Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 16

I wrote this whole post once, and blogger lost it for me.  Here's attempt number 2.

Keith wasn't happy with the original photo.  He said the jacket I'd worn covered too much. 

He made me take it off and try again. 

Then Caleb came to join us and wanted to be part of the pictures too. 

Caleb wanted Daddy included too.  I like the idea, maybe we'll include the kids more often!

Weight: 136.5

What's on my mind?

I'm so grateful that my nasty cold of last week is nearly all gone. 

Because the cold is nearly gone, it enable me to get a good start on housework and spring cleaning.  It was a good start on my "must do before baby" list!  It feels great to have a really clean part of the house too.  We deep cleaned, we organized, we moved furniture and things, all to get the nursery cleaned out and ready for baby.  Plus, you need a good deep clean every so often!  I made it through the living room, the boys room, which saw some major changes, and the guest bedroom this weekend.  Up next, the toy room, my bedroom and the basement!  Once we get through all that, we should have a nursery with the clutter cleared and ready to go!

I have my first class of the semester on Thursday, and as always with the start of new classes, I'm nervous about how it will go.  I've got to stay on top of things this semester to make it manageable. 

I'm also anxious about outgrowing my clothes still.  All my clothes still fit so far, which I'm relieved about.  I have started gaining back some of the nine pounds I lost, according to my home scale, earlier in the pregnancy, but I'm still about 4 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. 

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