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With this week marking my return to work, my husband offered some perspective that made it easier; don't get me wrong, it was still hard. 

As we were talking about my return to work the day before, he provided some things to think about I hadn't really considered. 

I was sharing how sometimes I thought I was selfish for wanting more money for our family and things when I could be cutting way back and spending my days with my kids.  While I would love to, Keith made the point that the money I bring in helps us to have opportunities not only now, but for the future.

My additional income allows for us to plan to help our children pay for college, which is something important to me.  It helps us save for retirement.  It provides us additional security and savings we wouldn't be able to afford without me working.  

Seeing how having too little money later in life can impact families I'm more confident in my choice to go back to work. 

And helping our kids through college i…

Returning to Work

As I return to work today, I want to reflect more on some things about myself. 

I've grown in my faith during my maternity leave, but it's something I hope to continue to grow once I return to work, but it will be harder.

I've realized I don't always like who I am when I'm working.  I've not always carried the best attitude with me about work.  It's easy to get frustrated and angry with the days happenings and tasks, and I let them bring me down.  I can get caught up in the complaining and gossip.  It's time that can certainly be better focused and more positive.

As I return to work, my goal is to like who i am at work too, and that will mean making some changes, mostly to my attitude.  

The other thing about returning to work will be keeping up with my household chores and focusing on the kids before their bedtime.  It's easy to be tired and cranky when i get home from work, but I need to make my drive home about letting go of work and focusing…

3rd Anniverary

Keith and I have been together for 5 years, and today we are celebrating 3 years of marriage. 
It was supposed to be my first day back to work after maternity leave.  However, we've never worked on our anniversary.  We take a vacation day to spend it together, which I something I plan to continue every year.  Our marriage is something to be celebrated!
This year we'll be spending it with our kids and a lunch out together.  

I love you Keith.  I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries and adventures with you.

Maternity Leave

My 12 weeks of leave was not long enough, not even close.

I'm not a big dreamer.  I have visions of the future of how things will be.  I focus on reality, and while I hopes of how things turn out, I don't have concrete plans.  God has a plan, and his will always trump mine anyway.  My pregnancy was no different.  I couldn't imagine life with a baby and the boys, but not that I have these three precious kiddos, I couldn't imagine my life without them. 

Maternity leave taught me a lot about myself.

I can accomplish a lot if I put my mind to it.  I've never been very good at sitting still, even in school I was always busy and participating in lots of extra curricular activities.  Not that I'm an adult, I still keep busy all the time, the activities have just changed.  I have a very difficult time resting if I know there are dishes to be done and laundry to be done or trash, you name it.  I try to go to bed every night with the house picked up and mostly in order.…

Why didn't you tell us that?

The boys are inquisitive as ever.  The questions never stop.  The older they get the harder the questions get.  So hard in fact there are questions daily I can't answer.  For example, one day they asked me, "how do they make paint?"  When I thought for a bit and answered with a "they mix some chemicals together and put it in a can" it wasn't good enough for them.  What kind of chemicals?  How do they mix them?  And on and on. 

I love that they want to learn, but man, I'm having to Google things all the time.  The only problem is I can't Google and drive, which is when most of the questions arise.  Usually it's something like "what's that thing over there?"  Which also means, I usually have no idea what they're talking about.  I certainly can't peel my eyes off the road to look around for everything they might possibly ask about.  Yet when I ask for more detail about what they're pointing at, I usually get an annoyed, &…

Thumbs and Pacifiers

Since very early in your life Ellie, you'd liked your hands near your face.  We often hear you sucking on your hands and various fingers. 

We waited a long time to introduce a pacifier due to breastfeeding, and when it was brought up, usually by Daddy, I was against it.  Although as you've grown, and breastfeeding was well established, I've been considering it. 

You see, you're commonly with your hands or fingers in your mouth still, and just in the last day or so you've found your thumb. 

While I'm not excited about that discovery, I'm proud of you for figuring it out, and finding something that comforts you.  

I'd rather have you take a pacifier than your thumb.  You see, we can take the pacifier away, but we can't take your thumb away.

Over the last few weeks I've tried the pacifier with you and most of the time you're not interested.  We have 3 or 4 different kinds of pacifiers, and I've had the most success with two of them, which …

Elinore's Two Month Check-up & Flu Shots

Caden, Caleb and I took Elinore in for her two-month check-up this morning. 

We were seeing the nurse practitioner today instead of our regular pediatrician, and I really liked her.  Elinore checked out well and is growing right on track in about the 15th percentile for her height and weight.  You are growing!

She weighed in at 10 lbs. 8 oz.  She's 22 1/4 inches long. 

She cried through her vaccinations, all 3 of them.  She was experienced with the oral medication, so she did well with that one!  Afterwards it took some time to calm her back down, and after her screaming slowed to a whimper I nursed her, and she went right to sleep. 

You'll find me snuggled with my baby the rest of the day from those tears and shots.  I think she's doing just fine though after a long nap and another nursing session, she's full of normal smiles and wiggling all over the blanket next to me!  That sure makes it easier on mommy!

While we were there they also had this year's flu vaccin…

Not Finger Foods

Meal times can sometimes be a challenge.  I have a running list of items that I've had to remind my boys are not finger foods. 

RiceCereal with milkSoup - I think this one tops the list of unusual items. Oatmeal

Do Nothing

Thursday evening I was driving the kids into the fairgrounds for the last night of the county fair and they saw a sign for the Army.  They've asked questions about it recently and learned about people that choose to be a solider when they grow up. 

That night they started talking about being whatever they want to be when they grow up, which I encouraged.  Then they continued to say that they could be soldiers or policemen or firemen, or be nothing, like mommy. 

I think I might have choked on my spit, or giggled or sat silently in shock for a moment. 

I may still be on maternity leave for another week and a half, but I certainly haven't been doing nothing.  So I asked a few questions to which they clarified their point.

Yeah, we can go to work all day and do nothing like you. 


I tried to explain that I'm an underwriter, but I went through a formal 14 month training program and another 9 months of on the job training before I handled my own territory and I still  d…

10 Running-Related Personal Questions

Although I'm currently on a running hiatus, I do plan to return to running.  I hope soon, but I'm having trouble tearing myself away from my baby to get back on the road.  So, I've adjusted my plans to to the treadmill, although I still haven't stepped on it since Elinore was born.  At the start of 2012, I set a goal for myself to run a 5K after my baby arrived, so I need to get my legs moving! 

Anyway, I read this post from Another Mother Runner this week and wanted to get my mind back into thinking about running.  What better way than to participate!

1. Best run ever: I can't decide between two, and they are the best for completely different reasons.  

In August 2010, I ran a two mile race.  I didn't feel great about my run, and the next night, a Sunday evening, I took off on a run from my house.  For the first time in my running adventure, I didn't want to stop.  I kept running.  I felt strong and energized and just kept running.  I took a different route …

Facing the World

One of Elinore's favorite places to be is me holder her on my hip with her facing the world while I'm walking around.  It is almost always an easy way to calm her down.  I love that she's close to me and gets to explore the world around her.
It's comforting for her.  I know it's probably because the pressure on her tummy helps relieve some gas, but I have a different thought to it.
When she's grown, I hope she faces the world head on, explores her surroundings and takes action.  I want to be able to look back and say, Ellie's been ready for the world from the beginning.  As a baby she loved to be on my hip facing the world ready for all it has to offer.  
My girl will leave a mark on this world.

Ellie - 2 Months Old

Compare to 1 Month Old Compare to 9 Days Old

Two Month Review - Elinore

This past month we've watched you grow and change.  While I love watching you grow, it makes me sad how quickly time is flying.

You've moved up to size one diapers over the course of the last month.  You still fit in your newborn clothing but some of the pieces are starting to get a little snug and we're moving onto some of the larger 0-3 month clothes in your drawer.  It's nice having a slightly larger pool of clothes to choose from to dress you!

You are your happiest in the mornings.  You wake up smiling and content.  Even when you're not smiling, we can tell you're happy just by the look on your face.  Your beautiful blue eyes say it all.  I'm a happy girl!

You love having your diaper changed.  Your happy face is almost always out when your diaper is being changed.

You've really started looking around more with wide curious eyes.  You love exploring your surroundings.  In fact, one of your favorite places is sitting on my hip facing out to look at th…

Santa is Magic!

Christmas talk has already started around these parts. (Not by me, I'm not ready for that!)One thing I do listen to though is what my kids say they want for Christmas. I can use the ideas, if not for myself, then for when all our family members want to know what they want for Christmas.I have one problem, our what will be a problem if he doesn't change his mind before Christmas.  Caden isn't telling anyone what he wants for Christmas.He has stuck to this motivation for about a month now too.  His response when you ask. You'll see what I asked for when Santa comes this year!He's telling no one, but Santa knows, because he's magic. He's been telling everyone it's a surprise we'll see when Santa comes!(Makes it hard for mama!)