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Keeping Up

I've been sturggling, espeically since the weather has turned nice, to keep things caught up at the house.  We have a to do list crazy long of spring chores and finishing touches to complete the bathroom and house projects, but I'm struggling to keep up with the daily chores. 

I feel as though I can never keep up with the laundry for the six of us.  I know it's a never ending chore, but it always seems as I'm behind.  Keith and I folded probably 5 loads of laundry last night, so we have some clothes and dish clothes.  I had to use a bathroom washrag the other night for the dishes.  We have those now!

However, when I showered this morning, I noticed we have one towel left, and no hand towels clean left.  And guess what, tonight is shower night for the kids and I have a dinner for work.  Diapers were finishing in the washing machine, so I couldn't switch anything over.  I did a load of clothse last night before the diapers though so we would have clean underwear for the morning!

I've briefly thought about purchasing more, but that only makes the mounds of laundry higher because I can wait longer to get it done.  Yet there isn't a day that goes by that I don't do laundry.  at least one load a day, often many more.  On a good day I can get two through in the morning and a few at night.  More regularly though it's one in the morning and one at night. 

I'm especially behind on laundry after Elinore was sick last week and we had extra sheets to wash and diapers that needed bleached.  Hopefully we'll get to a more managable system again soon.

It's not just the laundry though, getting the shopping done is increasingly harder too.  Getting to town, getting motivated to get it done, and having the time are hard to come by.  I tried Amazon Pantry for the first time last week to help with the shopping.  It was well overdue.  We ran out of toilet paper in our house over the weekend and ketchup too.  We were out of more of course, but those stamples caused issue.  Toilet paper for obvious reason.  The ketchup Caden really wanted on a leftover cheeseburger he ate for dinner earlier this week.  I ran through the list of other options we had to put on it and none of them satisfied him.  That's when I realized that we had fast food ketchup packets in the van.  I sent him to the driveway to retrieve one for himself.  After I assured him the date was okay on it so it wasn't spoiled, he ate his cheeseburger happily. 
I didn't tell him there's no dates on the ketchup packet and I had no idea how old it was.  It was from Sonic, and the last time I remember going there was in September, so it may have been a bit old, but it was ketchup. 

In all the household chores, I try to delegate a bit more to the boys for some help and to teach them responsibility as well.  But I also try to remmeber that this is my opportunity to serve my Lord by serving my family and caring for them.  I try to do the chorse with a grateful heart and willingness to accomplish them chores.  I think of it as a serving opportunity.  It's one way, I can serve Him. 
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