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Week 18

On Mondays I have class in the evenings, so I don't go home after work.   By the time class is over by 9 and I drive home I'm in no mood to take a photo, not to mention what I look like after a full day of work and 3 hours of night class.  So this week my friend Lisa is working in our office (yippee!), and I had her snap my photo quick before we left the office today.  Luckily most everyone else had left the office to save embarrassment!
Weight: 138
This morning I had a first in our pregnancy thus far.  A few of my co-workers commented that she can see a bit of a bump showing even though I weight 2 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight, it's certainly not in the same places!
My appetite has increased.  After what seemed like years, but was really just a couple of months, of not wanting food and struggling I can say with certainty now that my appetite is no longer an issue.
I'm slowly getting into more regular workouts.  I've bee doing some weekly prenatal yoga,…

Get Buckled In!

Keith is telling the boys a Payden and Paleb good night story tonight.  I'm listing from the living room as I'm finishing up my homework. 

Keith was having them get comfortable in bed for story time, and I heard him say "get buckled in!" 

I think he meant tucked in.

Week 17 Day 1

Weight: 136.5
Every week, and sometimes more often, I weigh myself in the morning before getting ready for the day.  Normally I get out of bed, use the restroom, and step on the scale in the bedroom before moving on with my day.
At this weight I'm currently still 3.5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, but I've put back on 5.5 pounds of what I lost in early pregnancy.  I'm so glad I'm past most of my appetite and eating issues!  I wouldn't say I eat just as I did before, but it's certainly heading in the right direction.
For the next few months, I must stay on top of things while I'm in school.  I'm not a procrastinator, so when I get behind, it's stressful.  Therefore, I'm commited to staying on top and delegating housework to the husband as necessary. Come the middle of April, the semester will be over!  I can so do this for three months.
It been awhile now since I've been able to sleep through the night without getting up to go to the …

Prenatal Appointment #3 - Week 17

We had our third prenatal appointment this morning.  Another simple visit where we got to hear the heartbeat.  It was 150 something.  Keith nor I can remember if it was 154 or 156 of 152, something.  I'm disappointed I can't remember, but we do remember the important part, she said it was normal.

We scheduled our ultrasound for my birthday.  Actually we'd scheduled it for the day before my birthday, but Keith's schedule conflicted, so we rescheduled for my birthday.  I think that's about the best darn birthday present I could have for turning 26.

Two years ago at my birthday, I was waiting for the day after for my first D&C.  A year ago for my birthday, I spent it in Columbus at the Ohio Pork Congress for work followed my a mini-birthday party Keith and the kids put together last minute with my family.  This year, I'll get to see our newest addition on my birthday, before rounding out the evening with graduate school class.  I guess adult birthday always co…

Week 16

I wrote this whole post once, and blogger lost it for me.  Here's attempt number 2.

Weight: 136.5
What's on my mind?
I'm so grateful that my nasty cold of last week is nearly all gone. 

Because the cold is nearly gone, it enable me to get a good start on housework and spring cleaning.  It was a good start on my "must do before baby" list!  It feels great to have a really clean part of the house too.  We deep cleaned, we organized, we moved furniture and things, all to get the nursery cleaned out and ready for baby.  Plus, you need a good deep clean every so often!  I made it through the living room, the boys room, which saw some major changes, and the guest bedroom this weekend.  Up next, the toy room, my bedroom and the basement!  Once we get through all that, we should have a nursery with the clutter cleared and ready to go!

I have my first class of the semester on Thursday, and as always with the start of new classes, I'm nervous about how it will go.  I…

Week 15 Day 4

What's on my mind this week?

I've been down the second half of the week with a cold.  A seriously nasty, not leaving the recliner cold.  I worked from home on Wednesday and ended up wishing I'd just taken a sick day.   Thursday, I did take sick day.  I spent both days in the recliner and Wednesday night too.  I passed the time reading to prepare for baby, watching tv and napping. 

Pregnancy has made me nostalgic for my own childhood, especially with food.  I've found myself going to comfort foods from my childhood I haven't had in years.  My mom packed my dad's lunches when we were kids and often had store bought desserts for him in the form of cookies and snack cakes.  I bake a lot, so we never buy store bought treats, but lately that just what I've been doing.  It might have something to do with the fact that I haven't been doing much baking lately either.

I'm a little apprehensive about out growing my clothes.  Not really because of my size, but …

Week 15

Weight: 134

What's on my mind?
I've been having a hard time drinking enough water lately.  The last few days or so I've really tried to make it a priority.  I'm not sure why it's so much harder lately.  I think it probably has something to do with my altered activity level and lack of running.I've been thinking about baby everything, all-the-time.  It sometimes make focusing on other things hard!I love when I get the opportunity to talk baby and pregnancy with a close friend.  Although I'm particular about how I talk in detail with it about; I have a few good friends who've had babies and I love being able to converse about it!Baby shower planning is already underway.  My SIL is way ahead of the game!Keith and I made a to do list of things we have to do around the house before baby.  I'm pleased to say it is not crazy or terrible.  It's totally doable.  The biggest thing I'm anxious about, the registry.I start back to my second semester of g…

Grown Up Living

Tonight on the way home from school the boys and I agreed they could play in the basement with their REALLY BIG box.  On the way home, Caden told me that he wanted us to keep the REALLY BIG box until he grew up.  He and Caleb agreed that they didn't need houses of their own when they grew up because they love us.  They'll just live at our house and keep the big box in the basement so when someone comes to visit when they're grown up they can show them the box.

I'm sure the box will be long destroyed by the time they're grown up, but what melted my heart, they want to live at our house when they're grown up because they love us!

Boy or Girl? I don't know want to know.

A common question thus far in the pregnancy is when and/or if we are going to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.  I've been set on not finding out, something I thought about before we were pregnant.  However, Keith didn't share the same thought I did.  He wanted to know.

Luckily, he's come around to my side of the fence, but a part of me still feels like I'm cheating him out of something.   We could still change our mind, but as of now, I'm set on not knowing. 

There are only a handful of actual reasons I don't want to know, listed below, really I just have this strong feeling of not wanting to know.  I can't really explain it.
Knowing the gender of the baby does not change anything about our love or desire to have the baby.No knowing will cause me to spend less money on clothes, etc. before the baby is born as it is more difficult to find gender neutral items, and after, I'll be a busy mother of three.  (I think this was a big selling point …

Week 14 Day 2

I was so unsatisfied with yesterday's photo that I made Keith take another last night.   This one I'm much happier with!  We tried a new location in the house, probably not the best yet, but we'll keep trying.  And in this photo, you might actually be able to see a bit of a bump starting!
Did I mention in my last post that I'm officially in my second trimester?  It's an exciting moment for us!
This morning, I hit the treadmill again!  It sure felt good, and it wasn't as hard as I'd have expected after taking 2 months off working out.  I do want to focus on fitness through my pregnancy.  Everything I've read this far shares how good it is for you, and if I have that expectation of myself when I'm not expecting, why would now be any different?  
While I'm walking on the treadmill, I've been reading my books about pregnancy.  I've also starting thinking about needing to read books about breastfeeding.  It is something Keith and I strongly …

Week 14 Day 1

I tried a bit harder with this weeks photo, but I think there is still room for improvement.  I'm quite unhappy with this photo actually; I have legs, I swear.  The photo shows more of my sweater than me.  Keith asked me to dress less big sweater like or something for next week's photo so we can see more me.  I suppose that is a reasonable request assuming I can remember that when getting dressed in the morning since the photos are taken in the evenings after work. 

Weight: 132.5

I finally feel like I'm getting some of my energy back.I'm still going to be at a very respectable time.  (A.K.A. before 10P.M.)The urge to work out is back!  I started yesterday with what was going to be a 1.5 mile walk on the treadmill and turned into 1/2 mile warm up, 1/2 mile run, and a 1/2 mile walk.  Unfortunately it results in shin splints.  I need to develop a new workout plan.  If I don't have a plan, I don't stick to it.I've been trying to communicate more with…

Prenatal Appointment #2 - Week 13

We had our second appointment last Friday.  It was quite simple really, a few quick check points with the doctor and we were done.  Well, done except for one exciting part.  We got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time!  At 13 weeks 4 days, the baby's heart rate was 164.

My Goals for 2012

I'm not a New Years Resolutions type of person.  I never have been.  But this year, I do want to write down a few goals I hope to achieve in 2012. 

Finish my second semester of graduate school, while pregnant, with my GPA still strong Take some time off work to savor the the last time we're a family of 4 Welcome baby into our familyBreastfeed babySend the boys to kindergarten (They're so grown up!)Run a 5K after having babyCelebrate our 3rd year of marriage with my husband