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I wouldn't change a thing.

It's crazy to think that one year ago I was preparing to graduate from college.  I was horribly excited about life.  I had an amazing job lined up; a great boyfriend to go back home to, and I was about to have my undergraduate degree in hand!  I was embarking on a new adventure.  I was young, fresh, excited about life and ready to be a young working professional with a fun exciting life! 

It's amazing how so much can change in one years time. 

Now I'm not saying my life isn't fun anymore, and it still have adventures and excitement, it's just a completely different world from what I imagined it would me. 

This year at this time, I'm preparing a birthday party for my twin 3 year old step sons.  I'm planning a wedding for Keith and I for September.  We've bought a house and are going through the whole process.  I'm still working that great job I had after college, and for the most part it's still pretty great.  I just never imagined how challengin…