Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2011 - A Running Year in Review

A few weeks ago I received my annual training summary from daily mile.  I was pleased to be able to say I increased my mileage over 2010!

My highest mileage month was October at 77 miles, which was just as I was finishing up my half marathon training.  

Except for the half marathon I took the months of November and December off running during the year.  Mainly because I was pregnant and miserable those first few months. 

Racing this year was not something I focused on, at least not until the end of the year when after a miscarriage, I decided I needed to train for something.  Looking back, working out and running is how I've dealt with both as I initially started running after our first pregnancy experience

I ran a 5K in February with Lisa, and boy was it cold! I wrote about it finally in July, and the weather had sure change by then!

I participated in the Akron Marathon Relay in September with the second leg at 5.7 miles and got my running motivation to race back. 

In October I ran the Spirit Day 5K sponsored by my employer and set a 5K PR! 

Then in November I set another PR in my very first half marathon!  I ran the Stomp the Grapes Half Marathon, unknowingly 6 weeks pregnant!

My running goals for 2012 are small and may seem simple, but in reality I expect it will be a challenge.  My goal is to run 1 5K in 2012 after having the baby.  I have to start somewhere again!
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