Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 21

My sweater doesn't show a lot, but it's growing more noticeable every week.

Weight: 144.5

I can't believe we're this far!

Although the last week has caused for an extra unexpected appointment, and a scheduling of an appointment with a urologist later this week.  Hopefully everything will be just fine.  The issue I had last week with my urine has not gone away, nor has a cause been found.  So hopefully this week's appointment will provide us some answers.  

We bought the paint for the nursery this weekend, now it just needs applied to the walls!  I'm quite anxious to get this done, but midterms are next week, and that is a priority right now.  Mid-way through the semester and just over mid-way through pregnancy!  So much to celebrate right now!

 My next few weeks are busy busy, especially with work.  I have a trip coming up for work and lots to get prepared for.  

We're hoping to start out baby registry this weekend, or very soon at least.  Our goal is to keep it fairly simple and practical, and one of the ways we plan to do this is to prepare ahead of time with a list so we don't get too caught up with stuff!  We'll see how it goes soon!

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