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Caden and Caleb were asking what the 4x4 on trucks means. They thought it meant 4x4=16 and you have to be 16 to drive.

Ruth - 11 Months

Pretty late at getting these taken this month and clothes are over being white.  We grew to fast for that! But she's still awesome!


Poor Ruthie never seems to stop teething.  Last week I laid her down to change a diaper and saw 2 more teeth on top that had popped through!  That makes 4 on top and it almost looks like there are more coming up there, but it's hard to tell yet.

She also popped one through on the bottom too!  She has 3 down there and another one working its way in.

My little girl is always teething it seems, and we're trying to find things for her to chew and manage the pain for her, but it's rough!


Aside from what I learned about the events that took place in Joshua, I wrote down a few personal reflections too.

I thought it was interesting that they hurried across the Jordan River.  There was rush and haste even then just as we rush and hurry through life now.  But we need to do it at God's direction, not culture and to do list based.

I was not expecting the text about the men going to battle and passing before the Lord int he Ark.  I think of the Lord in terms of his is everywhere, but I am looking at it with the lens of the New Testament and I am reading in the Old Testament.

How awesome is God!?  He stopped the sun for moving for a day!

Stubbornness allows defeat.


I finished the book of Joshua this week.  I took the following notes through the book:

The land will be the Israelite'sJoshua is to follow God's instruction and will be successfulJoshua gives first order to the people - prepare to move and the men to fightSpies are sent to Jericho and hid within Rahab's (a prostitute) home, in exchange they promised to spare her and her family from destructionJericho was terribly afraid of the Israelite's and their God as they'd heard of the Red Sea and moreJoshua led them across the Jordan river as God directed, the Ark of the Agreement first; the river flow stopped for them to cross12 rocks were selected from the river to remind people it stopped flowing when the Ark with the Lord entered itJoshua put 122 rocks in the river where the Ark was12 = 1 for each of the 12 tribes of IsraelThey hurried across the Jordan; men prepared for war first and passed before the LordWhen priests and the Ark left the Jordan river, it flowed againIsr…

A Train Ride & Santa

We saw Santa yesterday!

My Aunt text me yesterday afternoon that she was running the train at an area mall in their Christmas display.  So after Elinore woke from her nap yesterday afternoon we headed to the mall to ride a train. 

Keith was at a friends helping them with some computer stuff, but was able to meet us there too, so that was a nice surprise! 

The kids and I rode the train three times.  (It pays to know the operator!)  And we hopped over and visited Santa and had pictures taken with Santa too!  Bonus for being so early in the year to see Santa; there was no line!

Caden asked Santa for fake snow.  Caleb asked for an iPad.  (Santa said his elves don't make those and they have to check with parents on getting those!)  Elinore asked for a restaurant and a car. 

Ruth cried a little while on Santa's lap, then the photographer distracted her.  Then the distraction ended and crying started again, but we got a great Santa photo of the kids this year!


Christmas mania has hit our household like mad!

I've been an early Christmas shopper for years now.  I prefer to be done before Thanksgiving, and this year is no exception, we're well on our way to being done with Christmas shopping!

However, with last year being the exception, I don't decorate before Thanksgiving for Christmas.  (Last year we did because the baby was due the day after Thanksgiving.  I knew if we didn't do it early it might not happen.  Then she made us wait another week anyway!)  This year the pressure is on though.  Caden is our decorator and Christmas fanatic.  He's had his small Christmas tree up almost all year!  And he's been asking and asking when we're going to start decorating.  They're getting more involved in the shopping a little and Caden and Caleb have done a lot of their shopping already too. 

With the radio starting Christmas music early last week, we've been listening to Christmas music non-stop too since then!