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Old Friend & Good Conversation

I'm posting twice in one day; what has gotten into me!?

I know, a glass of wine (or two), and an amazing phone conversation with one of my awesome friends Jackie!

Also, please let me clarify that by no means am I saying we are old, just that we've been friends for several years!

Jackie and I went to college together our freshmen year.  Then she transferred away, but we've managed to stay friends over the years.  We still both live in Ohio, for now anyway, but we only talk maybe twice a year!  I see here every few years, and love the time we spend together.  She's a friend I know, that when we talk on the rare occasion, it's like we picked up where we left forever ago, and I love that.

I am happy as pie right now.  There is not much that warms the soul better than a great conversation with an even better friend.

Love you Jackie!  (I wish you had a blog or twitter that I could link to.  Then I could share you awesomeness!)

Terrible Fried Zucchini

Apparently it's a week of the funnies.

Remember my sillymoments from the last few days?

And don't forget about the time I took the kids to swim lessons without towels.

Today's funny story comes from my one and only hubby.

We have a small "farmers market" at work in our cafeteria.  Today he purchased a $0.20 zucchini that he was excited about coming home to fry for dinner.

I don't like his fried zucchini, but that's beside the point.  No one would have liked his fried zucchini tonight.

In stead of using flour, he used powered sugar. 

We feed that zucchini straight to the trash can.


So remember yesterday, when I shared some of my funny, I'm a idiot moments?

Well guess what, I have another one for you.

Be prepared to laugh.

I wore a dress today.  It had thin ties on them.  Caden asked why I had stings on my back this morning.

This evening, after calling hours, my parents and I met up with the hubs and kids for supper. 

I climbed out of the SUV in the parking lot, shut the door, and started walking away.

I didn't get very far.  My "strings" were still in my seat in the car on the other side of the closed car door.

Cue the laughter.

I'm an idiot moments.

Remember when I did this?  And I said it felt like this?

Guess what.

I did it again, sort of.  This time, I missed myself and my computer luckily!

I was sitting in an afternoon meeting just after my lunch.  I had taken my laptop and my glass of water to the meeting as usual.  I moved my computer to share something on my screen, and crash, splash, uh oh.  There it went.  My boss and her peer jumped up to get paper towels, while I crawled under the tables to start picking up the ice cubes and my straw.  The meeting continued, as I cleaned away.  I felt like an idiot, but everyone knows that is typical me action.

It only that were my only embarrassing moment of the day.  I might have felt a little better about myself.

Later this afternoon, I was picking up finishing up a conversation with a peer about something and walking back to my desk, when I noticed a large blog of caramel-looking gunk smashed into my desk chair.  I'm sure you can imagine what that means.

I quickly went to work …

Our Boys Turned 4

I'm pretty late posting this as their birthday was the first part of May, but better late than never right?
I can't believe they're getting so big!  I can remember being a child and hearing people talk about how fast time moves as you get older, and I don't think I've ever fully understood that statement until recently.   Time flies, and yet there is so much I want to enjoy with my kids.  So, here's to a happy year of adventures in our family four year old twin boys!
 I can't believe they're 4! :) We're 4! Birthday Party Fun Scooby Doo Party Hats

Family Time v. Me Time

Our National Leader at work, when catching up and asking me about my family, said something that has really stuck with me.  He said that "your life will revolve around your kids until they're 20, 22-ish"  He is a father to three, who travels fairly frequently.  But I've been thinking about his statement for the last few days.

While I do not negate the fact that my kids do and should come first in my life, I also think it is important to have my own me time too, and of course that would include time with the hubster to benefit our relationship too!  I've toyed with this thought, a lot.

Initially it really rubbed me the wrong way, but the more I think about it, the more I understand it.  I make hundreds of decisions daily that are based on what is best for my children.  I've changed my entire lifestyle in the last few years for the better to do what is best for my kids, and it turns out, it's what's best for me too. 

But I do make decisions based on my …

Do you see any blue?

I witnessed something bothersome last night in a public restroom. 

It was date night for hubby and I.  We went to dinner and a movie, with some shopping in between.  By the time we arrived at the theater, I badly needed to use the restroom.  I went and did my thing, but while I was washing my hands, there was a small group of middle school aged girls gossiping in the restroom. 

Some of them had gone into a rated R movie, and they were scared so they ran out, but the employees would never know where they were, and so on.  None of which I cared about, but still found it amusing. 

As I was finishing washing and drying my hands another member of their group came out of a stall and asked her friends to look for anything blue as she danced around so they could see all sides.  Now this, I was curious about.  I turned to dry my hands, and continue listening to this conversation.  The girl proceeds to show her friends her blue undies that she's wearing under her tiny little shorts.

My tho…

We're Home!

We're home from vacation, and I have so much to share, but today, I want to enjoy the comforting feeling of home!  I wish we could just take our house with us when we traveled; well, maybe not the whole thing, but parts of it! 

On our drive back today, Caden may have heard me say something about not wanting to go back to work tomorrow.  So his solution, that he proposed to mommy and daddy: you say you don't want to go to work; I don't want to go to school; let's go back to Sesame Street!

Oh if life were that simple.

Happiness in the Ocean

I'll be blogging more about our adventures with photographs when we return home, but there was a moment today, that was worth documenting.

My family our four, on our first real family vacation, spent the late afternoon at the crowded beach in New Jersey.  After the boys finally warmed up to the idea of the water, the four of us held hands and walked our the beach so our toes, and legs on larger waves, were brushed by the water.  There we stood hand-in-hand, smiles on our faces, enjoying the breeze off the ocean and the water on our toes.  We stood, enjoying the movement of the waves, and the presence of each other for 10 minutes (shocking for four year old boys) before Caden broken the hand holding to play in the sand.

It was pure happiness.

I stood there, smiling for as long as my family was enjoying it.  I wanted to take a photo of our family enjoying this moment of our family vacation, but I was too busy living in the moment.  So please, use your imagination.  (I'm sure pho…

2010 Summer Vacation Day 1

We hit the road about 11:00 Friday morning after finishing getting everyone ready and the car loaded.  We made a quick stop at the bank and Giant Eagle, then we were on our way!  (Giant Eagle sells discount tickets to Idlewild Park for a good deal!) 

We drove straight through to our hotel, in small PA town about a half hour drive some Idlewild Park.  The kids did SURPRISINGLY well on the 3-ish hour drive out here!  I was impressed and very proud of them!  I didn't have high expectations after our trip to Buffaloearlier this year

When I say small town, there wasn't much of anything to do with the kiddos once we got here!  I had planned on spending the evening in the hotel's indoor pool with them after the car ride, but it turns out, our hotel pool is pretty gross.  So is the gym.  The a/c units are all broken in the gym, so I was sweating just standing in there, and the one and only treadmill was "out of order." So that was a bust.  At least our room was tolera…

Home? Or not?

We live on a corner.  When we're driving home from anywhere north of our house we have drive past our house, then turn on to our next road to get into our driveway.

Nearly EVERY time we're driving home this way, as soon as the house is in sight, I listen to the following argument.  It never changes.

Caleb: We're home!

Caden: No we're not.

Caleb: We're home!

Caden: No, we're still on the road!

Caleb: We're home.  See.

Caden: We're still on the road.

And it continues until we're safely in our driveway/garage.  Every single time.

He's coming home!

Hubby just called for a super fast call before he turned in for the night on his work trip.  Normally, I'd be disappointed we didn't get a chance to chat about our days, BUT he called with good news! He is COMING HOME TOMORROW! 

Now I'm a bit excited and don't know if I'm going to be able to force myself to go to sleep!

And, oh crap, that means we're back on schedule for vacation, and now I am behind in packing, laundry, booking a hotel, etc. 

But right now, I don't care because he's coming home tomorrow!  :):)

I love how God always has a plan for everything.

My thoughts on a week of single parenting.

Hubby left early Sunday morning for work a couple states away for the week.  I am  grateful for him having a good job, with a great company, and most importantly that it's something he wants to do.  I'm also grateful that he doesn't often have to travel for work!  I realize I travel maybe a half dozen times a year for work and leave him home with the kids, but this is a first to have the tables turned, and I am not a fan!

Fortunately Keith was able to call last night for a very quick good night to the fellow for the first time since he'd been gone.  He was able to call tonight for a bit longer, and they boys had LOTS to tell him about!  I only wish Keith had had more time to listen to their stories. 

He hasn't been able to call much, especially after he first left, but it's not so bad now! It's just hard to catch the kids while they're awake! Aside from that, I miss having someone around to help out with the kids; I miss someone around to talk to ab…

Your Head Hurt?

Caden overheard my telling hubs I had a headache one evening. 

When I got off the phone with him, Caden says: "Mommy, you head hurt." 

I replied yes. 

He asks: "We're people screaming at work today mommy?"

How you get in there?

Lately, Caleb has been obsessed with how you get in pictures.  He's been walking around looking at photos displayed around our house asking, "how you get in there mommy?"
I have yet to come up with an acceptable answer for him.  How do you explain the digital camera & printing to a 4 year old?  I'll keep trying until he stops asking!
His favorite photograph to ask about, one of our engagement photos from Laura at Perception Studio!

You Need to Wear a Helmet

Last night, we were driving home, and we were following a fellow on a motorcycle through town.  This particular gentleman was not wearing a helmet, and my two boys had a lot to say about that!

It started with them telling me he wasn't wearing one, followed by a, but mommy, he should wear a helmet, that's bad. 

The conversation between the two of them continued.  I had stopped listening to the conversation, but hubby had continued to follow along, and soon told be to listen again.  Apparently, if we'd followed the whole conversation, the moral of the story was something like this:

He's not wearing a helmet.
That's bad, he should wear a helmet.
He's going to get an ouchy on his head.
He's going to get a boo boo. 
He's going to break his bones.
Then we can feed his bones to the doggies.

Moral of the story: Wear a helmet on your bike, even my 4 year olds know that isn't smart.  And heaven forbid something did actually happen, my kids would feed you to t…

Cancer is a Scary Word

Prepare yourself, it's a long one.  I've had a heavy heart with a lot on my mind lately.

Two weeks ago this coming Monday, my mom went into the doctors office for a routine colonoscopy.  Everything went fine, my dad took her home.  Later that afternoon, my mom's friend and next ddoor neighbor was taking her to the emergency room.  It turns out, she had pneumonia.  She was admitted, and I spent my whole week driving 40 minutes one way to the hospital in the evenings to be there. 

She was released Friday to go home with strict orders not to over do it.  I loaded up Keith and the kids and headed over to pick her up.  They don't allow the kids in the hospital, but I thought it would be a nice surprise to have her grand-kids waiting in the car for her with her son-in-law.  And partially because, I wanted to spend some time with my kids!  (The weekend before she was admitted, I'd spend in Washington D.C./Baltimore with a college friend!)

While I went in to get her, we ha…


I've been struggling with motivation lately for working out. I'm lucky if I'm getting two runs a week in the past few weeks.  I wish I had a better reason, other than I just am not getting out of bed in the morning to do it.  The heat has me slightly saddened about my running because I haven't been able to add much distance when it so stinking hot out there!

Sidebar: The high today was in the 90s.  The high tomorrow, according to, is only 75.  What the heck Ohio weather!?  I'll believe it when I feel it! 

I plan on getting a decent run in this weekend outside before hubby leaves town on Sunday.  I won't be able to squeeze in my morning runs if hubs isn't here to stay home with the kiddos!  Ideally I'll just use the treadmill in our basement, but knowing my motivation lately, I'd say that isn't likely. (I've already given up hope for tomorrow morning, but I'll set my alarm anyway!)

Perhaps the boys have noticed my lack of …

Then go make it yourself!

I came home from my pedicure at a friend's house tonight.  The boys were sitting on the couch watching Scooby Doo, and I swear Caleb had his hand in his pants.  Regardless our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Did you make mommy supper?"

Caleb: "Not yet."

Me: "But I'm hungry!"  (Very politely of course!)

Caleb: "Then go make it yourself."

Apparently he's not going to be interrupted!  (I'm sure he's heard me say that a time or two!)

Toy Story 3

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 over the weekend.  As an avid Toy Story fan myself, I was also excited as pie to be seeing it finally!  It wasn't quite what I was expecting but it was still good!

As a mom, it certainly made me sad!  Thinking about my boys growing up and going off to college makes me terribly proud of them, but sad at the same time! 

What matters most, is that those two boys LOVED going to the movies!  They'd been talking about it all week leading up to it.  Caden was excited for the BIG screen.  Caleb was anxious about it being too loud.  Caleb started out in my lap, but before the move started, moved to Daddy's lap, and never left for the rest of the movie!  Caden informed me "I fine. I don't need you."  For about the first 3/4 of the movie, then the next thing I know he's moving my legs and crawling in!  I've never been so comfortable sitting in a theater with my little muffin wrapped up in my lap!


We took the kids to see fireworks tonight.  Although they've seen fireworks before, this was the first time they'd really been to see them as an event with a seat up close, and they LOVED it!  I've always been a big fan of fireworks, but tonight, my enjoyment came from watching the boys soak in their first wonderful display of fireworks to celebrate our country's independence!  For me, the wonder in there eyes was enough happiness for me.


I had a good weekend away alone with my good friend from college Claire!  But ever since coming home Sunday night, things have gone less than smoothly, and I'm exhausted. I came home Sunday evening to a messy house I was just irritated as my flight had gotten in later than planned.  I was exhausted from a weekend of late nights.  (I'll blog more about the trip later!)
Monday at work things started to turn around.  I finally had a reasonable about of meetings per week and could really get some work done.  Monday evening, I was home alone while Keith and the kids were running an errand when I got a call from my mom's good friend that she was in the emergency room waiting to be admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. 

Since then I've been heads down at working trying to accomplish lots amongst still getting the kids to swim lessons and appointments, trying to keep up with housework, and spend my evenings at the hospital, but there's just never enough time in a day. …