Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm 26!

A couple years ago, I removed my birthday from Facebook.  At the time I was interested in seeing if anyone actually remembered my birthday without Facebook telling them.  I never added it back; who needs a bunch of fake happy birthdays anyway?  I have a handful of friends and family that mean the world to me who sent texts and or emails, but the best part of my birthday: celebrating with Keith and the boys. 

Unfortunately I had class on my actual birthday, so we delay the celebrations until the following day.  Although, it was a nice excuse to drag out my birthday fun for an extra day!

After work Friday, Keith picked up pizza from my favorite local shop, after stopping at the ATM as they're a cash only place.  (As much as if may be an inconvenience at times, I adore that our small town still has places like this!)  The kids and I stopped at the Dollar General in town for some chips to go with it and pop for Keith.  Or course they didn't have the pop I was looking for, we stopped at Stop-N-Go too for some for me, and I picked up a special treat for the boys too. 

We haven't let the boys have pop to drink at all.  Until Friday night that is, and assuming you don't count the time my sister-in-law, despite our requests not to, gave it to them while she was watching them once.  Now, we have a new birthday tradition.  If we're celebrating a birthday, the boys can drink pop.  We've agreed to still heavily limit it and strictly refuse caffeinated pop.   They started with a Sunkist Orange Soda.  After all their excitement to have pop, neither one of them fished their glasses of it at dinner.  I'm not sure it met their expectations.

Anyway, back to the birthday fun.  We had dinner of chips and pizza and pop (healthy, I know).  Then they made me leave the room for them to prepare.  A little while later they called me out of the bedroom to join the party.

They had noisemakers, cake, candles and a present all prepared for me with big smiles on their faces!

We enjoyed DQ Ice Cream Cake after I struggled to blow out all 3 candles. 

I unwrapped a present of a new computer mouse, which I'd wanted, and three marshmallow cupcake lollipops.  One for me and one for Caleb and one for Caden.  They talked Daddy into treats for them too!

We finished up dinner and desserts and cuddled on the couch for Despicable Me, which I really enjoy, even if I did fall asleep mid-movie to be awakened my the kids for their bedtime kisses and hugs!

A few nights later we celebrated my birthday with my parents, brother and his girlfriend with dinner out at Parasson's.  It's one of my favorite Italian restaurants!  We had a great time, and we laughed together like we haven't in awhile.  It was a great end to a great birthday.

I couldn't have asked for anything better.
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