Friday, February 17, 2012

The Nursery Step 1

We're getting ready to paint the nursery.

This bedroom has been used for a variety of things since we moved in, let's see if I can remember what we've done with it.  First it was just an extra bedroom with a twin bed in it.  That didn't last long as shortly after we moved in the boys moved into twin beds and we no longer had a bed for the room.  Then it became Keith's office/man room.  He had our desktop in there and a couch, but it wasn't used too much.  Once we finished the room in the basement the computer went downstairs and it became a storage room for awhile.  I spruced it back up over time and it became a sitting room that no one used for awhile.  It was so infrequently used that we shut off the heating vents to the room and kept the door closed to save costs.

And now, it's ready to become a nursery!  We hid some furniture in the closet we intend to use in the room to make painting easier, moved the rest to the middle of the room and have selected a paint color. 

Let the painting begin!

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