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I think for as long as I've known Keith he's walked around our house singing songs.  Sometimes they're songs from the radio, sometimes they're kids songs, and sometimes they are made up songs.  He has a couple songs he repeatedly sings to Elinore, and she just loves being sang to!  Caleb and Caden have started singing a long now too. 

The most common is this song, however, Keith's lyrics don't quite match the song lyrics.  He tends to take bits and pieces and mash them together.

 Bom ba bom, bom ba dip, da dip,dip da
da, da, da, dun, dun, da dingity ding, da ding.
Bom ba bom, bom ba dip, da dip,dip da
da, da, da, dun, dun, da dingity dong, da dong.

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you,
Heart and soul, the way a fool would do,
Because you held me tight,
And stole a kiss in the ni-ight...

Heart and soul, I begged to be adored(ooooh ooh),
Lost control, and tumbled overboard(ooooh oooh ooh),
That magic night we kissed,
There in the moon mist.


First Thanksgiving

Hair Pulling

About a month ago, your Daddy was holding you one evening and caught you pulling your own hair.  

Elinore - 5 Months Old

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This past Thursday evening, Keith and I dressed the kids and sat them down for a good photo for this years Cristmas card.  While a good photo didn't come out, we have enough that I can crop a good picture of each one of them for a decent card! 

Keith and I took turns with the camera and trying to get them all to smile at the same time and not be doing anything weird.  Caden is notorious for ruining photos by being a ham.  I think he's camera shy and overcompensates with silliness. 

On one of our last attempts, Keith was manning the camera and I was behind him trying to get smiles when I reached down and tickled his sides. 

The next day at the sitter, Caden tells one of our sitters "Mommy tickeld Daddy's butt!"

And then I was embarassed. 

I felt I owed some kind of explination, but I just stood there speechless.  Our sitters are quite conservative.

Our sitter replied with a "Mommy's do that sometimes."

And I could finally say "That's isn…

Boys and Girls

Today, while changing Elinore's diapers, the boys asked me: "how does she pee because she doesn't have a weiner?"And the difference between boys and girls has now been explained.