Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Week 14 Day 1

I tried a bit harder with this weeks photo, but I think there is still room for improvement.  I'm quite unhappy with this photo actually; I have legs, I swear.  The photo shows more of my sweater than me.  Keith asked me to dress less big sweater like or something for next week's photo so we can see more me.  I suppose that is a reasonable request assuming I can remember that when getting dressed in the morning since the photos are taken in the evenings after work. 

Weight: 132.5

  • I finally feel like I'm getting some of my energy back.
  • I'm still going to be at a very respectable time.  (A.K.A. before 10P.M.)
  • The urge to work out is back!  I started yesterday with what was going to be a 1.5 mile walk on the treadmill and turned into 1/2 mile warm up, 1/2 mile run, and a 1/2 mile walk.  Unfortunately it results in shin splints. 
  • I need to develop a new workout plan.  If I don't have a plan, I don't stick to it.
  • I've been trying to communicate more with Keith more about what I'm thinking about and what's going on, and I think it's helping us both.  It certainly is helping me prepare; I'm a need to talk it out person.  
  • I'm anxious about starting up my second semester of graduate school in a few weeks, but also excited.  The timing of my semester being almost entirely in my second trimester could be better!  (Classes will be over by April 16!)
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