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I'm ready to be done with grad school.

This is my view for the afternoon: two sleeping pets, a school binder and a technical statistical report to write. One of the boys is playing a video game, one is napping and the girl is napping too. Keith is off with his brother. I am grateful for the opportunity to complete my work, but old be lying if I said I wasn't counting down until the end of July when I'm done with school! (Hopefully forever!)


My dear boys turned EIGHT last week.  EIGHT! 

You were quite excited for your birthday, and as it turned out you had a special day in school for reading class too!  Your teacher held a campout day on the Friday or your birthday and you took sleeping bags and flashlights/latnerns to class with you to campout and read!  You were so excited that it fell on your birthday.  It made your birthday even more special!

Of course you were both also excited about taking treats to class.  Caden you didn't care much either way what you were taking.  Caleb specifically requested fudge to take, which I planned on doing.  However, your little sibling to be and the morning sickness of pregnancy decided I was too tired and nauseous to spend my evening in the kitchen.  (So sorry for that kiddo!)  Instead you had oatmeal cream pies from the dollar store to share with your classes.  And you were both thrilled to have those to take too.  Thank you for being so understanding! 

We gave you a choice of h…