Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Birthday Week

It's my birthday week!

Apparently it's a very common birthday week at our church.  As we were sitting in church Sunday morning, the Pastor took a few moments to recognize the birthdays in the church as the posted them on the screen in the front.

I smiled as I glanced at my husband as we've been going to our church for probably a year and a half now, and they don't know my birthday yet. 

Unfortunately, that didn't last.

As before the congregation started singing happy birthday to everyone, Keith spoke up to share that my birthday was this week too.

I suppose it is nice to be thought of for your birthday.  And I'll be sure to do the same for you Keith come March!

After church I had a handful of happy birthdays from folks, but one in particular sticks out.  As he stopped to talk with us and wish me happy birthday.  He then asked if I'd be 30.


As I'm sure a look of shock crossed my face, he pauses and realizes I might not be close to that.

I replied I'd be 26 this week.

Never before have I been mistaken for someone older.   Everyone always thinks I'm younger than I am, at least from looking at me.  I suppose in looking at my family, I would assume I am older too.

Alas, I am NOT 30!  Yet.
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