Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crunchy Diapers

Elinore does not like disposable diapers.  She calls them crunchy diapers.  She likes her good once, her nice ones she says. 

Last week she was sick; sick enough we went and bought some disposables for her to wear to avoid the mess of cleaning up the cloth diapers.  She was NOT a happy camper about it! 

Grandma, my mom, refuses to use cloth diapers.  She doesn't like them and is always offering a disposable for her from her stash so she doesn't have to use them.  Elinore keeps telling her she doesn't like them, but it doesn't matter to Grandma!  She'll always choose us over her to change a diaper if Grandma's around!

BUT, to my surprise, when she woke up this morning she asked me for a crunchy diaper.  She asked if she could wear a crunchy diaper today.  Sure I said, we had some left anyway.  I asked if she wanted me to send crunchy ones to the sitters to and she said yes, so I sent some there too.  I don't know what she'll want to wear there today, but we'll see.

If she decides she wants disposables, so be it.  Ruth will get the cloth then!  She can fit them now, but I don't have enough diapers or time to do the laundry for them both to be in cloth! 

Hopefully Elinore will be potty trained soon and then it won't be an issue any longer!
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