Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prenatal Appointment #3 - Week 17

We had our third prenatal appointment this morning.  Another simple visit where we got to hear the heartbeat.  It was 150 something.  Keith nor I can remember if it was 154 or 156 of 152, something.  I'm disappointed I can't remember, but we do remember the important part, she said it was normal.

We scheduled our ultrasound for my birthday.  Actually we'd scheduled it for the day before my birthday, but Keith's schedule conflicted, so we rescheduled for my birthday.  I think that's about the best darn birthday present I could have for turning 26.

Two years ago at my birthday, I was waiting for the day after for my first D&C.  A year ago for my birthday, I spent it in Columbus at the Ohio Pork Congress for work followed my a mini-birthday party Keith and the kids put together last minute with my family.  This year, I'll get to see our newest addition on my birthday, before rounding out the evening with graduate school class.  I guess adult birthday always come with responsibility too!  Either way, I'm excited!
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