Monday, January 16, 2017

Be Nice

Elinore had a rough night. She continued to refuse to get into bed at bedtime and had a few time outs.  She was teary when I finally got her into bed.  We started to talk about what happened and what we could do different along with I'm sorry and I forgive yous.

That's when she told me she just wishes she could be me sometimes.  "Why?" I asked.  Because I want people to know I'm nice too.

And my mama heart melted in love for this child and hear heart. 

We talked about she is kind often, and we are all mean sometimes, myself included.  (Her brothers give me constant reminders of how mean I am there!  Us mean moms!  ;) )

I told her if she wants people to thinks she's nice to make choices that are nice and things will take care of themselves.


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