Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 18

On Mondays I have class in the evenings, so I don't go home after work.   By the time class is over by 9 and I drive home I'm in no mood to take a photo, not to mention what I look like after a full day of work and 3 hours of night class.  So this week my friend Lisa is working in our office (yippee!), and I had her snap my photo quick before we left the office today.  Luckily most everyone else had left the office to save embarrassment!

Weight: 138

This morning I had a first in our pregnancy thus far.  A few of my co-workers commented that she can see a bit of a bump showing even though I weight 2 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight, it's certainly not in the same places!

My appetite has increased.  After what seemed like years, but was really just a couple of months, of not wanting food and struggling I can say with certainty now that my appetite is no longer an issue.

I'm slowly getting into more regular workouts.  I've bee doing some weekly prenatal yoga, which I've loved.  Yesterday, I tried my hand at prenatal Pilates, hopefully I can fit that into my routine too. I'm hoping to fit in at least once a week a walk of a couple miles, but so far, I haven't gotten that into a regular habit. 

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