitter said you eye wasn't looking very good.  I left, picked you up and stayed home with you until your appointment.  You had conjunctivitis a.k.a. pink eye.

Friday after work I noticed a big red spot on your neck.  An hour later when I changed your diaper, I noticed you had it on your tummy and arms too.  I don't know a lot about rashes, and you Daddy was ready to rush you to the ER.  (Don't w…

Smart Ass

I can be kind of a smart ass at times.  I probably over use sarcasm too.

I'm trying to do it less, as I know it isn't always polite, but I clearly have not been that successful.

There was once I time when I longed for the days the boys would understand sarcasm.  When they were younger they didn't catch on to a lot of my funnies.

Now they not only understand it, but they have learned how to be a smart ass right back at me.

For example:

Me: "Good morning boys, time to get ready for school."

Boys: "We don't have school today. We're going to the babysitters."

Me: "You know what I mean, get dressed to leave!"

This happens nearly every Wednesday and Friday.  At least they know their days of the week.


This past weekend I took the kids out to "practice" for the fun run they are registered for early next month.  They are running one lap around the track at the high school stadium.  I'm running in the 5K the same day. 

The made it roughly half way before they were tired and wanted to walk.  We may practice another time or two before the day weather permitting of course. 

We were blessed with great weather on Sunday, so they asked to go for a walk when we arrived back.  So my mom and I went out with the kids, including Elinore in the stroller, and went for a walk.  I estimate it was at around a half mile or so.  We walked the school sidewalks and parking lots down to their elementary school and back. 

I was so proud of Caleb as he saw some litter on the walk and started picking it up!  He carried it for awhile, and then I realized he could put it in the stroller.  He kept it up on our walk. 

Caden joined in later too, but most of the time he was busy with the dog.  He us…

Great Lakes Science Center

Keith spent an afternoon in late February off with his brother.  I decided to be adventurous with the kids and take them to Cleveland for the afternoon to the Great Lakes Science Center.  The boys had a great time, and I really enjoyed spending time with them.

Sibling Love & Play

Blue Eyes

These blue eyes get compliments nearly every where we go. 

Great Wolf Lodge

For Christmas, Keith and I gave the kids a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  It was originally scheduled for January had to be postponed due to sickness running through the family.  So, on my 27th birthday, we headed to the Lodge for the weekend.  
We all had a great time, much better than the last, and were sad to have to leave.  Next time we think we need a longer stay than one night!
A part of our trip included Elinore's first swim!

She loved her first swim!  Her favorite was a small fountain in the kiddie pool she could sit by and play in.
She did so well with the entire trip, including in her first overnight hotel stay.  She did well, other than learning that we had to go to bed for her to go to bed.  Any light meant play time for her in her pack-n-play!
The boys were getting more comfortable with the water and we were pleased to see them comfortable and trying out the water slides.  The two biggest took them awhile to warm up to.  They finally decided to ride late in our last …

Elinore Sits!

Over the last week or so, Elinore has mastered sitting on her own to play.  She does it often and well!

Sitting Practice

These were taken February 8.  Elinore was still unsteady sitting at this time and needed the assistance of the crib, but the pictures were too cute!

Elinore - 8 Months Old

Compare to 7 Months Old Compare to 6 Months Old Compare to 5 Months Old Compare to 4 Months Old Compare to 3 Months Old Compare to 2 Months Old Compare to 1 Months Old Compare to 9 Days Old

Elinore - 8 Month Review

Dear Elinore,

You are 8 months old!

It's hard to believe you are so big when just such a short time ago you were such a little peanut.  Although, compared to other babies your age, you are still a tiny little peanut.  Over the weekend at a restuarnt, you were all snuggled in your car seat and blankets by the door waiting to come in and someone asked if you were a month old! 

We haven't had a doctor appointment recently, so I don't have an update on your actual size, but next month we'll find out!  You're scheduled for your 9 month check up with your big brothers for their 7 year well check.  (7 YEARS! WOW!)

We officially made the switch to cloth diapers over the course of the last month.  We tried it one weekend about a month ago and had lots of leaking issues!  I did my reserach, asked questions (thanks Amy and Robin!), and after stripping the diapers, we started over again two weeks later and we've been using them exclusively ever since.  I think you look cu…

Christmas Day 2012 in Pictures

Hair Donation

It's been nearly 3.5 years since my last donation, but it was time again.  Toward the end of January, I organized it with a friend of mine who regularly cuts my hair to cut off all my hair to make a donation to Wigs for Kids
She cut about 13 inches off my hair to send for such a good cause.  


Tooth #2

Elinore had been cranky today. Tonight during supper I noticed why. We have another tooth!Elinore had two front bottom teeth now.