Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 20 Day 2 - Halfway!

We've struggled at getting the photo taken this week, so it's a few days late.  I hate to say it, but I hate the photo also.  It's terrible.  I need to start looking at these before I let Keith move on to something else!  It's so bad I hardly want to post it, and the sad thing is, it's the better of the two he did take. 

Weight: 143.5

I gained 3 pounds this week; I think it has something to do with all the birthday goodies!  My total weight gain so far is 3.5 pounds. 

Things have been going really well, as long as you exclude an unusual occurrence I had last week.  A week ago I went to use the restroom like I do many times a day, but this time my pee was pink.  I immediately called my doctors office who had me go in for a urine sample where they confirmed that there was blood in my pee.  It is commonly associated with a bladder infection UTI, but they didn't seem to see that in my sample.  I started antibiotics the next day, but by then my pee was back to normal and things have been ever since.  It was quite the nerve wracking experience a the time.

Things have been busier lately with school and things.

We're finally making some progress on the nursery.  It is ready to be painted, and we've selected a color!

I can't believe we're almost at mid-term time for school already.  It seems like classes just started. 

I bought my first maternity dress over the weekend at target on the clearance rack for $9.  I can still fit into a lot of my clothes, and the thought of buying clothes for a growing me has be confused and hating shopping.  So we decided not to bother until I actually out grow my clothes.  That is a relief for the time being, but I fear I will one day have nothing to wear to work and be rushed to shop for clothes on a busy day.

I think may have felt baby move a time or two, but I'm not really sure.  It's about that time everything says I should, but how do I know?  Time well tell I suppose.

I'm not nearly as tired as I was early in the pregnancy.  However, I also get to a point in the evening when I'm tired, and just need sleep.  I get very grumpy, and I'm sure Keith would agree.  And once I fall asleep, don't wake me, I'm even grumpier them.  Don't mess with me and my sleep!
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