Monday, May 04, 2015


This past weekend, Caden and Caleb turned NINE!  This is their last year of single digit birhdays.  Hard to believe they are so grown up already. 

I planned ahead this year and we celebrated their birthday well!

Friday night after school, Camerin came to stay for the weekend with us.  After they went to sleep I put up some birthday banners for them. One, right outside their bedroom door so they'd see it first thing!

Then we had brunch of pancakes and sausages mid-morning to feed the family before heading to Caden's double header soccer games.  He played well! 

The Elinore went to Grandma's while the rest of us picked up some Star Wars balloons and headed to Acres of Fun for their birthday party! 

For the first time we threw a birthday party for them and invtied their friends from school.  We invited both of their classes from school and had about 20 kids show up to play 2 games of laser tag.  It was crazy busy and we ran late, but all the kids seemed to have a good time.

Then we headed home with some pizza and Grandma Nancy brought them over their birthday gift.  She gave them Crazy Carts; they're basically a go cart and they took them to the school parking lot and loved every minute of it.

Sunday was Ruth's baptism, which I want to write about too, but after the church service the family came back to the house for lunch, cake and some presents for the boys.  Caden finally got his mini Christmas tree he's been wanting for over a year now!  And Star Wars was a common gift theme between them.  Between their friends and family too, we are not certanly over ran with legos (as if we weren't before)!

We had a great time celebrating two very special boys and being thankful for another year of their life. 
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