Sunday, July 19, 2015

7 Month Old Ruth

Ruth has been learning and developing a lot in the last couple weeks. She's still working on learning to sit up. She's strong!  She's trying to veg up on all 4s to crawl;she can almost push herself there, but not stay yet. She also like to lay one of her hands out and rub whatever is near her, sometimes it's my leg or the arm of the couch.

She was a trooper too on her first long car ride! 7+hours!


Ruth has a very crooked tooth popped through on the bottom and another coming I think.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Morning wake up call

This is what I find when she wakes up in the morning. Love it!

You Were Made to Make a Difference

You Were Made to Make A Difference  -     By: Max Lucado, Jenna Lucado Bishop

I finished reading this book today.  I've grown to appreciate Max Lucado writing, so I was intrigued by this work with his daughter. 

It was a good read, and would be great for their target audience, teenages! 

I shared stories of kids from the book with my kids around the dinner table.  We found new non-profits for love and share with from it too. 

It's an easy read and could really change a teenager's perspective. 

The message was good for everyone, but as an adult with a family of my own their examples and wording made it hard to adapt for me.  Now if they wrote the same book geared at moms, I'd be right on it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How do you do it?

I get asked a lot how I manage to get everything done as a mom of 4 and working full time. I've never had a great answer.  My best answer has been I just do it.  There's no secret, I'm just living my life.

Over the 4th of July weekend I was asked MANY times.  After that weekend I really started thinking about a good answer to that question as I'm sure it'll continue.  And I realized, it's not about me.

I don't do it alone, and I haven't been giving credit where I should. 

I don't do this alone, I have God by my side.  He is what makes all this possible.

I'm disappointed in myself for not recognizing this sooner and voicing it.  I missed opportunities to share my faith.   I knew I needed to write and share about this and now, the next time I ask, I hope I have the courage to speak up and say I'm not doing it along; that we have God on our side. 

Sunday, July 05, 2015


Ruthie took her first swim yesterday!

We spent the evening at Aunt Laura's celebrating the fourth of July and the boys swam lots. I took Elinore swimming too until we convinced some others to come in and help so Ruthie could swim too! Ashley came in with Ruthie  and aunt Laura came in a bit too with you girls.

The water was warm and weather was nice and we had a great time!