Wednesday, May 13, 2015


  • Ruth is growing like crazy!  She's about out of her 3 month size clothes already.
  • Elinore is growing wearing mostly 3T clothes now and she's certainly grown in height lately.
  • Her attitude has grown more though; she's reaching those 3s.  I remember three being worse than the terrible 2s with Caden and Caleb.
  • Elinore still is a charmer though, she may be stubborn, but when she randomly tell you she loves you, or says sorry, and you know it's sincere, she'll melt you!
  • Caden is loving soccer season this year, and doing it on his own!  I've seen him improve so much this season and enjoy watching him play. 
  • Caleb is really into legos and video games right now.  Those are his two favorite things to do. 
  • The boys are starting to count down to summer.  I'm ready for the homework to be over too!
  • Yet, I need to find a way to keep them motivated and reading this summer.  I need a system in place for that soon!
  • Elinore talks about school and what she doesn't at school, which is hilarious since she doesn't go to school yet.
  • Ruth is getting very good at rolling around! 
  • Keith has worked really hard on the bathroom remodel and he's almost done with it!  A few finishing touches and we'll be there.  With some help from Barb heming the showing curtain for us. 
  • Keith is getting into working on the garden now. Elinore likes to join him to help water it too!
  • I've been trying to stay on top of the house work (see previous writing) and raise the kids and grow my faith. 
  • I've been trying to open my home more and do a better job at interacting with people and being a good friend.  I'm starting to slip a bit in that as it's getting so busy with soccer, scouts and 4H.  I'm hoping that will calm down in the next month with school letting out for summer and scouts ending for summer too. 
  • My Aunt from Wyoming is coming in this summer, so I'm excited to spend some time with her!
  • We are officially taking a family vacation later this summer too; so excited about that.  All of us are, even Elinore!
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