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1 Chronicles

This was a very hard book from the beginning for me to get into.  The last half the book or more went much better and was easier to follow.  The beginning is much about the lineage of the families and difficult to read and follow.  I did start out trying to write out who came from who, from who, from who and on down, but it was too hard and confusing.  So I stopped and started taking summarizing notes.  That is what follows.

From Adam to AbrahamAbraham's familyEdomites from SeirKings of Edom (before kings of Israel)Israel's familyJudah's familyCaleb's familyJerahmeel's familyCaleb's familyDavid's familyKings of JudahDavid's descendants after Babylonian captivityOther family groupsSimeon's children; they attacked people and took landReuben = Israel's first son, but it was taken from him for his sinsGad's childrenReuben, Gad & Manasseh attacked Itagrites and God helped them because of their trust and prayerAssyrian king took East Manasseh; …