Thursday, May 07, 2015


I recently finished reading YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler.  I had read a couple reviews on it from bloggers I like and I read some things on Amazon about it and finally decided it was time I read it. 

I was disappointed.  I did not like it.

In part I was disappointed because I should have selected a book that I was more interested in.  I'm wanting to read more faith based books that have me thinking about my Lord and seeking him more, this book did not do that.  God was missing. 

Aside from my desire for something different I found the book to be full of name dropping, reliving old SNL skits and stories about how she got where she is with more name dropping.  I should probably mention I don't watch SNL or Parks and Recreation. 

Now, I'm making my way back to some more Jesus reading. 

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