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Elinore is now into books.  She loves them!  She'll say "Boo" when pointing at them.  She carries them to you to read to her, and she's actually listening to them now!  She's been really interested in books the last few weeks, but just in the last week she's started to actually listen to them when you read them.  Yesterday she came over and sat in my lap or next to me many times to listen to books.  However, by books, I really only mean a handful of them because we're reading the same book(s) over and over and over.  Some of her favorites are a hide and see farm animal book, Brown Brown Brown Bear What Do You See and a Sesame Street numbers book.

Piano Player

The other night I was in the kitchen doing something in the evening after the kids had gone to bed and Keith was away for something when I heard a few keys on the piano played.  When you're the only one home and awake, it's quite frightening.  At first I though, did one of the kids sneak out and do that to scare me?  But I didn't really think they did that, so I was kind of afraid to go around the corner and see what was going on.  I had to though, because I had to know what was going on in side my house with my family inside.  This is what I found...

That silly kitten of ours scared the crap out of me.  Maybe I should go back to keeping the lid closed on those keys!

8 Teeth

Sunday Elinore and I were feeling under the weather, so we stayed home all day in our pajamas and relaxed. That afternoon I noticed two new teeth of Elinore's! She now has 4 teeth on the bottom!

Whole Milk

Just in the last week or so, Elinore finished our freezer supply of breastmilk.  I had stored a lot while I was pumping and it was fantastic to have.  We used fresh pumped milk most of the time at the sitters, until near the end of her first year when we started supplementing with the freezer supply.  After she turned a year old she went to freezer supply at the sitters exclusively because I was done pumping!  At about 14 months I stopped breastfeeding at home and she continued on freezer milk only until she was 15.5 months old!  I'm so glad we made it so far. 

The transition to whole milk, not going too smoothly so far.  More on that later hopefully.

Halloween 2013

Keith dressed up in costume for a Halloween party this year.  He dressed up as his brother. 
He got a lot of laughs!

Halloween Party 2013


Now that Elinore's mastered walking, she's also mastered climbing on and off the couches by herself!  Sure it may have made my panic the first few times in fear of her falling, but she loves it!

He is with us every step of the way.

Almost every Sunday in church there is a children's moment session, our Pastor usually has an empty bag she sends home with a kid to put something in for the following weeks message.  Each week the message started with the Pastor discovering what's the in the bag that week and connecting it to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or living the Christian life. 

This Sunday, there was no bag, so one of the members of the choir shared something from her bag for the Pastor to use.  It was ones of her shoes.

Before the Pastor shares what she thinks, she asks the kids for ideas, and sometimes even the congregation, but today the kids had it.

Caleb raised his hands with a way that the shoe reminded him of living the Christian life.  He said, He is with us every step we take.  Once he finally said it loud enough everyone in the church awww'd over it and he received a round of applause.  Jesus received the round of applause.

We are teaching these kids something wonderful.  And they are lea…

A Wedding

A dear friend and co-workers of mine got married at her family farm in August in eastern PA.  It was a beautiful day for their outdoor wedding.  Keith and I went along with a co-worker of mine to the wedding for the weekend and head a great time!  We had lots of laughs in the 10+ hours we spent in the car over the weekend!  We spent less than 24 hours out there, but it was time well spent!  Keith even bought me a new joke book in a travel plaza off the Penna Turnpike on the way home.


Elinore likes to play outside.  A few weeks ago, Elinore took my hand and walked me through the house to the front door to go outside.  It was a chilly night, and I was coming down with a cold, so we didn't go outside.  Elinore wasn't very happy about that.


Sesame Street was on and Caleb went to join Elinore watching.  Once Caleb at down, Elinore crawled over into his lap to watch the show. I thought it was adorable. Caleb want Nearly as excited about it.

Spirit Day 5K

For the third year in a row, I ran the Spirit Day 5K at work. 

Two years ago at this event I set my PR for the 5K!  At the time a friend and I were training for a half marathon.

Last year at the event I had my worst every 5K time.  At the time I was a day over 14 weeks postpartum. 

This year, I improved over last year, but still MUCH slower than before!

I came in at 36 minutes and 51 seconds, or just under that actually.  Since I'm not a top finished, I don't get official times at the small employee race.  There were about 50 participants.

I ran all but one little stretch, and it was a pretty warm day here for early October.  I think it was some in the high 70s or maybe 80. 

I'm pleased considering my workout schedule has adjusted significantly since I became a parent to 3 along with everything else going on.  My workout schedule now looks like running a couple miles on the treadmill in the basement in the mornings a couple times a week.  And even that isn't too regular.…

The End of Breastfeeding with Elinore

When Elinore was 14 months of age, I stopped breastfeeding.

My supply was really starting to dwindle.  I may have been in denial for a bit that she was still hungry after a feeding too. 

My let down was taking longer and longer to occur, and she was becoming less and less patient.  This made for a lot of self-exposure I wasn't comfortable with, and a lot of wrestling with a wiggling growing baby/toddler!

Feeds left me feeling frustrated things weren't going nearly as smoothly anymore, and once I quit denying it, concerned she wasn't getting enough. 

For about a month, we struggled through before I admitted defeat.  Except that it didn't really feel like defeat at all.  I thought I'd be sad when I stopped nursing, and don't get me wrong, I miss snuggling and nourishing my baby, but I knew it was time to stop.  Neither one of us were having a great experience with the nursing anymore, my supply was halting quickly, and I no longer looked forward to our nursing se…

We have a walker!

Yesterday was the first day Elinore walked more than she crawled.  I think she's officially a walker!  And a darn cute one too!


We found our Elinore LOVES slides while spending an afternoon at the outlet mall one afternoon. 


Labor day weekend I decided that it would be a good idea to try taking the kids to a drive-in.  I'd never been to one before either, and Keith was all for it!  it turns out we have one within a half hour drive of home that was awesome!  I wish we'd found this place sooner! 

The drive-in had a playground for the kids to play, it was inexpensive, and it was completely okay for us to bring the baby with us! 

We saw Planes and Despiecable Me 2 before we left, but had we stayed Monsters University was starting at midnight!  I had a hard enough time staying awake through the second one though.  Elinore went to sleep after movie #1 in her stroller and she slept through the rest of our time there. 

We plan to take advantage of the place again!


Elinore likes to play cornhole!

Or play on the cornhole boards anyway!

Giving Hearts

Caden and Caleb spent the weekend with Grandma Barb while Keith and I went away to a wedding in August.  While they were there they had a great idea to set up a stand.  Instead of a lemonade stand they made a sign simply asking for donations for our church's food bank.  I'm so glad we are teaching these boys something good.  They have giving hearts. 


In September I started reading Exodus.  I've taken some notes for my own reference as I've read through this book of the Bible. 
In Exodus I learned about:
Jacob went to Egypt with his sons and their families; their descendants stayed there, grew in number and strengthEgyptians enslaved the Israelites and made the work very hard, but they continued to grow in number and in strength Nurses were to assist the Hebrew women with child birth and kill the baby boys, but the did not and God blessed themThe king then commanded all Hebrew baby boys be thrown in the NileMoses was born, his mother hid him for 3 months, then placed him in the Nile in a basketThe king's daughter found Moses, his mother became his nurse, and the king's daughter adopted MosesOne day as an adult, Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, so he killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sandAnother day, Moses saw two Hebrew men fighting, they asked if he was going to kill them tooEveryone knew what Moses …


Keith did an awesome job with the garden this year!  We had some REALLY big zucchini come out of it
Our largest zucchini this year was about 8 pounds I think!


Elinore's First Birthday Party

We had a very casual low key first birthday party for Elinore at Grandma Barb's house.  Grandma Barb was having a cookout the Saturday after Elinore's birthday for her friends and family.  We invited a few friends and family over before the cookout to celebrate Elinore's birthday.  We had some gifts, some cake and some fun. 


Elinore likes the newest addition to our family.  She really likes our kitty Barney, and she's even saying kitty!

Elinore's First Fireworks

We found a great spot to watch the fireworks this year!  We'll be back again I think.  There were other people and some traffic, not nothing terrible.  And we were close enough to see everything, but far enough away to feel completely safe and the kids weren't afraid.  Despite Elinore's face, she had a good time!  She went to bed at the normal time, and then we woke her up at the last minute to drive in.  I'm so glad we did!  It was a great experience, even if it started raining while we were there!

Second Day of First Grade

I made up for the first day of first grade with photos on the second day of first grade! 

First Grade

The day after we got back from vacation the boys started FIRST GRADE!

As usual for me, we were really running late the first day of school and nearly missed the bus on day one!

So this is all we have for photos from the first day of school.  


Elinore isn't around the house on her feet yet, but she has started something unusual.  She's walking around the house on her knees!


Recently Elinore has decided she likes to wear her shoes.  She only has one real pair, but she likes them!  I had a little trouble finding them small enough for her.  It started with Keith after work when they were waiting for the boys to get off the bus, but she's doing it more and more now.  She'll crawl into her room, grab them and bring them to you.  She'll even put a foot out for you to put them on!  She's not walking on her own yet more than half a dozen steps, but she loves to walk with your hand and wants her shoes to do it!

Growing Up

Every day I come home from work I'm greeted by Elinore.  Every day I come home I think she looks less and less like our baby and more and more like our little girl.  She is becoming quite the toddler!  She is frequently taking a few steps on her own now!

Elinore Steps

I've been meaning to write for awhile, a long while, and just haven't had time to sit down and do it.  Right now I'm procrastinating doing my homework for my MBA, so of course I can do it now!

Right around Elinore's first birthday, she started being interested in standing while holding someones hands and walking cautiously around with hands.

In the last month, Elinore has started walking while only holding one hand and she's doing really well at that!

Just the other night, Elinore took a few steps from her toy bin to the couch for Keith, and I ran in to catch the end of it.

Tonight, Elinore stood up while we were playing on the floor and took a step or two toward me to hug me a snuggle for a brief bit.  My girl is growing and learning!

A few other things she's started doing recently and is really into:
She's shaking her head no.She's crawling super super fast.Being noisy!  She's gotten even more vocal recently.She's hugging, and sometimes kissi…

Standing Solo

This past week for the first time Keith and I both saw Elinore stand on her own for small amounts of time!  She's getting better, and it is happening more frequently.

Daddy's Girl

I just love this photo of these two!

Elinore Rocks Her Baby

Elinore loves baby dolls.  Recently she's started grabbing them, hugging them and rocking them.  

Hopefully soon she's start giving us real people hugs too!

Faces of Elinore