Friday, February 03, 2012

Caleb & Caden

I'm so thrilled you're both so excited to be big brothers!  I'm sure we won't be without our adjustments when the baby arrives, but the fact that you're excited and talk to it and about it now, thrills mommy and daddy to pieces.  I love being able to share this experience with our little family as our family grows.

You're both convinced you want to name the baby Cooper, only because another girl at your school recently had a baby brother named Cooper, and you both think it is fantastic.  

I also love that you are both convinced that Daddy will be the only one changing diapers.  Whenever we talk about diaper changing, you both point to Daddy and make sure everyone knows he will be doing the diaper changing.  If only your wishes were true; I have a feeling I'll be doing more than my fair share of diaper changing in the coming months!  I fully expect your opinions to change and your voices to grow louder once your little sibling has arrived.

Most importantly, I love you two little boys more than imaginable.  I can't wait to see your excitement when baby arrives and makes us a family of 5.
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