Tuesday, April 05, 2016


I was emailing with a friend earlier this week, and talking about how big our kids are getting and that it means we're getting older.

I turned 30 earlier this year; and as I told my friend earlier this week, I have to say 30 feels pretty good.  I realize 30 really isn't all that old, but I'd have to say it's some of the best yet!  I'm more comfortable in my own skin and confident than I've ever been.  I love my family and how we've grown over the years and look forward to the future we have.  I have a faith, a community and a feeling or purpose and belonging; some I longer for behind the scenes for years. 

30 is good. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Broken Tooth

Yesterday just before lunch Keith called me at my desk, which isn't normal.  The school had just called him because Caleb fell at recess and broke a tooth and the piece was lost.  The school wanted one of us to come check it out and see what we wanted to do.

So I gathered all my stuff and headed to the school.  My mind was praying and spinning in what ifs the whole way to the school.  There was so little detail in the phone call from Keith.  I'm thinking baby tooth, adult tooth?  With the braces on top or below without the braces?  Will it be bloody?  Please don't let it be bloody!  Will he be crying?  Lord, please let him be okay! 

I walked into the school and of course it was busy during preschool pick up time, but I walked into the office and he was sitting there with his backpack and coat on just waiting, no big deal.  I sat down by him and he showed me.  We talked.  His dentist was closed for the day; so I tried mine, they were closed for the week.  He didn't say it hurt much.  It was a chip off the corner of one of his adult teeth on the bottom.  It wasn't too big.  I thought well, I could take him home, but there's no real reason to.  So we talked and he went back to class.

I called the dentist first thing this morning, and he goes in this afternoon.  We'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ladies First

Tonight at bedtime, Caden asked me:

How come girls always get to go first? God made boys before girls.

I asked what he was talking about a dozen immediately was thinking about women's rights and how behind we've been from men for, well, forever.

He said well every one says ladies first and let them go first.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Open Discussion

I want to live in a world where the hard discussions that are taboo to talk about (politics and religion to begin) are accepted and encouraged. 

The way people are offended at everything in society today, I feel like we could easily spend out time tip toeing around others, afraid saying something will be offensive or upsetting to others.  While I will never argue that we should speak without thought and consideration for others, I do think we need to move back toward a more free speech pattern of conversation. 

We expect everyone to be like us, agree with us, share our beliefs, etc.  Pause for a moment and imagine what the world would be like if that were actually true.  I think it might be a little dull a boring!  We can't change the world, if we don't accept others. 

I don't want to avoid talking about the hard stuff.  When we have those conversations with others, especially those with views different than ours, I think we have a great opportunity to learn.  We as people should be able to have civil conversations to share our thoughts, opinions and beliefs in healthy discussion.  Yes, sometimes they can be heated, and sometimes it's not appropriate, but we need to be talking about it, learning more and opening our minds to difference changes and views.  We don't have to agree; it's okay to agree to disagree, but please let's talk about the hard stuff, let's spread the real world news; the hard stuff that needs awareness brought to it.

And as Christians, let's spread the GOOD NEWS.  It isn't our responsibility to change people's minds, but to share Jesus' message.  God will handle the rest.

Most importantly, let's do this all with LOVE in our hearts for our Lord, our neighbors and ourselves.

Friday, March 11, 2016


We are student loan free!